PS3 GameSonic Manager v3.93 - The latest update from Orion

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    The developer (Orion) behind GameSonic Manager.has decided to join the 4.81 party in recent days as the dev has progressed the backup manager known as GameSonic Manager to version 3.93. This small update provides user's of 4.81 Custom Firmwares with another backup manager choice. So far we have seen IRISMAN, Play Manager & GameSonic Manager updates to support v4.81. Could we be seeing a multiMAN and possible a ManaGunZ updates also, in the coming days/weeks?


    • New- Changelog 3.93
      • Added support for CFW 4.81.
      • Added Payload mamba 2.x (without support PS2ISO and PSPISO ... if you want to use the emu is much more practical to use a Cobra CFW).
      • Payload discless updated with the 4.81 files.

    • Random Screens (Various Versions)
      GameSonic-Manager-v1.70_2.png if97iu.png 1393025985.png 2rynaeo.png 1424936635.jpg GSM_2.jpg

    • - Older Updates -

      Changelog 3.92
      - Added support for custom firmware 4.80 DEX, DEH 4.80, 4.78 DEH, DEX 4.60, 4.60 DEH, 3:55 DEH (Thanks to developer Joonie).
      - Added support for playback of .ogg and .mp3 files as background music (Thanks aldostools).
      - Recognition of Custom Firmware for: Rebug (all versions), Habib (all versions), Rogero (all versions), PS3ITA (all versions) and Ferrox (only version 4.80).
      - System Manager Plugin rebuilt and made more stable.
      - Now in the system information you can view your console ID.

      Changelog for GameSonic v3.90 Fixed:
      - Fixed 2 offset in the mamba payload that could create some problems.
      - Mamba version 7.2 (updated to the latest available before the integration of the support for iso PS2 and PSP)
      - Fixed bug that did not start the manager on CFW less than 4.80.

      Changelog for GameSonic v3.90
      - Updated manager with payload 4.80 (Thanks Joonie)
      - Discless updated file with the CFW 4.80 properly patched.
      - Updated and integrated mamba payload for CFW 4.80.

      Changelog for GameSonic v3.85
      - ISO PS2 with payload mamba (Thanks Rancid-o)
      - Manager modified to start ISO PS2 in Mamba Mode
      - Small bugfix

      Changelog for GameSonic v3.82

      - Added code to recognize the CFW 4.78 (the same code used for CFW 4.76)
      - menu added to monitor temperature (Thanks Estwald)
      - Small bugfix in the file manager (Resume Function / Off)
      - Now the gui can be changed with the keys Directional

      Changelog for GameSonic v3.81

      Inserted inside the plugin sm.sprx a code to display temperature and fan speed when you press the keys SELECT + Ingame-in XMB (Contrary to Iris manager and IRISMAN I purposely disabled repeating every 10 seconds that I consider stressful, whenever you want to see the temperature, simply press the keys)

      Changelog for GameSonic v3.80

      - Fixed a regression in the construction of iso (Thanks Estwald)
      - Code to launch the system manager plugin replaced with that of Estwald
      - Fixed bug that did disbailitare / rehabilitate patch of cobra CFW 4.76.1 LITE Rebug
      - Now the payload mamba is launched without rebooting nesusn (Thanks to nzv for payloads and Estwald for helping me with this code)
      - Launch of the system manager plugin added to the new mode mamba
      - Reinserted gui graphics for fan control

    Download: via brewology

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 15, 2016.

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