PS3 Demo Downloader v1.0 (Preview - 4.82 OFW XMB Mod (for upcoming PS3Xploit v3) by DeViL303 & pink1)

Discussion in 'XMB Modifications' started by DeViL303, Mar 8, 2018.

By DeViL303 on Mar 8, 2018 at 6:57 AM
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    Here is an XMB MOD for the upcoming PS3Xploit v3, as we wait patiently the developer's on the Ps3Xploit Team continue working hard to polish up various elements to v3 of the exploit that is tailored to PS3 3k Models + (NoN-CFW Compatible Ps3 Console's). As the official PS3Xploit Team continues their work ps3 developer's @DeViL303 & @pink1 have a new XMB feature for OFW 4.82 once the exploit (v3) is Released, The XMB as shown in the included video allows you to download demo version of the games, just simple demo downloads without having to enter and navigate through the PS Store, Very user-friendly delete the demo and then quickly and easily re-download the demo at any time, while browsing much faster the vast selection offered in the PS Store, all directly from the convenience of the XMB.


    • This is an XMB mod that myself and pink1 created over last few days, Its fairly simple, it allows demoes to be downloaded from Sony servers without using the PS Store.

      It has a couple of pros and cons that I can think of like

      • Will work on OFW 4.82 once we have a way to write an xml and rco to flash.
      • Is 100% stable as it uses OFW functions, no custom plugins.
      • Allows users without a PSN account to get demoes.
      • Will work on banned consoles.
      • v1.0 just includes EU demoes.
      • Future version could include demos from ALL regions.
      • No background download due to OFW method used.
      • Installation will require writing to flash so there is a soft brick risk if it fails (requiring reinstall of FW).
      • No different than getting the demo on your PC, and then installing it via Install Package Files.

      Anyway Demo Downloader v1.0 is finished, but its only for OFW 4.82, this mod will be FW dependant as it requires a rco edit, So we will probably not be releasing versions for all CFWs as it just causes issues when people install it on wrong FW, people just cant read warnings and descriptions :) I might add it to my other mod -CFW Extras category- for Rebug someday.

      Massive thanks to @pink1 for all the help with this, without his scripting knowledge I would probably still be writing the xml , well actually I would have just gave up. :)

      We will release DD v1.0 a few days after Team PS3Xploit release their Xploit v3.0 as that will be required to install it initially, all going to plan.

      Side note, I had another idea for a similar XMB item or a sub category within this item: we could have a game update downloader too on the XMB, Im not sure if users would find that useful or if its even possible but it should be. Games updates would need to be divided alphabetically or something and by region too maybe as there would be a lots of them.
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Discussion in 'XMB Modifications' started by DeViL303, Mar 8, 2018.

    1. DeViL303
      That is not possible with this method, but XMBPD already has a PSN demo section, and as that uses wMM to download pkgs you can do a background download, so basically what you want already exists.

      Yes, I think a game update downloader might be a good idea, I am a bit sick of the sight of ps3 xml for a while now though so will take a break if I can manage it :)
    2. esc0rtd3w
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    3. Kimjim
      If the game updates generate the same kind of headaches, maybe the thing might be worth looking into by the devs. Unless we have to install updates that are over 4gb, it's fine for now to just install it through the USB.
    4. happydance
      I believe there no demo/game mods/homebrew that is bigger than 4gb. People should not be worry bout that, unless it's piracy related lols

      anyways good work guys! very happy to see many progress being made for PS3xploit :)
    5. DeViL303
      True there are not demoes over 4GB but if a user wants to mod one of their own disk games, for example to add a translation or a texture mod, then they will need to get large files onto their ps3.
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    6. happydance
      speaking game mods and translation... not really sure how pkg installation works if there is already a existing game update install.

      normally translators would like to mod the latest files, thus using the game update is more logical thing to do. So in installing the mods, should you repack the whole for example game update with mod files included or just repacking the modded files should suffice since you already got the game update installed.

      i'm asking this since I don't know if it appends the file content if there is already an existing folder or it deletes the existing folder so it could install the pkg with the same ID.

      like for example a retail disc game has a 200mb game update and I made a translation on one of it's files, can I just make a pkg with the 2mb translation and not include other files and install it over the existing game update.
    7. DeViL303
      Yes, think of updates just like merging folders, and overwriting any existing files, and think of pkgs just like a way to copy a folder to dev_hdd0/game/ . So you would need to apply all updates first, IF your translation pkg was replacing one of the files in the updates. If you applied the update after it would overwrite your mods if it involved the same files.

      so you could add a 1MB file after installing everything else if you wanted. And that pkg would only have to be 1MB.

      Although for ease of use, a user might decide to pack up all of his updates and mods into one pkg, and install that over lan using this method. So I think 4GB+ pkgs is still a good feature to add.
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    8. happydance
      thanks, that's good to know.
    9. xval
      Thank you Guy`s for these Awesome applications.
      I really appreciate your developments. Simply put.... Most Excellent!

      Best Regards,
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    10. Player1
      Very good work @DeViL303. Downloading games from the PC is awesome! I hope @habib could add this feature. Is good to see how this development is going on, it will give us a lot of new options to enlarge our consoles' life. Thank you!
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    11. DeViL303
      Yes, hes going to , see HERE :) Already added to v3.0. That thread explains properly how it works too. ;)
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    12. Niander466
      Deus abençoe poderosamente a todos vocês desenvolvedores ótimo trabalho e muito obrigado por tudo!!!!!
    13. aldostools
      @DeViL303 @pink1 impressive!! It would be cool if the C00 games are tagged or grouped separately ;)
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    14. DeViL303
      Yeah, its cool, that net_package_install method is working out good for a few things. Lack of background download is a shame though.

      Good idea with tagging stuff, We have plans for something like that, this version only has EU c00 demoes included so far, its a lot of work getting the icons, so its slow going. But anyway, what we have added so far can become one of many sub categories hopefully or something like that, probably divided up alphabetically too like you did for the theme section of XMBPD. Thinking about including game updates eventually as it could be good to have easy access to them too (no icons).
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    15. aldostools
      PS3 Games Database could assist you. It downloads the icon and description from the psn store when you add the link to a pkg ;)
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    16. darkhaxcker
      YES BOYS! Progess :)
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    17. dedark05
      Does this mean we no longer need to activate ps3 to take advantage of the upcoming PS3Xploit v3 tools?
    18. junaid
    19. ChrxnicMods
      Would it be possible to add a soft reboot and hard reboot options on the xmb like on rebug?
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    20. CYB3R18
      When is the relase! sweet!
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