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By Joel16 on Dec 28, 2016 at 11:03 PM
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    It's the end of the year, and its also finally the end of a program I have been working on for 2 years now. Progress has been going on and off due to my participation in university, but I have finally come forward to make the final release. I should also mention, I hit a new milestone on GitHub today with 302 commits. If you haven't heard, Cyanogen Inc is shutting down, and so is CyanogenMod since Cyanogen Inc owns the right to the name "Cyanogen". I also must discontinue this project due to the use of the name. I apologize for such a late release, but it's finally here, although I wouldn't call it a finished product it's definitely been polished compared to last release 6.0 which was released a year ago (Dec 14, 2015).


    • Change-log: CyanogenPSP v6.1 [Final Release]

      New Features:
      - Allow brightness control asset to be themed as well
      - Implemented font colors. No longer need choosing a specific color scheme for the themes to enhance font visibility.
      - Battery status, digital time and clock widget/date on lockscreen can have their font colors altered.
      - Added experimental ID3 JPG/JPEG tags. (Turn on experimental features to acces this)
      - New CyanogenPSP banner by preetisketch.
      - Revamped music player to mimic CyanogenMod's recent changes.
      - Revamped file manager to mimic CyanogenMod's recent changes.
      - Slightly revamped gallery to mimic CyanogenMod's recent changes.
      - Display USB debugging icon only if the USB cable is connected.
      - New USB debugging icon.
      - Minor changes to ME Mp3player
      - New music player settings lets you toggle lockscreen background on/off. (Press Start to access)
      - Lockscreen now has a little music playing widget similar to android. Let's you pause/play music while in lockscreen, without having to go back to the music player.
      - Revamped Settings->Performance->Memory.
      - Revamped Settings->Performance->Storage Mangement. Both of these are now very similar to android, in terms of looks and the way the information is displayed.
      - Updated app icons.
      - Transitioning color backgrounds depending on music genre.
      - Flashable zips through recovery! (The zip file should consist of a folder called CyanogenPSP, which will be used to overwrite each path).
      - Now uses nougat styled quick settings (just the design).
      - Added a small check for PPSSPP and Adrenaline
      - Allow wav, bgm, mod and at3 files to be played using music player.
      - Music player now displays now playing status when opening the music settings.
      - Many major clean ups and code refactoring. Minimized the use of many redundant function calls by unifying functions, and greatly optimized for enhanced stability.
      - Fixed font color issue with time and battery status.
      - Font colors are now properly reloaded each time you change a theme.
      - Fixed lock screen not being set on startup due to some major code refactoring.
      - Fixed font color issue with digital time.
      - Fixed slight delays caused by using standard IO functions rather than SCE wrappers. This improved the speeds after opening/closing apps. No longer feels sluggish.
      - Improved directory checks. Shouldn't be any more crashes due to missing directories. Also improved the file checking code overall.
      - Improved performance. Used up an extra MB of ram for pre-loaded images. One MB isn't gonna hurt :p
      - Load a few more resources on start up. (Slower boot - better performance)
      - Music player only displays now playing info, if song is being played.
      - Reorganize file manager assets to suit updated icons properly.
      - Fixed ID3 genre list.
      - Improved file checks for animations and other assets.
      - Fixed music player misorganization with other sound files (example wav, MOD, etc)
      - Fixed mp3 time string.
      - Minor adjustments to how minutes are displayed for mp3 time string.
      - Removed pgezip, and switched to unzip.
      - Improved music player cover art loading.
      - Fixed settings/performance/storage - bar info showing incorrect statistics.
      - Fixed a minor issue with the clock icon causing crashes when changing icon packs.
      - Network code has been fixed.
      - Removed a bunch of code inconsistency and redundancy. (still not complete, but I can only keep improving.)
      - Use more SCE IO wrappers to slighlty speed up certain processor.
      - More appropriate function names.
      - Fix RAM menu displaying incorrect values.
      - Unified certain functions.
      - Minor adjustments to updater. (It's still broken, but I won't be updating it anymore since this will be the final release.)
      - Fixed language selection's controls displaying incorrect language selection.
      - Fixed getModel causing slight lagg when being hovered.
      - Fixed directory checks for PPSSPP and PS Vita.

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    • These are accessible via the experminetal features toggle. Do note they are either broken or not working at all.


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Discussion in 'PS Portable News' started by Joel16, Dec 28, 2016.

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