PS VITA / PS TV Custom Themes Manager v2.0 - Install Themes Locally + Additional Features from Redsquirrel86

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    Redsquirrel86 is back following the initial release of Custom Themes Manager (CTM), with the release of version 2.0 the developer has created some new features that will allow you to use your own Custom Themes from a local folder, unlike in version 1.00 where your choice was from the download database that contained over 180+ Custom Themes. .There is a lot of changes and addition in this newly released VPK , checkout all the details of this application below.


    • Custom Themes Manager (CTM)

      Custom Themes Manager will allow PS Vita & PlayStation TV owners who have there devices exploited on firmware 3.60 with the HENkaku exploit from Team molecule to install Custom Themes for the LiveArena., The utility will allow you to download a very large collection directly from with the homebrew app, nearly 200 themes can be downloaded and installed, but if you have your own Custom Themes then you can also install these with the latest update to version 2.00. See the next Tab for all the changes presented in this release

      Note: this application takes part in the GekiHEN Hombrew Contest!​

    • Changelog - v2.00
      • Added a new menu to install a Custom Theme from a local folder already existing on the Memory Card: CTM-1.jpg CTM-2.jpg I chose the ux0:customtheme/ path because if you have to rebuild the database and so lose all your Custom Themes, in this way you'll can reinstall them again in no time.
        Please note also that the folders must have the theme.xml file inside them (but not in other subfolders) to be detected by this function.
      • Added a function to let the user to search for any keyword inside title, author or description of the Custom Themes in the online repository:
        CTM-3.jpg CTM-4.jpg CTM-5.jpg
      • Added a function to sort the Custom Themes in the online repository.
      • Added an on-screen menu where the user can choose how to sort the Custom Themes in the online repository, such as by title, author, date or downloads number:
      • Added a function to search for available updates directly inside the app (press SELECT on main menu).
      • Added a function to download any available update (VPK package) directly inside the app.
      • Added a function to launch molecularShell after the download to let the user to install the VPK package of the new version.
      • Added the support for the PSVita front touchscreen in the main menu and in the online repository section.
      • Added the thumbnail preview at the info screen before writing the Custom Themes' data into the database:
      • Added a check for available space on Memory Card before to download and install a new Custom Theme
      • Added a confirmation screen for the reboot option to avoid unintentional reboots:
      • Added the downloads number in the Custom Theme's details page of the online repository:
      • Fixed the "Unknown error code" message for network errors: now the proper description of the error should be displayed.
      • Fixed a bug that returned to main menu instead of to the repository section when the user canceled the procedure to download all the preview images of the Custom Themes available
      • Fixed a bug that removed some info/warning screens too quickly if the user kept pressed any button.

    • Important Notes:
      The browse function within the online repository page does extensive use of functions to load, manage, resize and show multiple images at screen. Also, since it is based on calls to a website, you might run into network errors or corruptions downloading images which obviously will cause bugs or crashes when the application will try to load them. In the many tests I did, as a result of the extensive use of the browse function in the online repository, sometimes I got into a GPU crash or screen freezes (but do not worry, they are rare and nothing that can not be solved with a simple reboot of the console). My advice, therefore, is to try to use the list view mode rather than the grid one when you need to browse a lot within the repository, for example to search for a specific Custom Theme, or simply avoid to change pages too frequently and quickly when using the grid view mode.

      In the case of corruption of any downloaded image you can use the specific option to clear the cache so as to delete any corrupted files. Alternatively you can also just download again all the preview images with the specific function, so as to overwrite the problematic ones.

      Bugs, Issues, Enhancements and Proposals

      • You can report any bugs or issues, as well as suggestions for enhancements and proposals, using the project's official page on BitBucket you can find HERE.

    • You can view additional info here @ psx-place and also you can view the developer's official website for more information.

    Download & Source:

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 23, 2016.

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