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By STLcardsWS on Mar 8, 2018 at 6:53 PM
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    This is some exciting PS4 Homebrew News, arguably one of the top PS3 homebrew "multiMAN by developer deank" looks to be making an appearance on the PS4 soon. While the developer behind the project none other then deank himself does state it will be different experiance then the PS3's version. Deank, who brought us PS3 multiMAN (App), webMAN / S-MAN (Plugins) as just a few of the projects the developer developed on the previous generation (among many other scene contributions), looks to join in on the PS4 with his recent purchase of a 4.55 PS4, Recently developer deank seen the PS4 Exploit Coverage here on psx-place and then sought out looking for a console and well then before you know it, the developer had these screenshot (see below) to share with us today..Always good to see Dean back in the dev chair on consoles, because it's only means some exciting things are on the horizon for homebrew. Checkout the full post from deank below


    • :) I'm glad I visited psx-place last sunday to read about the PS4 exploit :)

      After reading here and there I figured that Gold and Silver editions should come with 4.55 firmware. Luckily there is a pc store in my building and yesterday I got myself a Silver Edition (2 x dualshocks) - it came with 4.55 :)


      Then with the help of @Joonie I was brought up to speed :)
      20180308153807.png 20180308153629.png
      (Click Image for Full Full)

      Well mM for PS4 won't be anything like the PS3 version because of the different concepts between both generations, but I'll figure out some useful things to implement

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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 8, 2018.

    1. xval
      Sounds promising and can only develop further....So will keep this baby off line and be careful what games she gets to play on it.... on a side not... She can get to play with me anytime :devil: I will tell her.
      Thanks for the info.

      Best Regards,
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    2. DeViL303
      Yes, keep it off internet altogether, or get it hacked and then there is an update blocker, because a lot of people update accidently with PS4s, console will often download the update even though you have that setting off, for example if you try access an app that requires PSN, or the Store.
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    3. Berion
      Simply, no. ;] One of the reason is fact that You cannot quickly switch between windows, and user cannot see at once two paths. Sorry, but years of user experience history of file managers proofs that every advanced users choosing two panel view like i.e Total Commander on Windows or any file manager on Linux (F3) because this is fast and informative.

      I'm not the kind of person, who have permanently connected KB+M to the... console. On the consoles, humans playnig games on joypads and navigating through GUI designed to them, not the keyboards and mouse trying point into single pixel from 5 meters. So instead of raining (did I unintentionally break Your brain comfort zone?), face the facts. In my opinion this GUI was a mistake.
    4. Berion
      It is no longer PSN, is SEN now as I remember (but could be wrong).

      There is no such thing as free games. Games bought on PlayStation Store is rented. Games in PlayStation+ are also rented but with limitations like only 12 games for one year, 2 for a month, and all will stop working when you stop paying subscription. IMO is not worth a bother until You are new to PS4 and want check for "free" old game library and/or indie games.
    5. hunter179
      Check out these pessimistic guys at gbatemp thinking joonie and deank are amateurs. These nintendo warriors are so ungrateful and undermining in their lack of knowledge of habib, joonie, dean, aldo, etc and the great work they have contributed to the psx scene.
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    6. hunter179
      Don't know about that 12 game limit you mention. Any proof, if so i'm out of psnplus.

      You do need valid subscription though at 10 odd dollars a month. I have many free games that were all available for redownload when i upgraded from a slim to pro and apparently i have them for the life of the system. Even games you don't download, you just hit buy to add to your library and you can then, on that account, download at anytime in the future.

      I add every available game each month but only download the ones i think i'll play. All are still in my library though? No limit from my understanding.
    7. Berion
      @hunter179 Oh, sorry, 24. At least in Poland. When You choose P+ icon from PSDM, one of the first ads are such infographics.


      You cannot download "free" games if You don't have paid subscription (only those which have You bought by normal price or 0+n (with or without P+ cut-price)).

      About pessimistic guys at gbatemp: just ignore them. That's true that Nintendo scene is more advanced than PS2/3/4/PSV/X360/XBO but it also have larger community and easier platforms. ;) Without doubt Joonie and DeanK are pr0 guys and earn at least respect.
    8. STLcardsWS
      deank and joonie are armatures lol . <<--- Its not April 1st yet...

