PSP CyanogenPSP v5.3 Experimental Build 3 Released by Joel16

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 17, 2015 at 7:32 AM
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    If you have been following the CyanogenPSP project by developer Joel16, then you already know what an exciting project this has been for the PSP and even the PS Vita community. Creator of this android interface for the PSP Joel16, presents Build 3 of his recent Experimental builds leading up to the final release. Where then the developer hopes to see others take on & add to the project. A project that seems to be gaining a bigger audience with every release, as this developer continues the trend of doing some great development of this application. All the details about Experimental Build 3 are provided as [break]s[/break] Joel16 tells us a bit about his latest progress on this impressive project for the homebrew community. .

    RED CyanogenPSP theme v1.1 using KR 54 Icon Pack - by King Rollo and SF_Arch_Rival font.



Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 17, 2015.

    1. Joel16
      They were lol, but I'm trying to switch to the PSP media engine(ME) instead of libmad for playing mp3s. It's much faster and better with ID3's apparently. Besides I'm still waiting on the translation edits from that guy, so I thought I'd try to improve some bits while he's at it.
      Expect it by Christmas (hopefully) :p

      Edit: Porting is complete, it's all working :D. Now I'll need to clean up some bits and then I'll push it to github.

      Edit: Wtf we never had a pause indication lol wut. The pause/play button would always appear as if the song is playing even if we had paused the song.
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