PS3HEN [Guide] Get a snappy xmb & reduce blackscreen triggers

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    I grew tired of having my super slim freeze and blackscreen from installing multiman or running webman. Enabling PS3hen in the browser would freeze too. So I want to share the steps that I took to get a snappy xmb and reduce the chances of seeing a blackscreen trigger from whichever homebrew app or process.

    **Aimed for the Super Slim PS3

    Tools and Software

    - USB to SATA hard drive adapter
    - HDDGuru: Low level format tool or DBAN or Parted Magic
    - 1GB + usb flash drive
    - Philips screw driver
    - HFW 4.84.2
    - PS3Hen v2.3.1

    1. Pulling out the PS3 hdd

    Use your philips screw driver and slide forward the cover on the right side of the console to expose the philips screw. Unscrew the hdd and pull it out.

    2. Plugging your hdd to your PC

    For this step I used a startech usb to sata adapter cable ($12 on ebay) to plug in the PS3 hdd to my PC. Alternative you can also plug it in internally to your desktop PC via sata.

    3. PS3 hdd low level format

    Once you have the PS3 internal hdd hooked to your PC, download a utility app called Low Level Format Tool for Windows. I used this to perform a low level format which is a very deep and thorough formatting process to wipe hdds. This is the best method to eliminate data corruption from homebrew app installations and other faulty stuff. Sometimes the PS3 format utility is not enough to get rid of a data corrupted hdd.

    You can also create a DBAN or Parted Magic bootable flash drive which to use to format your hdd. DBAN and Parted Magic are linux distributions for data recovery.

    Low Level Format Tool
    DBAN] Parted Magic [/url]

    4. Formatting the PS3 flash storage

    Next boot go to your PS3 and boot into recovery mode. **The youtube video below will show you how to enter into recovery mode. ***Select the 'Restore PS3 System' option. We want the utility to format the flash storage on the PS3. **Make sure that the PS3 internal hdd is not installed to the PS3 yet. The PS3 will prompt if you want to switch from flash storage to the hdd if the hdd is installed inside the PS3. If you choose to switch from flash to the hdd, then the utility will copy the data from the flash to the hdd. I prefer not to copy anything to the formatted hdd without formating the flash storage first.

    So in recovery mode choose 'Restore PS3 System' and it will format the flash storage. I did this twice just to be thorough. ***Plug the internal hdd back into the PS3 and screw it in. Slap the side cover back on.

    5. Hybrid firmware & PS3hen installation

    Follow the youtube video below for this step. ****Install the hybrid firmware (HFW 4.84.2) TWICE in recovery mode if you're unable to do it from the xmb in normal boot up. **You don't need to install HAN to install PS3Hen as it is now an obsolete method of doing so. The video below is the simple and up to date.

    **If you followed my guide then you will have a snappy xmb with fash game and pkg installations. I haven't had a blackscreen or freezing from following this method. It is an overkill guide but it works. Feel free to comment below.

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