PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.4 Released - The Unofficial Companion for PS3Xploit HAN

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 2, 2018.

By DeViL303 on Apr 2, 2018 at 7:23 AM
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    HAN Toolbox (The Unofficial Companion for PS3Xploit HAN) has been updated to version 0.4 by project creator's @DeViL303 and @pink1 who also recently updated PKG Linker to version 2.0, which is another great release by the two XMB Modding devs. In this update to the Toolbox support for the recent Ps3Xploit Tool releases are now easily available from withing the XMB Mod. No better way to explain this mod then to see it in action and thanks to the video the devs prepared you can see all the new changes and extra details by watching and seeing for yourself.


    • HAN Toolbox v0.4
      Here is update 4 for the HAN Toolbox, v0.4 by @pink1 and @DeViL303, this has the new File Injector hacks from PS3Xploit Team added , Also Demo Downloader item and Local Xploits (PKG Linker 2.0 Required for the local xploits)

      Demo Downloader requires 2 extra setup steps, see the video, its just a package download and an RCO injection. The RCO is built into the pkg, so no extra files needed

      Demo Downloader Setup Instructions:
      • STEP 1 = Icons: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 1"
      • STEP 2 = Titles: Go to Toolbox Settings > Setup / Update Demo List > Click "Step 2"
        • Pick explore_plugin_full.rco from the file list.
        • Pick the HANTOOLBX/files path, NOT usb000 (the file is included in HAN Toolbox folder after doing step 1)
        • Your console should reboot automatically, if it doesn't try step 2 again.

      Thanks to the PS3Xploit Team.

    Download & Source:


Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by DeViL303, Apr 2, 2018.

    1. semigall
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    2. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
      Hey @DeViL303, @pink1 can you make EBOOT and SPRX injector for mod a game ? Please make it
    3. darkhaxcker
      Dude your questions are not related to HAN toolbox at ALL. please end this
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    4. aldostools
      Use PKG to replace these files.... Btw currently it is impossible to modify EBOOT.BIN, SELF and SPRX on consoles hacked with ps3xploit 3.0 (HAN). To modify these files you first must unself them to ELF, which is not a problem; the problem is to re-sign them back to SELF with the methods currently available.

      ATM only EBOOT/SELF/SPRX files signed by $ony work on HAN ... That's the reason why only games with updates can be converted from ISO to PKG.
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    5. 1986panzi1986
    6. Mazen
      I installed han tool box v 0.4 after enabling han and rebooted nothing happened i still on the old version of han tool box also i was stucking in the same problem for han tool box v0.3 so iam now by the way on han tool box v 0.2 how to fix that problem which is about showing han tool box v0.4 on xmb please help me
    7. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
      Hey dude can you help me ? I have a digital game i want install dlc on it but how ? i download some dlc owner of dlc say "work for disc and digital" but when i install it dlc go to disc ver not work for digital plz help me

      My english Badd :(
    8. DeViL303
      Please stop posting in this thread about your other problems.
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    9. D3AD3DiTZz_ClONE
      Sorry :(
    10. mo7arb
      Is it possible to change games list from list to grid layout. Like Multiman grid or ode cobra. I prefer games in alphabetical order.
      8c40b__multiman-dpmode2.jpg maxresdefault.jpg
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    11. LuanTeles

      which is the lines to scan the webserver?

      i'm looking at the han files and its on

      <Query class="type:x-xmb/folder-pixmap" key="pkg_linker" attr="pkg_linker" src="xmb://localhost/dev_hdd0/game/PKGLINKER/USRDIR/package_link.xml#pkg_items"

      but i want the xml to find it on the root of the usb or a folder called Pkg Links

      how could i implement it?

      i'm trying to add those features to my xmbplus mod for testing

      Also i sucessfully add the injector category as well but for CFW usersm Are there any way to it automatically find the files in the root for example and flash it? i know there is a custom command for webman to copy and past files, can it be implanted?
      Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
      im guessing ur not the guy who mad that mod menu for [email protected] v...
    13. DeViL303
      It doesn't scan the webserver, you install the links.

      The pkg links xml could be read off any device, just change the path in the query.

      I recommend keeping it the same though or else you will break compatibility with PKG Linker which creates the xmls, so people would need to create their lists manually if you change it.

      For file injector, no, it cant scan for files afaik, I don't think that would be a great way to do it tbh, as it would flash every file it found then, this way you can keep lots of files on USB, and then choose which one to inject.
      No, you can ask a question though, and maybe you will get an answer :D
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    14. uday
      pkg linker 1 was working for me but now when i install game the time doesnt comes and it comes with an error
    15. DeViL303
      Well if you cant find a solution in the PKG Linker help/troubleshooting there is not much more I can tell you here that I did not include there. Go back to v1 I suppose.
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    16. Fearfr3
      the man himself ...right now im about to it enter on my server to write my nor yes on md5 yes its in root / yes ofw 4.82/ should i use the writer 1.0 or is there a new one what are the files that im supposed to put in my root of my server ive got going to rebug nobd sorry if im in the wrong room for this
    17. Fearfr3
      also thought you guys would find this funny i threw away the power cable for my bd a while back liik what i had to do to get to update lol

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    18. Fearfr3
      I realize i commented in the wrong thead on a post that is wayy more important ill delete my comments will you send a link to a thread thats suitable. never used a forum before glad to be here.
    19. Alexandre_Silva
      It's just going to be these games or it's going to be more
    20. DeViL303
      If you mean the demoes, Just those, Im not interested in adding more tbh, too much hassle. :)

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