PS4 Exploiting PS4 Video Apps (to run unsign code) -- presentation coming (Dec. 28) by m0rph3us1987

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By STLcardsWS on Dec 12, 2018 at 1:07 AM
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    Developer m0rph3us1987 will be giving a talk "at #35c3 on the Chaos West stage. on December 28 and the dev will be discussing exploiting the official PS4 Video Apps. This should be a very interesting topic as the dev has stated "I'll show you how to exploit them to run your own unsigned code (regardless of the firmware version installed)" already known for his work with one of the few PS4 Homebrew's (PS4NES) and his work on the "holy grail HEN" looks to elevate the PS4 with something exciting. Will this be the event the PS4 needs, This will certainly be something to pay attention to as we get closer to the 28th later this month and i think we need all may need to say thank you to m0rph3us1987's wife :)


    • Exploiting PS4 Video Apps

      Video Apps on the PS4 are something wonderful. In this talk, I'll show you how to exploit them to run your own unsigned code (regardless of the firmware version installed). Step by step I show what problems I stood at the beginning of my entry into the PS4 scene and how I have these, in order to reach the goal, have solved.

      Almost three years ago, my wife gave me a PS4 for my birthday. She could not have guessed that I would do anything with the console, just do not gamble. This talk will be about the project with which I set foot in the PS4 underground scene. Step by step we will see what was needed to execute unsigned code on a foreign / unknown system. I will explain the exploit and its steps in as much detail as possible, and thus show that software exploits are not magic but a consequence of logical processes.

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Discussion in 'PS4 Jailbreak, Exploits & Hacks' started by STLcardsWS, Dec 12, 2018.

    1. SoJustMe
      Wow, thats great, i have already updated to 6.20 ,but this exploit said it works on any firmware so i have hope. I wish Sony never realease a new update any soon despite the last update seems buggy (i have lot of crushes on ps4 Pro error CE-34878 )
    2. francesco2013
    3. francesco2013
      I am sorry but if you have that error and you have the latest OFW there is something wrong with your PS4 system software or with corruption of the hdd.

      "Error CE-34878-0 is a general error that happens when the game you are currently playing on thePlayStation 4 has crashed. It usually triggered by PS4corrupted data or system software."
    4. Zazenora
      @barelynotlegal @pinky
      I already had my ps4 set to NOT automatically download updates prior to this news.
      I chose to download it on my own, but before installing it I decided to check around for any news due to the vague "Improves performance" note that 6.20 had. I didn't go through with installing the update though.
      I was planning on just keeping it up-to-date but this news obviously has me wanting to wait on that.
      Even though it's said to work on current firmwares, it just seems odd that S0ny would release an update so close to this news being released. I'm sure s0ny is keeping a closer eye on any known hackers working on the PS4 in hopes of quickly addressing any vulnerabilities that are released.

      It's possibly they already know about certain vulnerabilities based on what certain people are discussing online and drawing conclusions and trying to stay ahead of the game.

      ...and just to clarify, is it possible to re-install the current OFW version 6.02 I'm using? and doing so would keep my PS4 from showing the "Update Now or Later" message everytime I turn on my system or start a game?
      That's all I'm really wanting to do right now, and if it's an alternative from completely cleaning my HDD that'd be all the better. I'd just feel a little better not having to worry about accidentally hitting Install Now when starting a game lol, but if this isn't the case then I'll just remain careful for the time being and to a factory restore later should this upcoming news prove to be a breakthrough.
    5. pinky
      @Zazenora , you should be able to install the same firmware on top of its self. however, the update partition is somewhere among the 14-15 partitions. you can see all or most partitions with ftp, I've found with ftp, but there's no telling which partition it is, since it's read as a bunch folder not like the ithe update blocker paylad, which can be deployed only on exploitable systems, makes a fake update file (think --there's three total).

