PS3 Control Fan Utility [v4.83 Unofficial] -Control your PS3 Internal fan to help prevent overheating

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By Evilnat on Oct 16, 2018 at 10:08 PM
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    Following the release of 4.83 OFW update from Sony, developer @Evilnat did not waste no time in providing a spoofing solution for 4.82 CFW's with the release of SEN Enabler (which also contains many useful features for 4.83 CFW user's as well), but now the developer has a "cool" update in the forum of 4.83 CFW (CEX) Support for the Control Fan Utility (originally developed by Estwald), this utility was and still is generous (webMAN / webMAN MOD / SMAN have a variant and a different approach, but somewhat same result in the end, so do not use both and see what you like best!!) as it monitors the PS3 Internal temperatures of the CPU and RSX and adjust the fan speed accordingly cooling your system more effective then default Sony settings. Those have been proven to be problematic on some of those early gen models where more juice to the fan could perhaps of prevented some console from being damaged. If your console is not in a well ventilated or hot environment or you just want an extra layer of protection to help aid in the prevention of your PS3 console from overheating then this is a great utility only for PS3 Custom Firmware users.​



    • Control Fan Utility updated up to CFW 4.83 CEX

      From brewology: "Control Fan Utility is an application that let you set the speed of the fan for your PS3 console or install a payload that runs behind games and controls the fan speed to keep the temperature under a certain reading."

      With the recent arrival of the CFW 4.83 I have decided to update it up to 4.83 CFW CEX, tested and working fine

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    Download (MEGA) : 4.83 Fan Control Utility


    View 4.83 CFW & Other apps updated for 4.83 >>> HERE
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Discussion in 'PS3 Homebrew' started by Evilnat, Oct 16, 2018.

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