PS3 Gamesonic Manager v3.95 + Fan Control Utility- Adds 4.82 CFW Support / Misc. Fixes

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    GameSonic Manager is another PS3 backup manager (an Iris Manager fork) from @Orion, the dev now adds support for recent 4.82 CFW releases, supporting both Standard Editions and Cobra (v7.53) (CEX based CFW's). While making some additional changes and also brings the Control Fan utility along with the journey, checkout all the details in Orion's release post found below


    • Gamesonic Manager v3.95 Changelog:

      • Added Compatibility with CFW 4.82
      • Solved Many Bugs with Control Fan and Sm Plugin
      • Solved Bug with Gui Control
      • New Code to detect Mamba and Cobra Payload(Thanks to @aldostools )
      • PIC1 in now showed by default in XMB-Like GUI

      Control Fan Utility Unofficial:
      • Added Compatibility to all CFW

      Fully tested on FERROX 4.82: Standard Edition and COBRA Edition (thanks to @Alexander)​

    • Changelog 3.93
      • - Added support for CFW 4.81.
      • - Added Payload mamba 2.x (without support PS2ISO and PSPISO ... if you want to use the emu is much more practical to use a Cobra CFW).
      • - Payload discless updated with the 4.81 files.
      Changelog 3.92
      • - Added support for custom firmware 4.80 DEX, DEH 4.80, 4.78 DEH, DEX 4.60, 4.60 DEH, 3:55 DEH (Thanks to developer Joonie).
      • - Added support for playback of .ogg and .mp3 files as background music (Thanks aldostools).
      • - Recognition of Custom Firmware for: Rebug (all versions), Habib (all versions), Rogero (all versions), PS3ITA (all versions) and Ferrox (only version 4.80).
      • - System Manager Plugin rebuilt and made more stable.
      • - Now in the system information you can view your console ID.
      GameSonic v3.90 Fixed:
      • - Fixed 2 offset in the mamba payload that could create some problems.
      • - Mamba version 7.2 (updated to the latest available before the integration of the support for iso PS2 and PSP)
      • - Fixed bug that did not start the manager on CFW less than 4.80.
      GameSonic v3.90
      • - Updated manager with payload 4.80 (Thanks Joonie)
      • - Discless updated file with the CFW 4.80 properly patched.
      • - Updated and integrated mamba payload for CFW 4.80.
      GameSonic v3.85
      • - ISO PS2 with payload mamba (Thanks Rancid-o)
      • - Manager modified to start ISO PS2 in Mamba Mode
      • - Small bugfix
      GameSonic v3.82
      • - Added code to recognize the CFW 4.78 (the same code used for CFW 4.76)
      • - menu added to monitor temperature (Thanks Estwald)
      • - Small bugfix in the file manager (Resume Function / Off)
      • - Now the gui can be changed with the keys Directional
      GameSonic v3.81
      • Inserted inside the plugin sm.sprx a code to display temperature and fan speed when you press the keys SELECT + Ingame-in XMB (Contrary to Iris manager and IRISMAN I purposely disabled repeating every 10 seconds that I consider stressful, whenever you want to see the temperature, simply press the keys)
      GameSonic v3.80
      • - Fixed a regression in the construction of iso (Thanks Estwald)
      • - Code to launch the system manager plugin replaced with that of Estwald
      • - Fixed bug that did disbailitare / rehabilitate patch of cobra CFW 4.76.1 LITE Rebug
      • - Now the payload mamba is launched without rebooting nesusn (Thanks to nzv for payloads and Estwald for helping me with this code)
      • - Launch of the system manager plugin added to the new mode mamba
      • - Reinserted gui graphics for fan control

      -Some missing changelogs--

      GameSonic Manager v3.55
      • Size pkg reduced from 31MB to 6mb losing only function spoof
      • You no longer need the file RELOAD.SELF for proper loading of the manager and the payloads Mamba.
      • Coverflow GUI set at startup
      • Fixed Various bug in the menu Gui Options
      • Startup loads a normal color and not that animated, created a waste of memory
        Backup Manager:
      • Starting the NTFS driver instant
      • Limit games increased to 2048
      • Updated payload mamba with the latest relased by developer NzV
      • Startup manager will scan the PS3 and depending on CFW will start scanning games in the following ways:

