PS3 Demo Downloader v1.0 (Preview - 4.82 OFW XMB Mod (for upcoming PS3Xploit v3) by DeViL303 & pink1)

Discussion in 'XMB Modifications' started by DeViL303, Mar 8, 2018.

By DeViL303 on Mar 8, 2018 at 6:57 AM
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    Here is an XMB MOD for the upcoming PS3Xploit v3, as we wait patiently the developer's on the Ps3Xploit Team continue working hard to polish up various elements to v3 of the exploit that is tailored to PS3 3k Models + (NoN-CFW Compatible Ps3 Console's). As the official PS3Xploit Team continues their work ps3 developer's @DeViL303 & @pink1 have a new XMB feature for OFW 4.82 once the exploit (v3) is Released, The XMB as shown in the included video allows you to download demo version of the games, just simple demo downloads without having to enter and navigate through the PS Store, Very user-friendly delete the demo and then quickly and easily re-download the demo at any time, while browsing much faster the vast selection offered in the PS Store, all directly from the convenience of the XMB.


    • This is an XMB mod that myself and pink1 created over last few days, Its fairly simple, it allows demoes to be downloaded from Sony servers without using the PS Store.

      It has a couple of pros and cons that I can think of like

      • Will work on OFW 4.82 once we have a way to write an xml and rco to flash.
      • Is 100% stable as it uses OFW functions, no custom plugins.
      • Allows users without a PSN account to get demoes.
      • Will work on banned consoles.
      • v1.0 just includes EU demoes.
      • Future version could include demos from ALL regions.
      • No background download due to OFW method used.
      • Installation will require writing to flash so there is a soft brick risk if it fails (requiring reinstall of FW).
      • No different than getting the demo on your PC, and then installing it via Install Package Files.

      Anyway Demo Downloader v1.0 is finished, but its only for OFW 4.82, this mod will be FW dependant as it requires a rco edit, So we will probably not be releasing versions for all CFWs as it just causes issues when people install it on wrong FW, people just cant read warnings and descriptions :) I might add it to my other mod -CFW Extras category- for Rebug someday.

      Massive thanks to @pink1 for all the help with this, without his scripting knowledge I would probably still be writing the xml , well actually I would have just gave up. :)

      We will release DD v1.0 a few days after Team PS3Xploit release their Xploit v3.0 as that will be required to install it initially, all going to plan.

      Side note, I had another idea for a similar XMB item or a sub category within this item: we could have a game update downloader too on the XMB, Im not sure if users would find that useful or if its even possible but it should be. Games updates would need to be divided alphabetically or something and by region too maybe as there would be a lots of them.
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Discussion in 'XMB Modifications' started by DeViL303, Mar 8, 2018.

    1. sandungas
      Good one, XMB mods reborn for superslims :)
    2. junaid
      What about 4.81?
    3. DeViL303
      Yes it will work on 4.81 OFW too with same files. All that is required is write access to drop 1 xml and 1 rco onto flash.
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    4. DeViL303
      This method could also be used with a local web server to get pkg files over 4GB onto the PS3, I expect that is going to be an issue for people soon enough, in theory what you could do is, create your own custom demo_downloader.xml with pkg links to your local server, install that xml with a standard small pkg via IPF, then use the XMB links to install your 4GB+ pkgs. :)

      Edit, Now that I think about it more, the pkgs will need to be properly signed though as download_plugin wont be patched, so maybe that's not possible, not sure yet. If the download plugin from 4.81 DEX would run on 4.82 OFW then that might work.
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    5. Ulquiorra-Sama
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    6. DeViL303
      Yeah its cool, also realised the theme and wallpaper sections from XMBPD would work on OFW, so maybe we might end up with a stripped down XMBPD running on OFW someday.
    7. Kimjim
      I wonder if there is a way to push 4gb+ pkg files onto the system without splitting.:rolleyes::rolleyes:
    8. DeViL303
      Yes, it would be very easy really, we could add a "Download Custom pkg from PC" link to the XMB, then you would run a webserver and just click the link. As it would be over local network it would be very quick to "download". Problem solved.

      Only downside is that would need the swap space to download the pkg to before you install it, so you would need double the size of pkg available until you have installed the pkg and deleted it.
    9. Ulquiorra-Sama

      This would be very good, even if you delay the launch of PlexPloit 3.0
    10. DeViL303
      I have nothing to do with Team Xploit , I have not got access to the Xploit , I just know this will work, this is a independent thing by me and pink1. But anyway it will be reasonably easy to add a file to flash after the Xploit is released sometime, There is no rush :)

      As the Xploit will already be adding IPF. So to add the link I am talking about will only require a small xml change like that.. So for example, when you are installing IPF, you could just edit the xml a little first. ;)
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    11. junaid
      not a big deal tho. the pros are heavier than the cons.
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    12. Kimjim
      I think people will be willing to do it rather than having to go through the hassle of splits. I wish you luck on your project and I hope you will be able to achieve your goals. :D
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    13. pink1
      I think being limited on what we can run is going to be a good thing, it's just what we need. This is going to make us have to look into things that we didn't bother with much before. We're already seeing new ideas & ways to do things.
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    14. DeViL303
      @habib check this out, it only requires one line of code added to IPF and I think it adds a cool feature:
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    15. habib
      Fucking awesome!!!
      I’ll add it if you give me the xml, proper credits will be given of course
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    16. DeViL303
      See the thread I just made for a full explanation. Nice one.
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    17. Kimjim
      Amazing dude!!:D:D
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    18. spyroz540

      Amazing !!! :D
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    19. LuanTeles
      For CFW users add the mode to download in background XD, The game update links would be awesome
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