PS3 Configuration Manager v0.20 (by DeViL303): Several new additions are present in this update

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 18, 2017.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 18, 2017 at 9:33 PM
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    Everyone like XMB mods, Right? Well we know @DeViL303 is no stranger to XMB Modding and if you did not checkout the inaugural version of Configuration Manager you can give this latest update a go as we see several new additions to the release adding confirmation dialogs for copy operations. plus a few features outlined in the changelog provided. Also if your more XMB mods be sure to view the recent work from @Berion 's as the dev pushes an unofficial update to XMB Manager Plus with the release of XMBM+ 2k17.


    • Configuration Manager v0.20[
      • Added confirmation dialogue for copy operations.
      • Added xRegistry Switcher.
      • Added ability to backup boot_plugins.txt and xRegistry.sys to the different slots.

      Maybe this will be useful, maybe not, you can have a few different system setting configurations and switch between them easily and quickly, you can even have extra users on 1 xreg, and switch back to stop them from showing on the XMB and stuff like that.​
      *You will need to add the category xmls again as the path has changed (xmls are included in zip), If you have v0.10 installed you can remove the files via game data utility if you want.​

      I might add the ability to switch more files to this, any ideas?​

    Download Page: Resources
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 18, 2017.

    1. Coldlm
      Its certaintly useful,

      not sure if possible or relevant to this one but,! Is it possible to add buckup all saves (ps3,ps2...) to a usb drive?
      just an idea cheers.
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    2. Berion
      @Coldlm If WebMAN Mod support dev_usb in copy operation, then yes. High probably yes. The problems is copying them back because this need rebuild database (so xai_plugin must involve). I'm not sure we can chain two different plugins actions. However, this could be done just separately.

      And I'm not sure if this should be done by *Plugin* Configuration Manager. ^^ Maybe new project? Some kind like "Backup Tool"? But without dev_flash mounting it's crippled (one way).
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    3. DeViL303
      @Coldlm Thanks. I will look into that, although it is not that easy, problems I see are the fact that there is no way to know the folder number of the current user (000001, 000002 etc), and also there is no way to tell which USB port number your PS3 is using, (could tell the user to always use right port to solve this one).

      @Berion I have actually changed the name of this to just "Configuration Manager" with the last release, I dropped the "Plugin" so that other config files can be included too if need be. But you are right that really another mod should be used for saves/backups if its going to be done, a mod to the current save data utility could be another option, if its possible.
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    4. psykosis
      An option would be possibly to copy all the 001/* 002/* etc to usb with the structure, then when copying back, call a rebuild. just a thought.
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    5. psykosis
      if the xai plugin was updated to look for a text file or something to start the rebuild, then it might be an option to put a file in /wmtmp or something that causes xai plugin to restart ps3 and rebuild database, followed by deleting said file (or renaming is also an option) just a thought :)
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    6. DeViL303
      True, good idea. I think there must be other ways to trigger a rebuild though that don't depend on xai, Maybe deleting a param.sfo on a dummy game data pkg or something like that. would have to do some tests. Cheers for the ideas.

      Maybe im wrong about this, but I thought in certain circumstances the ps3 would go into the rebuilding database function by itself if certain system files were missing or corrupted.
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    7. Coldlm
      A new project that actually backs up all profiles would be very useful and easier than "ps3 hdd reader" or copying saves one by one!
      I'd love to help devolope such a thing. but i just started learning c++ and im way not ready :)

      i belive it does and i can comfirm changing the xRegistry.sys will auto rebuild after restarting.
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    8. DeViL303
      @Coldlm This is all done in XMBML (xml) code , PS3 XMB building blocks, its all quite simple, if you look that the 3 xmls that make up this you will see , inside dev_hdd/game/CONFIGMAN/*

      Obviously it calls on Webman MOD functions too but they are already coded into wMM so you can just call them from the xmls,
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    9. Berion
      It's not possible to keep sense of that. Because with whole profile copying, You copy many useless junk.

      The best solution would be figure out how to add copy/paste to MList. I'm pretty sure it's possible but we don't know correct params and/or module name. And then, File Manager in XMBM+ could be a real file manager rather than "File Deleter and Eventually FS Structure Viewer". :D

      I heard that it's sufficient to copy flag file into tmp folder and in next reboot it automatically going to reb db. If this is true, this would do the job. But it was very long time ago and I forgot details.
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    10. pinky
      that's correct. it's located in dev_hdd0/mms four bytes: 00 00 03 E9 . the file name is db.err. that will rebuild the database on next reboot.
    11. Coldlm
      I will check it out at some point for sure thanks.
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    12. Coldlm
      I was looking for that, im trying to force the system to start without rebuilding , each time a system file have been modified!
    13. Berion
      What do You mean by "system file"? Only content which is wrote into databases are saves, vmc, trophies and games/patches/dlc, albums, view content settings, and they are not the "system data".

      Also I don't understand what are Yuo talking about to forcing system start without rebdb after modifications. Well, it always start without rebuilding databasese because it have nothing to do with databases. ;)
    14. Coldlm
      System files like "xRegistry.sys" , if you edit it or replace, the system will auto rebuild at the next start,
      im trying to find a way to stop it automatically doing that,
      i know it needs to to rebuild to load the new settings but out of curiosity. want to know if its possible !
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    15. psykosis

      They referenced a way to trigger rebuild. That's one part :)
      The other part, I understand where you are coming from. Perhaps a filter of the files from each one. If you know what the file types are, or general locations relative to user folder (ie: dev_hdd0/001/whatever/path/to/save/data/*) and copy to usb same, it can be copied back, file put in location and then send restart. Kind of a workaround way to accomplish same thing, but possible?
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    16. Berion
      Not in my case. But I have only NOR models so maybe on NAND it's mandatory. (?)

      - - -

      @psykosis If flag mentioned by Pinky works, it's 100% doable. We just need to setup webMAN Mod command copy saves + copy flag + restart (well all current "options" like theme choosing or plugins are abusing of copy operations and restart at the end).

      Example for XMBM+, dev_usb006 and user no.1 (didn't test but should work ;p):
      <Pair key="module_action"><String>http://localhost/copy.ps3/dev_usb006/PS3/SAVES/00000001/&to=dev_hdd0/home/00000001/savedata/;/copy.ps3/dev_hdd0/xmb/flags/db.err&to=/dev_hdd0/mms/?restart.ps3</String></Pair>

      Attached Files:

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    17. Coldlm
      NOR model, if i go anywhere near the xRegistry, the system will rebuild,
      also not sure but i belive both models should do the same, to load the new settings, trophies,... so on!
    18. DeViL303
      If you edit the xregistry.sys make sure to edit the backup aswell inside the etc/backup folder. if they don't match I think this will cause issues, maybe this is why you experience the rebuild. I know I can use the xregistry.sys switcher to switch to different ones without triggering a rebuild. Even when there are extra users and stuff like that.
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    19. Coldlm
      Yep thats it, you saved me a bunch of testing time :)

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