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PS3 Flash Writer (PS3Xploit) Unofficial Update by Imn7: Checks for HFW / Factory Installed FW /...

Discussion in 'PS3Xploit CFW Installer ( PS3 25XX Models & Lower)' started by lmn7, Jan 3, 2020.

By lmn7 on Jan 3, 2020 at 11:39 PM
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    lmn7 Developer

    Oct 31, 2017
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    The PS3Xploit's Flash Writer has seen an unofficial update provided by developer @Imn7 that adds a few additional checks to see if HFW is installed prior to using (HFW is a simple modified (hybrid) firmware that re-adds a vulnerability (from OFW 4.82) used in ps3xploit tools), dont have HFW installed or do not know upon launching you will be prompt with "You must install Hybrid Firmware (HFW) 4.85 before using the flash writer!" Also a check to view the minimum factory firmware that was installed in factory on your console. This is important check (automated or done manually) because it will help determine if your console is a Custom FirmWare compatible unit or not. Anything over 3.56 firmware installed in the factory can not install a CFW (those models should look into using PS3HEN if that is the case.). This unofficial build of the flash writer will provides extra detection/checks in the addition to the magic found in the original tool, a list of full checks can be seen in the release notes provided by the developer below:​


    Unofficial 4.85 Flash Writer

    • Here's my unofficial update for the flash writer that I decided to release now because it's been sitting on my HDD for months and I know it will get lost eventually.​


      • Added HFW check
      • Added minimum firmware version check
      • Added patch file hash check
      • Added patch stack frame check (commented out of the official version for some reason)
      • Patch file is downloaded to the PS3's HDD from the web server instead of read from USB

      Both the patch operation and the patch file has not been modified from the official version. This has been tested and confirmed working by myself and others.​

      Thanks to the PS3Xploit team for their flash writer tools & JS framework.

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    1. DeViL303
      This is great nice one.
      lmn7 likes this.
    2. Louay
      Sorry for not testing NAND for you as i didn't get teensy yet from that moment we talk but i test NOR version as i have E3 Flasher in case of brick and it works flawlessly i test on 3 PS3 Models :
      • CECHL04
      • CECH2004A
      • CECH2504B
      Even i will grab a NAND Fat and prepare a Text&Video Tutorial so any user can understand how the operation done

      @lmn7 did you forget about this "write back the original CoreOS data in case the dump check fails and the user hasn't rebooted" ?

      @esc0rtd3w so this be added to ps3xploit website
      Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
    3. Louay
      i bring Slim PS3 3004A to test minverchk 3.60 message but it show :
      1. Initinalization XX%
      2. Downloading patch file...
      3. Show the content of flash_485.P3T (CoreOS files)

      Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
    4. lmn7
      That's okay, I was able to find a few other people who were willing to help me test and iron out some issues. Thanks for your help anyway.

      I did forget about it but to be honest it wasn't a huge priority for me. It would be easy to edit the scripts to write back the original OFW 4.85 CoreOS data and I'll consider doing that some time in the future.

      Some web servers don't like P3T file extension, I'll update the archive in the OP to include a .htaccess file that should fix the issue.
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    5. Louay
      i test again and now it works ,are think to release pages like original one i mean with text and two button one to initialze and other to start patch ?

      Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
    6. RandomDude
      Great work!, This here would save a lot of bricks imo.
      Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
      Algol and DeViL303 like this.
    7. Louay
      @lmn7 is there a check for vsh CFW ? i mean for those who use flash writer on top of CFW as one situation today

      so js check if vsh contain for exemple patch to disable ECDSA Check as most of CFW have this patch or compare current vsh MD5 with vsh MD5 of OFW/HFW so if the patch exist or MD5 is diffrent from the one of OFW/HFW then a red message will appear saying you are already on CFW :)
      Last edited: Jan 4, 2020
      Yugonibblit, DeViL303 and jeka26 like this.
    8. lmn7
      I don't plan on it, mainly because this script searches for a lot of variables in memory and initializing the search on page load provides some degree of consistency.

      I could add a check for some CFW patch but it would require more testing. I don't have my PS3 to test with right now.
    9. Louay
      I can test for NOR as i have the E3
    10. lmn7
      Update 1.1 changelog:
      Updated UI
      Merged NOR/NAND scripts
      Fixed hash check not working as intended
      Added VSH check to prevent CFW users using the flash writer again
      Huge thanks to Louay for his valuable feedback and help during testing :)
    11. Louay
      If anyone want to see how it works i test it on my 4.85 CFW and REBUG 4.85 Lite, for ferrox it doesn't have the exploitable webkit it will show you must install Hybrid Firmware,so no one can do flash writer on Ferrox nor using PS3Xploit tools ,i will test and see if SPY and Overflow have exploitable webkits then i will post a video but testing check on 2 different CFW is enough i think

      On Rebug Lite 4.85

      On my CFW

    12. DeViL303
      Nice one @Louay This will save so many PS3s.
      Xx11xx22xX and Yugonibblit like this.
    13. Louay
      Yeah the misuse in 3000 slims,super slims,2500 slims with 3.60+,flash writer on already jailbroken ps3 this will save many consoles :loyal:
      Xx11xx22xX, Yugonibblit and DeViL303 like this.
    14. arcadekidflo
      Compatible with ESP8266 ?
    15. benicio
      can i install it on my ps3 with a problem with the bluetooth module?
    16. Coro
      you need to be on 4.85 hfw to use this one. you may be able to use an older one but it depends on what your firmware version is. a nobt hfw isnt possible so you are stuck on current version.
      lmn7 likes this.

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