PS2 Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) & Installer Updated by SP193

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    PlayStation 2 developer SP193 did not just stop with updating PS2Ident, the developer has also released an update to Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) v1.951, this update like the recent ps2indent updates code for support to the latest PS2SDK revisions. Also fixed USB device support and several other changes are made in this update to FMCB. Also the Installer has matured to v0.971 with a new button legend, and other improvements as outlined in the Installer Changelog tab found below along with others tabs of information about these PS2 Hacking Scene updates from SP193. Special thanks to @aldostools for these alerts on these releases.


    • This is an Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) installer. It was previously known as the "Unofficial FMCB v1.8C" installer. No part of it was directly re-used from FMCB v1.7 itself, but parts of it were based or referenced from the code of FMCB v1.7.

      The files in the fmcb-install folder are from Jimmikaelkael's PS3MCA project. Of course, I didn't include the questionable files which Sony claimed as a breach of their copyright.

      Since FMCB v1.9 was born, the FMCB installer has been used for installing both versions of FMCB (v1.8C and v1.9x).

    • How to use this
      1. Download the archive linked to in the downloads section
      2. Extract the contents into one of these places:
        1. A USB device
        2. A CD/DVD
        3. A Memory Card (Not the memory card that FMCB will be installed to)
      3. Launch the installer with your Playstation 2 console
      Option nameDescription
      InstallPerforms a normal installation of FMCB
      Multi-InstallPerforms a "multi" installation of FMCB. A multi-installation can boot on all consoles of any region, and not only on the console it was installed with.
      Uninstall FMCBRemoves a normal installation of FMCB from a memory card.
      Uninstall MIUninstalls a multi-installation, turning it back into a normal FMCB installation.
      Format MCFormats a Memory Card.
      Dump MCDumps a Memory Card to an image installer's directory.
      Restore MCRestores a Memory Card from an image located in the installer's directory.
      ShutdownSwitches off the Playstation 2 console.
      ExitExits the installer and returns back to the OSDSYS menu.
      As of 2014/06/29, FMCB v1.8C will no longer be circulated from here as the FMCB v1.9 appears to have achieved proven stability.​

    • New in Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB) v1.951:
      1. Fixed USB device support; added 2s delay to the boot process + 10s timeout to the FMCB core.
      2. Updated code to work reliably with the PS2SDK.
      3. Added button hints to FSCK.
      4. Corrected flipped button processing (OK -> Quit) in FSCK.

    • Changelog (v0.971) for the installer
      1. Added button legend.
      2. Once again, all files in the BOOT folder will be copied.
      3. Added a BOOT folder for the HDD (BOOT-HDD). Files in there will be copied to hdd0:__sysconf/FMCB.
      4. Removed unused file flag bits.
      5. Added new Portuguese, French and Spanish localizations.
      6. Button legend will be dynamically positioned, to cater for the varying lengths of labels in various languages.
      7. Users can now cancel at the memory card selection and installation type screens.

    • Additional notes

      I've spent slightly over a hundred hours working on this, and I hope that it works well.... but of course, anything could go wrong - so I have provided a memory card dumping and restoration facility within the installer.
      A dump of a memory card in slot 1 will get saved as mc0.bin, and a dump of a card in slot 1 will get saved as mc1.bin.

      The file will be saved to the directory where the main executable of this installer resides in.
      Caution! You can only make one dump of a card from each port. Making additional dumps will overwrite the previous dump.

      During development, I have sent 2 out of 3 of my cards to their graves and damaged the filesystems of all of them too. Thank goodness for the dumps that I made at the beginning of this project!
      (I seriously don't know what's wrong with those damaged cards... they were hardly used and now they cannot be detected at all).

      Supported installation media:
      • USB devices only

    • Warnings against potential pitfalls

      !!! WARNING !!! If you make a multi-install, do not delete any of the B*EXEC-SYSTEM folders or any of the OSD*.elf files inside them! Doing so might result in SEVERE data loss. Do not delete uninstall.dat from the SYS-CONF folder either, or you will probably be stuck with the multi-install files forever.
      Lastly, read the included README file for more details.
    • For more information on supported languages and how support for languages can be completed, click here. A template for translating this software is provided in the downloads section of this page. Supported languages and their translation status

      EnglishCompleted and built-in.
      FrenchTranslated by ShaolinAssassin.
      SpanishTranslated by ElPatas. Original translation by pool7.
      GermanTranslated by Delta_force.
      Italian*Translated by master991.
      Dutch*Translated by port187.
      PortugueseTranslated by gledson999.
      * Not updated for v0.97 (2016/01/09) and later.​

    Download & Source (via developer's official website):
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Discussion in 'PS2 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 22, 2016.

    1. 1986panzi1986
      cant wait to try this......
    2. 1986panzi1986
    3. aldostools
      Free Memory Card Boot (FMCB 1.953) v0.973 by SP193

      Update 2016/12/16: v0.973 (FMCB v1.953) re-released.
      Update 2016/12/15: v0.973 (FMCB v1.953) released.

      Changelog for FMCB

      Changelog for v1.953:
      1. Updated to contain the fixed USBHDFSD module.
      2. Updated to contain the fixes to the HDD modules.
      3. Ported fixes to FSCK from HDDChecker.
      4. Fixed coordinate overflow in font-drawing.
      5. Removed unused Japanese font. Will re-add, if a translation is added.
      6. Updated Germal localization. Special thanks to LopoTRI.
      7. Rebuilt to not have the full kernel OSD patch (PS2SDK update).
        (prevents users of SCPH-10000/SCPH-15000 from being blocked from changing the language setting)
      Changelog for the installer

      Changelog for v0.973:
      1. Updated to contain the fixed USBHDFSD module.
      2. Updated to contain the updated HDD modules (<=2TB HDD support, bugfix to PFS etc).
      3. The APPS partition will only be created, if it does not already exist and only if the APPS-HDD directory contains something.
      4. Corrected error-passing within code that determines what to copy.
      5. Replaced the font-drawing system with a new design.
      6. (FSCK) Fixed coordinate overflow in font-drawing.
      7. (FSCK) Changed version number to match HDDChecker's.
      8. Rebuilt to not have the full kernel OSD patch (PS2SDK update).
        (prevents users of SCPH-10000/SCPH-15000 from being blocked from changing the language setting)

      More info:
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    4. psydefx
      @sp193 do you know the default osdsys offset position values for menu/enter/version?
    5. kozarovv
      Iirc you can push "select" in FMCB configurator/osd settings to revert to default values.
      Edit: When values are highlighted.
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