PS VITA / PS TV Cross Connection (v1.03) - Transfer files via FTP & USB at the same time

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By thehero_ on Jan 17, 2018 at 11:19 PM
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    The PSVITA tools do not have the ability to perform operations simultaneously via FTP and USB. I have created something that will certainly serve the PSVITA scene but especially to users who have Henkaku Enso. The application in question is called Cross Connection and allows use the 2 transfer methods to transfer your files from the PC to the console both in FTP mode and in USB mode at the same time. You will then be able to transfer your files in USB mode to the ux0: partition and in FTP mode to um0: or ur0: or vice versa without waiting for one of them to terminate.The tool can also be used in "mono" mode, only FTP or USB only, obviously depends on your use. Finally thank the Onelua Team , the code used is most of them and the interpreter ONELua and Chronoss09 for the test


    • 1.03
      • fixed some code optimization problems (big thanks to gdljjrod)
      v1.01 - Second stable version
      • Notice of new version and update in the app (big thanks to gdljjrod)
      • Now you can choose between:
        • Cross only FTP connection
        • Circle only USB connection
        • Triangle cross connection (USB + FTP)
      v1.1 - First Release
      • Inserted button to restart the application in case of problems (thanks to gdljjrod)
      • Edit various initial code settings (thanks to gdljjrod)
      • Code optimized compared to the BETA version

    Download (Latest Version): Cross.Connection.vpk

    Source: gamesandconsoles and Github
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by thehero_, Jan 17, 2018.

    1. thehero_
      New version 1.03 available here
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    2. thehero_
      thanks again @STLcardsWS for the news posted on the front page. I forgot to write in case there are errors in the application to report it and I will try to fix it as soon as possible.
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    3. FartCompany
      @STLcardsWS @thehero_ CAFEBABE you can always use bytes and shorts to let your program use less ram and run smoother byte array's are the fastest(in java) BTW the cuss detection thing is kinda broken i cant even post without cussing fix ya shit

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