PS Vita / Ps TV ElevenMPV v2.00 (by Joel16)

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    @Joel16 has released version 2.00 of ElevenMPV, the homebrew music player that supports various audio formats​


    • ElevenMPV - Eleven Music Player VITA
      A homebrew music player for PlayStation VITA that aims to support many different audio formats compared to the official PS VITA music application.
      JTEw5iH.jpg Z2fi3BW.jpg

      Currently supported formats: (16 bit signed samples)

      • FLAC
      • IT
      • MOD
      • MP3
      • OGG
      • OPUS
      • S3M
      • WAV (A-law and u-law, Microsoft ADPCM, IMA ADPCM)
      • XM

      • Browse ux0:/, ur0:/ and uma0:/ to play the above audio formats.
      • Pause/Play audio.
      • Shuffle/Repeat audio.
      • Next/Previous track in current working directory.
      • Display ID3v1 and ID3v2 metadata for MP3 files. Other tags are displayed for OGG, FLAC, OPUS and XM.
      • Basic touch support.
      • Seeking support using touch screen. (No support for OPUS)

      Changelog v2.0

      • Bumped ID3v2 character limit to 64 chars to display album titles, artist, genre etc with more characters than ID3v1.
      • Updated dr_libs (FLAC and WAV decoders) to the latest revision.
      • Now based on mpg123 v1.25.10
      • Initial support for seeking via touchscreen:
        • WAV: works perfectly.
        • FLAC: works perfectly but slow.
        • MP3: works perfectly but a tad bit slower than WAV.
        • MOD: works perfectly.
        • OGG: works perfectly however might crash if you abuse it by repeatedly seeking simultaneously.
        • OPUS: Not supported due to frequent crashes with libopusfile's API.
      • Fixed MP3 playback not being properly terminated. The decoder will now check to see if there are no samples to decode and then terminate which fixes issues with repeat/shuffle not working.
      • Fixed crashes with FLAC files (when FLAC metadata is on) by using libFLAC to properly obtain metadata.
      • Added the ability to use Sony's dynamic normalizer mode from within the settings menu. (I haven't noticed any difference with this but let me know if you guys do! the max ALC mode results in frequent crashes hence only ALC mode off and ALC mode 1 is allowed)
      • Now properly releases the acquired BGM port when exiting the application.
      • Added support for selecting devices to browse (ux0:/, ur0:/ and uma0:/) from within the settings menu.

      If you'd like to support me, then feel free to buy me a coffee, I'd really appreciate it!

    • Controls:
      In file manager:
      • Enter button (cross/circle): enter folder/play supported audio file.
      • Cancel button (cross/circle): go up parent folder.
      • DPAD Up/Down: Navigate files.
      • DPAD Left/Right: Top/Bottom of list.
      In audio player: (Note: you can use touch controls here or the following buttons below)
      • Enter button (cross/circle): Play/Pause.
      • Cancel button (cross/circle): Return to file manager.
      • L trigger: Previous audio file in current directory.
      • R trigger: Next audio file in current directory.
      • Triangle: Shuffle audio files in current directory.
      • Square: Repeat audio files in current directory.
      • Start: Turn off display and keep playing audio in background.
      • Touch: Touch anywhere on the progress bar to seek to that location.

    • 5LDnoZr.jpg
      • MPG123 contributors.
      • dr_libs by mackron.
      • libvorbis, libogg and libopus contributors.
      • libxmp-lite contributors.
      • Preetisketch for startup.png (banner).
      • LineageOS's Eleven Music Player contributors for design elements.

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