PS2 E2OPL 0.1.1 - Open PS2 Loader with EXT2 file system support (USB)

Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 28, 2014.

By STLcardsWS on Dec 28, 2014 at 9:26 PM
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    As the PlayStation 2 community awaits the official release of OPL (Open Ps2 Loader) v0.9.3, which is expected to be released in the near future. There has been some unofficial work being done on the open source project with PS2 Developer s0ck3t over at PSX-Scene releasing the latest version of E2OPL (v0.1.1). E2OPL is OPL with EXT2 File System Support Added.[break]d[/break] There are several benefits that arise from using this file system such as the ability to use files that are larger then 4GB in size and no need for defragmentation . The complete details and usage can be found below and in the included ReadMe file in the download.

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Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 28, 2014.

    1. aneesh
      Great work. By the way, is there a way we can get rid of loading times and choppy videos as we see from the previous versions of opl loading games from usb?
    2. atreyu187
      Well sadly not without taking a hit quality wise and a lot of hard work. One must rip apart the game, downsample video and possibly audio to lower bitrates. This is due to a lack of speed due to the PS2's limited USB 1.1 ports. If only the hardware on the system was more recent with even USB 2.0 we would not have this "choppy" effect. Devs have come a long way but its about as optimized as it gets for OPL. There is another program by SP193 that is tailored for USB users while OPL IMO is suited more for HDD users.

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    3. s0ck3t
      Do you mean loading time when you see message "Loading config"? It is because I must to create a .ISO "file map" in memory before game can run, don't know if I can optimize that logic. File map is needed to access game's sectors. Maybe later.

      As [MENTION=7]atreyu187[/MENTION] said - PS2 has USB 1.1 ports, which are very slow. Maybe someday I will try to implement sectors read-a-head logic, just as Linux kernel does. EXT2 implementation takes me many weeks and nights of very hard work, so from now on I want to get some rest :)
    4. atreyu187
      Regardless this is an amazing feat removing fragments and the 4gb file size limit. I am excited to see how this all turns out.

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    5. jos40
      Great improvement and tried it immediately. By startup gives me an error by the "settings."
      By bootup it keeps coming in settings and can't go any further.
      An issue or do i something wrong.
      I just followed the steps as discribed, so anyone an idea?
    6. s0ck3t
      I have not heard about your issue, do you have any screenshots? Also, did you delete OPL config from MC in Browser?
    7. jos40
      Yep, i did remove the old one.
      I launch the opl, configured the settings, saved the settings, go to the game options.
      I can choose --->game, game settings and settings. The 'settings' (START) button won't work with me.
    8. s0ck3t
      Ok I will try to reproduce it and fix asap.
    9. jos40
      Thnx for the support.
      When i press 'settings' (START) button, the circle in the right lower corner spins for a split second and it does that every time i press that button.
      Hopefully it helps.
    10. s0ck3t
      Ok to be more clear - your list of games never appear, never see it? If yes, it seems that your usb stick is wrong formatted, or not recognized by PS2. Do simple test - power off PS2, connect usb stick, power on - did Free MCBoot logo disappear?
    11. jos40
      Just what you said, i did and mcboot logo appears.
      My PS2 is a scph 50004. Maybe that causes the problem.
    12. jos40
      I think this has to do with the controller. After investigation a lot more games thats to be started with the 'start' button, are not working.
      Starting with the 'X' button is no problem.
    13. ahjay
      In my opinion, E2OPL is the best development of the OPL. I'm from Palembang - Indonesia, generally we modified PS2 with IC Modbo5 to be able to use the OPL. In the normal way, E2OPL can not walk on PS2 with IC Modbo5. And I have found a way to E2OPL can run, is to create two partitions in flashdisk or hardisk. I format the first partition to FAT32 system (100-500mb) and I put the file system that contains E2OPL. My second partition format with Ext2 / Ext3 to put the folder ART, CFG, CD, DVD, OPL, VMC, and THM. This method successfully to run on the PS2 with Modbo5 E2OPL. But it is very unfortunate, I can't save and load compatibility mode. Is there someone who can help me solve this problem? Please..

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