PS4 Exploiting PS4 Video Apps (to run unsign code) -- presentation coming (Dec. 28) by m0rph3us1987

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 12, 2018 at 1:07 AM
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    Developer m0rph3us1987 will be giving a talk "at #35c3 on the Chaos West stage. on December 28 and the dev will be discussing exploiting the official PS4 Video Apps. This should be a very interesting topic as the dev has stated "I'll show you how to exploit them to run your own unsigned code (regardless of the firmware version installed)" already known for his work with one of the few PS4 Homebrew's (PS4NES) and his work on the "holy grail HEN" looks to elevate the PS4 with something exciting. Will this be the event the PS4 needs, This will certainly be something to pay attention to as we get closer to the 28th later this month and i think we need all may need to say thank you to m0rph3us1987's wife :)


    • Exploiting PS4 Video Apps

      Video Apps on the PS4 are something wonderful. In this talk, I'll show you how to exploit them to run your own unsigned code (regardless of the firmware version installed). Step by step I show what problems I stood at the beginning of my entry into the PS4 scene and how I have these, in order to reach the goal, have solved.

      Almost three years ago, my wife gave me a PS4 for my birthday. She could not have guessed that I would do anything with the console, just do not gamble. This talk will be about the project with which I set foot in the PS4 underground scene. Step by step we will see what was needed to execute unsigned code on a foreign / unknown system. I will explain the exploit and its steps in as much detail as possible, and thus show that software exploits are not magic but a consequence of logical processes.

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Discussion in 'PS4 Jailbreak, Exploits & Hacks' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 12, 2018.

    1. SAM696
      bought a God of war ps4 pro Bundle recently , thinking it was on 4.44 or something below 5.05 ... but to my surprise it was 6.02 , Hopefully this something people in this situation like me can benefit from
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    2. inuzukaoz
    3. amirzaim
      And...Sony just rolled out the firmware update, version 6.20.
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    4. sandungas
    5. Zazenora
      I'm currently on 6.02, the 6.20 update just showed up as "Ready to Install", so I'm wondering if I can keep it at 6.02 and wait a while to see if something useful will come of this?
      Also, where the 6.20 is ready to install, can I prevent it from installing, or is it too late?
    6. SAM696
      i think you should probably do a clean reset from the safe mode menu just to be safe
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    7. pinky
      man, that sucks. I believe that the game itself is playable on 5.05.

      updates go in the UPDATE folder in one of the system's partitions. without access to it, I'm not sure if you can do anything besides formatting the hdd. you might want to get yourself a wifi stick, so that you never connect to sony's servers. sandisk connect is what I use. it's very easy to update the exploits' cache, and there's no risk to you. :)
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    8. Zazenora
      I'm working on backing up my save data before I do this. It's a pain having to shift files around on my multiple external HDD's so I can make a partition specifically for the PS4, but I've invested way too many hours into FFXV this past week to just let it disappear lol...
      With that, I'm just glad I didn't go through with the update yet, I'm just hoping it doesn't automatically install it while I prepare everything. I just happened to come directly here and check for any news the moment I seen the vague "Improves performance" update.

      Hopefully this will be just as good of a Christmas present as the PS4 was. :)
      I'm excited to see what comes out of this talk.
    9. Bloodmoons366466
      Did they confirm what firmware this will be for? I wonder if this is the long awaited 5.55 kexploit.
    10. STLcardsWS
      You do realize that your comment does not make alot of sense when your read the description of the presentation. In other words read it :)
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    11. Bloodmoons366466
      I know.I was joking.People are still asking for a 5.55 jailbreak so i thought it would be funny.
    12. pinky
      @Zazenora , you may have a problem. I'm not sure if you can get around the account id. that's the folder thatt your saves will be in if exported. you also can't mix those saves with manually dropping them, due to pfs. I did test this, but I didn't test formatting then importing them. it's very easy to corrupt saves this way also.
    13. Zazenora
      Thanks for the info.
      I've just decided to wait until this upcoming presentation is released, and see what exactly is going to happen before I do anything permanent.
      I haven't performed a factory reset yet, and I'm just going to be extra careful about selecting Install Later until then. (As well as keeping the console offline for now, considering it doesn't do me much good being online right now either way.)

      Thanks for the heads up though, I hadn't finished preparing the external HDD either so no data lost. I'd at least like to finish FFXV before I decide whether to go through with it or not.
    14. pinky
      @Zazenora , I'm sure if hard resetting is good enough. if a hack appears, ftp and search for your accounts. I think they go incrementally. the first account should be 10000001 iirc r something like though . see if their folders are present. also, see if a any additional account are present.

      also, I've of sony banning any system that's been exploited. is theri more to this.
    15. barelynotlegal
      You can delete the firmware by reinstalling current firmware then decline auto downloads
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    16. pinky
      that actually works!? the new update must be overwritten in its partition. there's a specific folder that updates are downloaded to, but I bet they're transferred elsewhere once completed. maybe the mnt fold? the wii u does this, which is why speculating. I'm not sure about the 360. those updates are only 16.5MBs iirc with additional data being installed with a normal update and an hdd attached. ;)
    17. Kclinux
      I have around 20 to 30 all 5.05 or less i dont know if can post that but i been trying to find other hackers like us that need them since locally no one respects the work we do getting these mods to qork. had one guy update 2 systems i charged him 250 to 300 each and he updated to play bo4 online.. almost cried lmfao
    18. Bloodmoons366466
      Why would he update both when he could of just updated one of them.
    19. barelynotlegal
      I have done this a few times. The update stays in the folder and doesn’t move. You can reinstall firmware then use the block updates bin.

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