      Plain and simple those guys are idiots, i do not even know who you are speaking of, but Obviously they have no clue and usually if you have to attack devs from other platforms, i think that says enough. I doubt deank joonie habib ect.. even know who they are (maybe they do) but seems they for sure know about them ...
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    9. Berion
      Additionally, this is what I hate in the whole scene last time. Army of idiots from newer generations without respect to anyone, anything and don't understand that they reading (and this is serious sh*). It is so extremely toxic and discouraging, simply disassembling scene more effective than any lawyers sues. :|
    10. Not_Too_Noob
      Wow.i sure wish i could buy a ps4 :( :(.Might as well just wait for a few years to buy ps5 i heard its not that far now 2020 perhaps:)
    11. PGamer123
      Multiman in PS3 HAN OFW
    12. GamingCanBeFunYT
      My most requested feature (hope Deank reads this to possibly figure out and program it into his MM app) is ability to play PS4, PS3, PS2 AND PS1 games. Make it universal and backwards compatible with all previous systems since Sony refuses to add such a feature. Ik it can be done. How else is Sony having a service like "PS Now" play PS3 games on it. If it can stream PS3, it can play PS3.

      Also, if we have PS2 and PS1 games on PSN Store, then we can make those ISOs work too. Hopefully if Deank adds PS2 ISO support, itll increase PS2 compatibility as well, because there's a LOT of PS2 games i can play on my JB PS3 but not my PS4 Pro. I REALLY wanna play ALL the PS2 games I love on my Pro in 4K resolution and increased frame rate but sadly? I can only play like 10 games (that I like) with the PKG method. Least Def Jam Fight For New York works. Wish Def Jam Vendetta worked without graphical issues such as a black background, invisible ring and floating necklaces (lol). Happy DJFFNY works tho (my video on my JB PS4 Pro at 4K 60FPS):
    13. kozarovv
      There is no PS1 emulator. And don't even count that you will be ever able to play PS3 games on PS4.
      C'mon.. Stream. It mean that PS4 don't run this game, but stream video from it to your console.

      We don't have PS1 games on PSN for PS4:

      Only few remakes, that are closer to PC versions than to PS1. Like FF7.
      Running iso directly if ever happen, for sure not increase compatibility.
      Is not ISO or not ISO issue, learn how to use PS2 configs, specially clamping ones to fix games like DJV.

      Good reading here:
      and here:
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    14. GamingCanBeFunYT
      For some reason, the site isn't letting me quote your reply kozarovv. Anyway, my apologies. I see what you're saying about the streaming aspect with PS Now. Kinda like the OnLive service? I'm assuming it's the same concept from what you're saying. 2, I thought I seen PS1 games on PS Store, but maybe I'm referring to the PS3's PSN store (which oddly enough, I thought was mostly universal with PS4, except no PS3 games on there). 3rd and lastly, I've read those entire pages, including the options being used for the PS2 emulator configuration. However, I've damn near rebuilt some of the same games with different settings 10 times including installing them over n over only with same results. I've even copy and pasted some settings I've read that you've gave others for help, but to no avail. I don't know anything about what clamping options to use, nor do I have any experience with it.

      I've tried adding this (Idk if I was supposed to put all of it or what):
      to the config-emu-ps4 text file, PLUS changed the gs-uprender to none and gs-upscale to none,
      as well as changing host-display-mode to normal on several PS2 games with graphical issues (Mainly Def Jam Vendetta I'm trying to get to work without graphic issues).

      I've read you stated in replies to others that "if there are any graphical issues, change the gs-uprender and gs-upscale to none, and also change host display mode to normal".

      So, you see, I've tried the clamping and your advice both, but it still has same graphical issues. Menus are fine, but soon as you load up a match, everything is completely black except for the turnbuckles and ceiling lights. Characters hair and necklaces are visible, but everything else is black.

      I apologize if there are any typos in this reply to you kozarovv, but I'm actually in a hurry.
    15. Berion
      @kozarovv Even PS4 doesn't run games from discs. This is designed to run only part of it from BD, while everything is in background copying to HDD and at the end, run fully from HDD. Because of that, even mounting game images is useless as better way would be converting disc game to hdd content (which is probably easy as fw offer to switching between them).
    16. Berion
      BTW: something which fit better to other system applications IMO: ;)



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    17. kozarovv
      "Background" in some games is not really "back" sometime :) Iirc Assetto Corsa not allow to play until full disc is copied (can't recall now that 100% is AS game).

      By method from link you can create "patch" for installed game where only thing in pkg will be icon, eboot, and config. This will make it pretty small, and testing configs should not be so time consuming anymore as iso will be installed on PS4 with one-time pkg.

      About config, clamping, etc. I will answer in "research" thread to not make mess here in mM thread. :)
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    18. Berion
      Yes, it depend on the developer. But the main concept was: "play and forget about cache installing" (which is no longer cache but whole game with disc only as bought verification).
    19. GamingCanBeFunYT
      ok, thank you kozarovv for taking time to help me with the game. I'll post in the "research" thread with results.
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    20. kozarovv

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