        Payload COBRA = COMPLETE
        Payload MAMBA = ISO PS3 / PS2CLASSIC / REAR / JB PS3 Games
        Payload Sky = Games PS3 JB / REAR / PS2CLASSIC
        File Manager:
      • Now when it selected a video or audio file in the file manager will be started automatically by showtime
      • Auto-copy the file from the folder showtime.self Multiman startup manager
        Fan Control:
      • Set mode Payload startup manager
      • Various bugs corrected in the code of the Fan Control Utility
      • If it will be detected WebMan or WebMan Rebug control fan will be set to Disabled
        Source Code:
      • Cleaned up source code of managers from unnecessary strings
      • Loader's manager reported to the original state done by Estwald
      GameSonic Manager v3.47
      • Now automatically detects the following parties: Thanksgiving - Christmas / New Year - Halloween
      • Added support to CFW 4.66 DEX (Change Console ID / Control FAN / autorename file discless / Mounting backup)
      • Added code of PRX Loader to Gamesonic Manager
      • Can charge up to 6 plugin pressing triangle in the games list or from menu "Cobra CFW Tools"
      • Added 4 new background
      • Adding installation stage2 of deank also for Rebug CFW 4.65 / 4.66
      • Now the background image can be changed by pressing the R2 / L2 in the games list
      GameSonic Manager v3.46
      • Fixed a small bug in the function of removing spoof
      • Fixed a bug in the installation of the stage2.bin dev Deank
      • Added new function that allows to change background image it by pressing the keys/in the games list
      • Added splash screen that will wish you a Merry Christmas whenever Gamesonic Manager will detect that the date ranges from 23 December to 7 January
      • Added new background images in Christmas theme.
      • Adding a new Christmas-themed soundtrack
      GameSonic Manager v3.45
      • Universal Spoof reinstated and now finally working on all CFW 4.46-4.55-4.65 (thanks vittorio).
      • Added Installer of stage2.bin of Deank for CFW 4:46 and 4.66 in "Cobra Tools" menù.
      • Added a simple installer for the music of the manager.
      GameSonic Manager v3.41
      • Spoof function Removed
      GameSonic Manager v3.40
      • Updated Italian language
      • Added New patch going to fix all the errors on CFW 4.60-4.65-4.66
      • Added New Spoof Universal for CFW Cobra 4.46-4.55-4.65 (Tested on various consoles there were no bugs)
      • Function Removal spoof revised and improved, now will not give problems
      • Fixed Bug that was going to apply patches anti-ode on CFW rebug that made CFW unstable, as the CFW already mounted patches
      • Maximum Compatibility with CFW 4.66 Ferrox Cobra-Lite
      • Added New payload mamba with map_path from developer trypor
      • Removal Of Syscall and suspicious files rewritten and improved (now the files are not deleted but masked to Sony)
      • Added Blocking of online server adapted from code Webman MOD (thanks Aldo Vargas)
      • Code Source cleaned by various strings unused
      • Code Exchange console ID cleaned
      • Added New automatic function that will set the console id DEX, if the PS3 will be detected DEX, as CEX
      GameSonic Manager v3.37
      • Added patches that prevent any kind of error / black screen on each payload from 4:21 to CFW 4.66 (Thanks Deank).
      • Added spoof for the only CFW cobra, like Webman.
      • Updated recognition function CFW: Now the manager distinguishes CFW 4.65 from 4.66.
      • Code for auto-fix games updated, the fix is now running at 100% (vittorio thanks for helping me)
      • Translated various strings of the manager (thanks vittorio)
      • Removed Universal Spoof (on some consoles not working and we preferred to delete it)
      • Adding string in Payload 4.60-4.65-4.66 that fixa error 0x80010017
      • Added new patch anti-ODE by Deank.
      GameSonic Manager v3.36
      • Added new offset that prevent blackscreen and other errors (thanks deank)
      • Fixed bug that initiated the autofix on CFW 4.66-4.65
      • Fixed bug that did not make visible the option to disable the spoof of Gamesonic Manager
      • Fixed bug that prevented the display of file libfs.sprx
      • Source code cleaned up by unnecessary strings
      GameSonic Manager v3.35
      • Added to Universal Spoof 4.66 for all CFW 4.65 and lower (Tested on CFW 4.65 Rebug Cobra / 4.65 Ferrox)
      • Added payload for CFW 4.66 (thanksalexanders to dump lv2)
      • Added dump nand
      • Fixed a bug that prevented the fix the ISO and play JB
      GameSonic Manager v3.31
      • Fan Control moved to the main menu
      • Added new payload 4.65 dex (Thanks Team Rebug)
      • Added payload Mamba 4.65 dex
      • Updated fan control for CFW 4.65 DEX
      • Updated change console id and psid for CFW 4.65 DEX
      • Added function to dump the flash from the menu of the file manager.
      • Function improved recognition CFW (CFW + Kernel Version + Payload)
      About: Dump Flash Function
      • We tested the function only on memories Nor but the code is the same even for Nand. As soon as you click on the option will dump the PS3 and will eventually make 2 beeps, indicating that the dump is successful, and after you will be taken immediately the list games of gamesonic Manager.
      GameSonic Manager v3.30
      • Fixed a bug that did not allow the ISO to start psx games from the directory PSXISO (this bug and 'also on IrisMan)