      what I suggest would suggest is the sandisk connect. you only need a small and use instead of going online to launch a payload. you can essentially update the cache and of which may also want a larger usb stick to rip/stall game update tthe usb stick. it takes a little bit to backup a game. :)
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    6. Berion
      @Zezenora Video app is not a part of the system (must be downloaded separately from PSS), so I would rather be caution with auto update this specific app, instead to whole fw (which is of course also important for this exploit but IMO it is just coincidence - luckily Sony don't have so quickly R&D/QA ^^).
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    7. marsil602
      Sounds promising, especially with the no req. firmware remark! Just went to 6.20 soooooo
    8. Zazenora
      I've got the video app already, and auto-downloads have been turned off since day one.
      It's a little aggravating having to dodge the installation every time I turn the system on, and every time I load a game but I just chose to wait until the 28th to see what the fuss is for sure going to be about before I do any permanent data loss/factory restore to my console.
    9. pinky
      there's a way to get around an already downloaded update (at least when launching a game). it involves changing your ip information to something else, like the sandisk connect's (remember that that device is not to be plugged in or else it won't be detected; only insert the device when you're charging it. a full charge can last quite a while especially if you just want to use payload for a second). after you've changed your internet settings, reset the system. I'm assuming the update nag is the one I've gotten before. the method above should work. however, I could be wrong in that a fully downloaded update can't be erased in this manner. you could also try the blocking update servers from ps4 tutorial. it's major overkill. goof luck.
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    10. Zazenora
      I connect my PS4 as well as all my other consoles & systems to my laptop's hotspot.
      You think it would be possible to do something similar through this connection via some sort of program?
      It sounds like a similar process, but I'm not too familiar with rerouting connections.
    11. pinky
      I'm not sure. I tried using a hotspot with my phone. it made a connection, but it didn't block anything from sony. that was actually a suggestion by kiiwii when I asked him about it. since it was a failure, it's difficult to say what went wrong. it could've been my phone.

      with the sandisk connect, all you need to do is drop the exploit files on to it and change the address accordingly. btw, there seems to be a bug either with caching or the ps4 in which the address for its cache gets screwed up. I'm thinking it's with the ps4. all you need to do then is delete everything but "cache" backwards. otherwise, the cache won't be installed or updated, and you'll be presented with an error trying to use it as a bookmark.
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    12. Kclinux
      Clearly he had to be 50% normal 50% handicapped . He had no care in the world about they were modded with 20 games I backed up or that he overpayed for a stock system.. smdh people in Iowa have no damn since I swear
    13. STLcardsWS
      Before slinging insults and saying people have no "sense" , you may want to checkout your own post :) .. but seriously we do not have much patients for useless insults.. This is the mature forum, not the kiddie zone..... We do not offer daycare services here
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    14. Kclinux
      Insult to who ? Thus was a customer of mine off letgo bro not in the group. I respect yall it's the regular people in the world I dont respect . I am dumb tho you right , all I'm good at is fixing electronics and making babies is what my mom last told me before she died. But just lmk if you mean about anyone or did you think was refurring to the group? My bad tho either way and I have boxes of playstations around me if ever need a tester I break them regularly lol for real tho trying to learn it sucks

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    15. Bloodmoons366466
      Was i quoted? I dont see my name anywhere? Weird.
    16. STLcardsWS
      Yes, someone is abusing the edit button and removing his post after he gets a reply.
    17. Bloodmoons366466
      Ah,now i see it.Thanks
    18. Zazenora
      Hey, I just found the 6.20 that I downloaded in the Downloads section on the PS4.
      I've never noticed this, but it let me select it and press triangle to delete it. So no more worries about it asking me to install it when I start a game or turn it on.
      No need for me to perform a factory reset! (right?)
      I feel stupid lol, but I just didn't think to look for a download section. I'm still more used to PS3 :P
    19. pinky
      was that after or before a completed download? I think that option is only available if it's completed or vice versa.
    20. Zazenora
      I had already downloaded the update, just hadn't installed it.
      I checked it out from the Notifications and it took me to the Downloads section where I was able to highlight it and delete it.
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