PS Vita Could Sony be working on a PSVITA successor? [UPDATE: No they don't!]

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Roxanne, Nov 27, 2018.

By Roxanne on Nov 27, 2018 at 4:08 PM
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    UPDATE (29th Nov.): A quick clarification - No this won't be a PSVITA successor!

    Thanks to the "sharp eyes" from our community member @Naked_Snake1995, this Patent Filing doesn't describe a Cartridge using for a PSVITA successor, where he explaines that this Cartridge is already in use for a total different Sony Product sold in South Korea only. You can find his explanation down below while the Original News is kept for reference only. I (Roxanne) have to apologize personally for any missunderstanding!

    Well, even with the PS4 which still has a good run - no question - the whole world is waiting for a "PS4 successor". Nothing is known much and new rumors are already approaching nearly every day even when no one is sure if the successor will be even called "PS5". Sony already confirmed by their own that they are working for a "PS5" but maybe this isn't their only "crowd puller" which they are working on. Today, a new Patent Filing Application was found by the South Korean Patent Office (KIPRIS) showing a "Electronic Game Cartridge". Now you might ask why this would be for a PSVITA successor or even for a Handheld-Console in general? Yes, nothing is much known at the moment but it would sound logical. More interesting that even the PSVITA wasn't such a successful Product for Sony, they still have no interest to "yield the floor" to Nintendo and their way more successful "Nintendo Switch" only. Maybe this is a good sign since "Competition is good for business" and maybe with Sony sawing the success of the "Nintendo Switch", they could think that they should give the Handheld-Console-Market a 2nd chance.​

    psvita 2.jpg
    One of the Patent Filing sketches showing a "Case" storing the Cartridge together with a "Connection Port" ???

      • Essentials of Creation
        • The shape of "the cartridge for the electronic game" and combination of the shape are combined to the essentials of the creation.
      • Explanations of the Design
      1. The material is the synthetic resin, and the metal.
      2. [Fig. 1.1] It is the perspective drawing expressing the front side of the silver design, plane, and the form of the right side.
      3. [Fig. 1.2] The increased front portion of the design is expressed.
      4. [Fig. 1.3] The backside portion of the silver design is expressed.
      5. [Fig. 1.4] The left side flank portion of the design is represented increased.
      6. [Fig. 1.5] The increased right side part of the design is expressed.
      7. [Fig. 1.6] The pars plana of the silver design is represented.
      8. [Fig. 1.7] The bottom surface of the silver design is represented.
      9. [Fig. 1.8] It is the perspective drawing expressing the rear side of the silver design, the bottom surface, and the form of the right side.

    So while this Patent Filing describes a "Cartridge" which will be probably used for storing retail Games, we can only hope that Sony learned from their mistakes from the past by not using a proprietary Format for a Memory Card again (which would cost you more money) instead of using a standard SD format like the Nintendo Switch does. Sadly this Patent Filing doesn't get in any specific details but it is curious that it seems describing a "case" using for the cartridge and a few sketches inside this Patent Filing shows something like a "connection port" which looks familiar. But the question would be for what they need a connection port on a Gaming Cartridge? A PSVITA Game Card has Connectors as well but it doesn't use a port in general unlike those older Classics on the (S)NES or the Nintendo 64. Maybe you would be allowed to add Files onto this Cartridge or maybe this wouldn't be used at all for storing Games in General? Nobody knows at this moment. Maybe Sony have some secret plans to bring the "PocketStation" back or even something like a "VMU Device" - Greetings to the "red curl" if you know who I mean :P

    To view the Source of this Patent Filing, it will be a little bit tricky this time since the website from KIPRIS doesn't allow to link to this Patent Filing directly. Just visit their official Website and then you can type the Patent Filing-No. "3020170056196" into their search box and a new Pop-Up Window will open with showing the details from this Patent Filing including all Patent Filing sketches.

    So what do you think? Could this showing that Sony is indeed planning a PSVITA successor? It would sound logical since the PSP was released before the PS3, the PSVITA before the PS4, so maybe it's a new turn for a PSVITA 2? You are welcome to discuss this down below.
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Roxanne, Nov 27, 2018.

    1. Naked_Snake1995
      Let me shed some light about this patent.

      Its Sony working on a new VITA successor? Short answer its NO, and let me explain why!

      First and foremost, this patent was filed as we all knew with Sony South Korean division, filed as a game cartridge, so people jumped on the hype train too soon.

      This patent its not for a Next-Gen PlayStation Portable, but actually for a Kids Toy.

      Yes you heard it right, a kids toy.

      Called the Sony TOIO, revealed in May 2017, which it uses the cartridge design as patented in the file.

      As you can see, here its the exact same cartridge design as patented in the file.

      Sem Título.jpg
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    2. sandungas
      I imagined it was something for kids when i saw the sketchup for first time, because doesnt have any edge or corner (safelly), and it even looks shock-resistant, also that hole could be a bit weird to exists in a "normal" electronics device, it made me think is intended to insert a finger in it (or a ring, to carry in a keyring)

      I like the Sony TOIO btw, is a good idea and could be funny to have when a kid
      The squared blocks have wheels (so can move around), have positional sensors to meassure distances with the other blocks and with the "control base"
      And runs some kind of apps where you can program the movement patterns like a "swarn"
      Also, they have singed some kind of colaboration with LEGO (so you can connect the sony blocks to standard LEGO blocks)

      One detail btw... the drawing posted by roxanne is a prototype of the "TOIO cartridge". Note in the photo posted by Naked_Snake1995 how the cartridge is plugged into the "control base" vertically (the cartridge is very small, not bigger than a cigarette lighter)
      That cartridge probably is some kind of flash storage and is empty when you buy it, and inside it you can record your "apps" (for storage purposes, or to carry and share with other friends)
      I dont think they are going to sell cartridges with pre-recorded "games"... this would be too much squeezing

      And btw... i think there is a big error in the whole design concept
      The wires... because kids hates wires, are the weak point and the wire connectors looks "meh" quality
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