      • Fixed a bug that did not save the settings of the games psx who were in the directory PSXISO.
      • Adding direcory General for ISO ISO chaiamta, hence the manager will be able to scan / boot ISO PS3-PSP-PSX-BD-MKV
      • LITE version released
      GameSonic Manager v3.29+
      • Added support for CFW DEX to automatically rename the file explore_plugin.sprx.
      • Fan Control improved (bug fixato audio) and made more efficient.
      • Fixed a bug that caused problems with USB devices connected to the ps3 via usb hub.
      • Added toggle Webman (disable or enable Webman and its category_game).
      • Function of removal syscall updated (the manager makes a backup of category_game that you are using).
      • Function for the restoration of the category game to date (restore files from backup).
      • Translated several portions of the text of the manager.
      • Fixed bug in PS1 games.
      • Fixed a bug in settings PS1.
      GameSonic Manager v3.28
      • Added support to cfw rebug cobra for cobra patch disabling
      • Added protection that prevents the exchange of ps2emu on cfw cobra
      • Added category_game to reset the cfw rebug
      • Control fan reverted to the classic version
      • Now the user will choose whether to restore the category_game from an option in the tools for network
      • Updated the source code to recognize the cfw rebug
      GameSonic v3.27
      • Removing automatic device usb except dev_usb000 (door closest to the reader)
      • Added Patch for CFW Habib, if it detects CFW habib the manager will not apply the patch Anti-Ode
      • Fix bug that eliminated myGames (Webman Games) on cobra CFW
      GameSonic v3.25
      • Added Swap of PS2EMU by Cobra to original and vice versa(Thank you for all Joonie)
      • When the Cobra PS2EMU is active the Manager will show the option to activate the original and vice versa.
      • Code to disable the patch improved cobra:
      • When the Patch Cobra show the Manager the option to disable them and vice versa.
      • The manager now detects which PS2EMU is active.
      GameSonic v3.24
      • Fixed bug that caused the crash of the cobra CFW,
      • Fixed a bug that caused file system corruption by disabling patch cobra,
      • Now restoring the folder app / home and install_pkg you only starting the manager while the syscall are disabled (in test)
      GameSonic v3.23
      • Added compatibility to CFW 4.65 Cobra 7.00 (we thank joonie and habib for hard work)
      • Fixed bug that prevented the display of background images.
      • Fixed bug with grids larger than 8 x 4.
      • How will the default grid 6 x 4.
      • Added new Hay Street grid and deleted 3 x 2 grid.
      • Removal of the syscall Function much improved (will enable the OFW mode).
      • If the manager will not detect install_packages App_Home/PS3_GAME and restores them automatically. Now the manager will start even without syscall with limited features.
      • If Gamesonic Manager will detect a CFW Cobra will install the category_game of Webman automatically.
      • Fixed a bug with downloading of cover. Now the manager will detect the ISO PS3ISO folders-GAMEZ-PS3 _ GAMES.
      • Added Toggle qa Cobra in the Tools menu, you can enable or disable the patch cobra
      • Restart Function in file manager improved (using sys_reboot)
      • Added shutdown function to the file Manager (using sys_shutdown)
      • If the manager will detect the WebMAN file in hd will disable its fan control (active and will leave manager to webman.)
      GameSonic Manager v3.22
      • Added function to remove syscall from the menu "Tools Network" (thanks for the code Matsumot0 sorrgente of Webman MOD).
      • If you enable the removal of the syscall FAN Control Utility will be disabled and will return to the default speed from Sony.
      GameSonic Manager v3.21
      • Payload Mamba and background music moved outside the RELOAD.SELF (thanks Aldo Vargas).
      • Fixed a bug that prevented the launch of the homebrew Homebrew Loader.
      • Now the value "Syscon" will be called "Normal".
      • Added 3 new background music taken from PS3ITA Manager
      GameSonic Manager v3.20
      • Solved Bug that gave black screen with the games folder format on CFW 4.65 (tested ON CFW 4.65 Ferrox)
      GameSonic Manager v3.19
      • Anti-ode Added patch for CFW 4.65 (thanks to Aldo Vargas for offset).
      GameSonic Manager v3.18
      • Fixed a bug that did not allow the proper start of the backup on Custom Firmware 4.65 (patch anti-ode disabled).
      GameSonic Manager v3.17
      • Fixed the bug finally that slowed the Global Menu (linked to the recognition developer CFW)
      • CFW Storeroom function recognition Classic Additions different patch for CFW 4.65
      • Fixed an error in the string to detect the libfs_patched.sprx
      • Fixed a bug that was considered necessary fix for games on CFW 4.65
      GameSonic Manager v3.16
      • Added Payload 4.65 (by Joonie)
      • Added Mamba payload 4.65 (by Joonie)
      • Post Date last extracted file discless all OFW 4.65
      • Updated function to rename discless also for CFW 4.65
      • Updated Fan Control utility
      • Updated Recognition function CFW for CFW 4.65 (for now I have included only Ferrrox and Habib)
      • Applied patch anti-ode to 4.65 when running the scan of the CFW
      • Tools network adjourned for CFW 4.65

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