PS VITA / PS TV Flyer Deathmatch - A Top Down Shooter from vladgalay

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    The latest homebrew release for HENkaku user's comes from developer vladgalay, who has released a very fun 2d Shooter that is very similar to the game playplay in CSPSP (a homebrew for the PSP), which is a 2-D top down shooter. Flyer Deathmatch is a LUA based game that was created with ONElua and i suggest giving this game a look on either your PS Vita or PlayStation TV that hopefully is on Firmware 3.60 and utilizing the HENkaku exploit as that is the only way you will be playing this VPK file.


    • Flyer Deathmatch is a CSPSP-like top-down shooter game.

      In Flyer Deathmatch you fly and fight opposing team in some sort of space ship.
      Player can choose one of several ships, maps and game modes. More information is located in the next tab.

      ALSO. This game requires Special Permissions. That is because it was made using ONElua luaplayer, which is requiring them by default.


      • ONELua staff for it's pretty awesome ONELua luaplayer for Vita

      • Unfortunately, there are no sounds in this game :(
      • Playing with music is recommended :)

    • Detailed description

      As you control your ship, you can shoot and boost by using afterburner. Both actions require ENERGY
      • it displayed YELLOW at the bottom of your screen. Shooting uses a few energy, while boosting can cost a lot of it. If your energy reaches zero, you can neither shoot nor boost, so keep an eye on it.

      Also keep an eye on SHIELDS, that are displayed BLUE at the bottom of your screen. If they fall below zero, your ship will be destroyed.

      Game modes
      • Deathmatch: Your goal is to eliminate all ships of opposing team.
      • Scored deathmatch: In this mode victory is achieved by having score higher than the limit. If you kill your teammate, score will be decreased.
      • Infinite deathmatch: Same as scored deathmatch, only infinite.

      • Pyro: Default ship. Nothing more to say.
      • Phoenix: Very fast ship. Can actually outrun it's own bullets while boosting. Perfect for bullet dodging. However, has low bullet speed.
      • Magnum: Sluggish ship, even if boosted. Very high bullet speed compensates it quite well.

      There are three maps - Glasses, Kabba and Window. Also, there are _big versions of them. Any of game modes can be played on any map. However, I have some recommendations:

      • Glasses: Good for Scored and Infinite deathmatch. Recommended ships amount - from 4 to 8 in each team.
      • Kabba: Same as Glasses.
      • Window: Almost a clone of iceworld_2d. Perfect for Deathmatch. Recommended ships amount - 4 in each team. But having 8 in each team on _big version is also quite playable.

      • The only difference between teams is in their appearance.

      Ships amount:

      • It is not recommended to have more than 16 ships totally.

      • Deathmatch kill limit: When this limit is exceeded, Scored deathmatch will end.
      • Damage:Normal is default. If you are tired of slow battles, you can switch to High - it twices the damage.
      • Player AI: Tired of playing the game all by yourself? Think that bot can do it better? There is no need to think when you can try! Switch to True and have fun.
      • Friendly fire: Well, it's obvious. If you are tired of getting shot by your teammates (or shooting down your teammates), turn it off.

    • Controls:

      In menu
      • Up/Down/Left/Right - navigate through menu

      In Game
      • Left Analog Stick - move ship/camera
      • L-Trigger + Left Analog Stick - move with boost
      • Right Analog Stick - rotate ship
      • R-Trigger - shoot
      • START - toggle pause

    • Game ScreenShots
      0.jpg 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg

      LiveArea screenshots:
      7.jpg 6.jpg 5.jpg


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