PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.4 Released - The Unofficial Companion for PS3Xploit HAN

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 2, 2018.

By DeViL303 on Apr 2, 2018 at 7:23 AM
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    HAN Toolbox (The Unofficial Companion for PS3Xploit HAN) has been updated to version 0.4 by project creator's @DeViL303 and @pink1 who also recently updated PKG Linker to version 2.0, which is another great release by the two XMB Modding devs. In this update to the Toolbox support for the recent Ps3Xploit Tool releases are now easily available from withing the XMB Mod. No better way to explain this mod then to see it in action and thanks to the video the devs prepared you can see all the new changes and extra details by watching and seeing for yourself.


    • HAN Toolbox v0.4
      Here is update 4 for the HAN Toolbox, v0.4 by @pink1 and @DeViL303, this has the new File Injector hacks from PS3Xploit Team added , Also Demo Downloader item and Local Xploits (PKG Linker 2.0 Required for the local xploits)

      Demo Downloader requires 2 extra setup steps, see the video, its just a package download and an RCO injection. The RCO is built into the pkg, so no extra files needed

      Demo Downloader Setup Instructions:
      • STEP 1 = Icons: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 1"
      • STEP 2 = Titles: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 2"
        • Pick explore_plugin_full.rco from the file list.
        • Pick the HANTOOLBX/files path, NOT usb000 (the file is included in HAN Toolbox folder after doing step 1)
        • Your console should reboot automatically, if it doesn't try step 2 again.

      Thanks to the PS3Xploit Team.

    Download & Source:


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 2, 2018.

    1. [IRA] Chopper
      [IRA] Chopper
      I'm going to update to this now, but that SPRX injection part, would that mean there is a possibility to inject SPRX mod menus such as those for Black Ops II using this new version of the toolbox? Thanks for all your great work by the way, has really brought me back to the PS3 community!
    2. DeViL303
      No, only official signed sprx's will work, so you can swap from other firmware like DEX or lower firmware, its only for experimentation really, devs mostly.
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    3. Monumental
      Gracias por el aporte!; que incluye esta versión de nuevo a parte del Demo Downloader?
    4. sandungas
      Please write in english, or in both english and spanish

      Por favor escribe en ingles, o en ambos ingles y español
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    5. DeViL303
      Please don't post piracy links here.
      Last edited: Apr 3, 2018
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    6. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
      Hey @DeViL303 dude i accident delete the han toolbox data when i want enable han back its not work always failed can help me
    7. DeViL303
      You will need to enable HAN via the website (set the HAN enabler page as homepage if you are having trouble), and then reinstall the HAN toolbox pkg and reboot.
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    8. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
      Ok i will try it
    9. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
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    10. Faizal Khan
      Faizal Khan
      i updated HAN via the updater in the HAN Toolbox itself and it showing HAN 0.4 now is it ok or i have to update HAN Manually ?? @DeViL303
    11. DeViL303
      That's fine. No need to update manually.
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    12. Faizal Khan
      Faizal Khan
      Is their any way to play NES Games via HAN Because i love super Mario Bros.:D
    13. DeViL303
      There might be via the PS3s PS1 and PS2 emulators, I don't know much about gaming on HAN as I use CFW for that. There are threads about that kind of thing on here I think.
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    14. Ps3_dev
      After installing hen tool box v4 and demo downloader when start yhe the ps2 game the ps3 is going turnoff no light on console
    15. DeViL303
      Sounds like your console is dead. Bad luck but its nothing to do with this XMB mod. PS2 emulation is hard on new PS3s, if you have been playing PS2 games that can happen.
    16. Ps3_dev
      Bro i find bug
    17. Ps3_dev
      When enabling han for tool box is not working for ps2 game when it is enable from local host i using Android to host the game is booting
    18. Ps3_dev
      I think u edited the expoler_plugin_full.rco
    19. DeViL303
      Well that is a bug on your end, as HAN Toolbox links to the official site, which thousands of people use every day.

      Yes I did, that does not effect PS2 games or HAN. That is for text and images on the XMB.

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