PS VITA / PS TV Easy HENkaku Update Server Released, Also Block Accidental Updates

Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Dec 5, 2016.

By atreyu187 on Dec 5, 2016 at 2:36 PM
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    So seems yifanlu has been up to helping out the Vita scene yet again. This time making it easy for anyone to update to 3.60 from any firmware below 3.60 to enable HENkaku/taiHENkaku. All one has to do is change the DNS server on your Vita/PSTV then use the official update method via the settings in the "Live Area". Best of all it will stop any accidental updating past 3.60 as it is the only firmware that will show up when you try to access the update setting. And best of all you can still use your browser and system as usual so you don't have to change the DNS settings to view YouTube surf the web or enable the hacks, just said it once and forget about it. Here I will leave what the dev had to say to explain it some more.


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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by atreyu187, Dec 5, 2016.

    1. atreyu187
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    2. lord3490
      This seems like a simple solution to block updates / only get cfw...
      I guess i am missunderstanding something, there must be a good reason but why isn't there something just like that for ps3?
      (or did i miss it?)
      As far as i understand all it would take is a dns-server & a server with cfw(s).
    3. TOM1211
      This is a brilliant idea.
    4. atreyu187

      This could be done for the PS3 but they can't host a CFW to much Sony copyrighted code. We have tons of ways to block updates for the PS3. Simply enabling QA flag then in QA settings enable system update debug will block online updates. Using a webMAN will block disc updates or using PS3 Lock plugin on XMB Lock app will block updates as well
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    5. STLcardsWS
      Done and frontpaged, thanks for another excellent write up.
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    6. atreyu187

      Just trying to do my part to help boss man. I think the accidental update portion is more important and useful then the update server but that is useful as well.
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    7. lord3490
      Thanks, thats the good reason i was looking for ;)
      I know about other ways to block accidential updates, i just thought it could have been easier for developers ;)
      I didn't think about copywrites, it makes perfect sence to me now :)
    8. atreyu187

      These guys are just using an archive that is serving Sony's official firmware and unhampered with. Only the XML was modified to show the HENkaku logo on the system. Nothing illegal there.
    9. pinky
      @atreyu187 , u forgot to upload Pinky's Waterworks Wonders where u can give pinky a bath. if u touch my privates, u get extra points. :-D
    10. pinky
      also, @atreyu187 , u said ur thumb hurt while bashing the button in that game. r u really sure that's y ur thumb hurts. u played the game and real life and ouch, my @ss hurts. u should've stuck it that far in...
    11. FrostBit3
      i'm having issue with update fw from 3.52 to 3.60 from DNS

      it kept saying "the server is currently down for mainternance" for almost a day

      it this issue usually happen or ever happened before?
      need some help please guys.
    12. pinky
      u have another option. u can update the way that I did which was by using qcma. it's not too difficult to do, and the system will tell u which update ur installing if ur paranoid about that.
    13. pinky

      that's how I updated before the dns servers existed. u can update the pstv like the ps3 which is even easier than updating the vita. u may have to find 3.60 on ur own, but it's pretty easy to find. good luck.

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