PS3 Dragon Ball Paintown (BETA - v0.1 ) by Markus95

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    Developer @Markus95 is back with a new release for the PS3 Homebrew Community, as the dev releases Dragon Ball Paintown, if you have not gave some of Markus98's previous work a spin then i suggest also trying these other recent releases by the developer for the PS3 Paintown: Streets of Rage & Paintown: Resident Evil Operations. This release is the first Playable Beta so expect some issues that Markus98 plans to improve upon. So please leave some comments and feedback for the developer .​


    • Dragon ball Paintown - BETA

      It's my new mod for Paintown: Dragon ball Paintown

      Anyone having completed my previous Mod Paintown (Street Of Rage) could see a glimpse of my future Mod, whatever the selected difficulty level of the end unveiled a surprise video.
      Now, It is time to release a first beta / playable demo of the new Mod Paintown:

      This version 0.1 is a beta / demo, it only works on CFW 4.XX,. (no ode version)

      You can choose from 4 playable characters 6 (for now) not finalized and at least one course per person, Vegeta is one who has the most.

      Each character has its unique history, its main enemy and cutscenes.

    • Pictures of cut-scenes
      in-exclu-ls-dragon-ball-paintown-v01-base-2.png in-exclu-ls-dragon-ball-paintown-v01-base-3.png

      Pictures in game:
      in-exclu-ls-dragon-ball-paintown-v01-base-4.png in-exclu-ls-dragon-ball-paintown-v01-base-5.png
      If you want more pictures, more infos, go here

    • Video of Gameplay:

    • Google Translation

      It is a question of a beta / demo quite short, it is therefore possible that you encounter bugs or crashes, loads between each course can be long (5 to 20 seconds), due to loading cutscènes,
      I have worked to improve the loading time, I have won 20second from the old beta...

      Also for those who will be interested in this mod, you will necessarily this first release called "BASE" to install the following update, the "videos" asking much room I could not publish a complete version of one shot every update.

      For more information and follow the progress of this mod appointment here , I regularly update this topic with new.

    Download: Dragon_Ball_Paintown_v0.1

    Source(s): (via Markus95 msg.) / Logic Sunrise
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Sep 1, 2016.

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