PS News Could Sony be taking VR-Gaming to the next Level ???

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By Roxanne on Oct 24, 2018 at 3:34 PM
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    October is a strong month including multiple Announcements and Releases nearly accross the whole "PlayStation-Platform". And while most of all Gamers outside are already waiting for a announcement of a "PS4 successor", there are also a lot of Gamers who enjoys their Games in a "new Virtual Reality" (literally speaking). Sony already delivered a solution for the PS4 - as you probably heard of it - the PlayStation VR (or PSVR in short). While the sales figures shows that we can speak about the PlayStation VR as a success together with the fact that they are the only manufacturer for consoles allowing Virtual Reality without competition, many Gamers were satisfied about the experience with it. But some of them still had critics which is OK, since the PSVR wasn't perfect. Let's have to be honest. Since it's launch back in 2016, the PSVR still can be seen as a "gimmick" and not as a "PlayStation Replacement". But this isn't because of the lack of power this device can deliver. It is more because the Developers can't handle to deliver the usability for a "AAA Game Title" since your actions and movements are limited. But this could maybe change in Future, according to a new Patent Filing!​


    • A method to identify positions of fingers of a hand is described. The method includes capturing images of a first hand using a plurality of cameras that are part of a wearable device. The wearable device is attached to a wrist of a second hand and the plurality of cameras of the wearable device is disposed around the wearable device. The method includes repeating capturing of additional images of the first hand, the images and the additional images captured to produce a stream of captured image data during a session of presenting the virtual environment in a head mounted display (HMD). The method includes sending the stream of captured image data to a computing device that is interfaced with the HMD. The computing device is configured to process the captured image data to identify changes in positions of the fingers of the first hand.

    Both the Patent Sketch and it's description explaines that you as a player will wear the VR-Headset as usual but while you will look at your hands with the Headset, a integrated Camera inside the Headset will recognize the IR-Markings, which will be included inside some bracelets which can be worn at your hands or your feets. So this could even mean that if you are walking inside your Living Room, the Headset will recognize this by transmitting the Data to the console and your Virtual Character in-game will begin to move as well? How cool is that? This systems seems to be so accurate that the Description explains that even your fingers could be tracked down. So we can finally have a Game everyone dreamed about for many years - a Cooking Simulator :P

    So what do you think about that? You are welcome to discuss your ideas down below in the Comments.

    Source: US Patent & Trademark Office
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by Roxanne, Oct 24, 2018.

    1. Cypher_CG89
      This is what I hate about critics, I used to work in the games industry and still have strong ties to it as for my hole life, and before i was born, have had family working in the industry (over 30 years now, I am 29) developing games and people are never happy,

      The PSVR is mainly for the PS4 4K Pro as it is a far more powerful games platform compared to the original PS4 and will never get the full experience. So there is one problem these people tend to twist about :D

      I have seen a half body suite for FPS games with rifle controller (Looks more like a move controller on steroids :D) and it looks awesome like the patent design above tested on a game and it moves especially well with your body, mimicking you peeking over a wall (then the other player blew his head off with a sniper rifle, the kill cam playback was unreal) reloading a magazine as you would with a real rife and other awesome things. And more will follow in time as PSVR is still relatively new compared to conventional games design on consoles which goes back to the 70's and earlier.

      These critics need to learn when to keep their big, high opinionated, over educated, sudo intellectual traps shut and have patience, instead of saying "oh they can't do this, and can't do that" guess what?? there wrong lol :D. And the industry is going to prove them wrong.

      We all need to have and patience and appreciate what is already out, most of us do lol, and whats to come as too many people are saying " I want it now " like a 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum :D (Grow up!!!!)

      A cooking game? :D really? well it could be a good way to train chefs. VR has almost limitless applications if time and patience is put into it.
    2. PLAYER 1
      PLAYER 1
      ............................ 2009:


      ... SONY:
    3. teco_rodrigues
      I buy a Wii once, and then find out tha I'm a lazy player. Like to sit and enjoy.
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    4. pinky
      I love motion controls, but I know that a lot of gamers feel the way you do.
    5. modrobert
      These devices rarely work well beyond being a gimmick, at least when it comes to control. I think the next immersion breakthrough will be a neural interface, until then we are stuck with wearable contraptions.
    6. Metalomeus
      I would say you can´t play every Game (like Jump and Runs) on VR. VR needs a first person view ,which not every game is providing. Microsofts Hololens is way more interesting for me.

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