PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.7 - Now Supporting 4.84 (HFW - Hybrid Firmware)

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 24, 2019 at 2:11 PM
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    The popular XMB MOD that brings alot of new functionality to the XMB for PS3Xploit HAN user's has been updated to version v0.7 by @ShaolinAssassin who has been building upon @DeViL303 & @pink1 creation. With the recent release of HFW (Hybrid Firmware) that has brought PS3Xploit Hacks (like HAN) to 4.84 OFW, it was time for a new update to HAN Toolbox to support the new hybrid firmware with the release of v7.0.

    In this update an assist goes to @imn7 for various features like Offline Rebooter,Offline 4.84 File Copier -Offline Temperature Reader & Database Rebuilder (4.82/4.84) , other additions include -PS3Xploit Basic tools urls updated PS3Xploit Extra tools urls updated


      • HAN Toolbox v0.7
        • Offline Rebooter, HAN Enabler, Debug PKG Enabler updated to also support 4.84 - thanks to Imn7
        • Offline 4.84 File Copier added - thanks to Imn7
        • Offline Temperature Reader & Database Rebuilder (4.82/4.84) added - thanks to Imn7
        • PS3Xploit Basic tools urls updated (not auto though)
        • 4.81-4.84 OFW/CFW/HFW Firmware supported and working (site updated)
        • PS3Xploit Extra tools urls updated (site not updated yet to support...

      • Other included Features:
      • HAN Enabler, Soft Reboot and Debug Packages Enabler (CEX only) Offline codes added - thanks to @lmn7 ;
      • New File copier (PS3 to USB & vice-versa) - again, thanks to @lmn7 ;
      • New xRegistry.sys Operations (Backup/Restore System Settings) added - thanks to Demon Hades ;
      • Demo Downloader updated : demo info added (PKG size + genre + metascore) + 3 ways of sorting demos (alpha + by genre + by metascore) -- btw, "TBD" means that no metascore was given to that game ;
      • NoPSN Apps Downloader added - download and install NoPSN HAN compatible Apps hacks by @esc0rtd3w ;
      • Multi-language support added - currently disabled, waiting for translations ;
      • Icon notification when update is available, just like XMBPD - you can also read the changelog from the XMB ;
      • Misc other things.

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 24, 2019.

    1. Giorgosnt
      I had 4.82 i and i found the patch..I did the update before installing the patch and the package manager didnt work.. so i have been waiting for this for months in order to make han p.manager work
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    2. RandomDude
      Package Manager had a bug in some earlier version. Just redownload the latest han support files & then install it onto your ps3.

      Issue found here:
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    3. Giorgosnt
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    4. Berion
      He asking about copying saves with CP, not making them recognized as the owner. ;) I don't see a reason why this should be impossible if we have (?) freedom in building scripts for copying single files or whole dirs (?) from/to (?).

      That's one of the feature which I talk about year ago, the same with trophies. Of course user must understand why and when this would works and why rebuilding database be mandatory to make them appeared in XMB, but this is small price for more freedom over such important data to the player. IMHO.

      >> @DeViL303 ^^"
    5. DeViL303
      Yes, i guess if he only wants to use them on the same account, then copying files is not an issue.

      He could use the built in file explorer to find the filenames
      I think yes. but you will need to find the files and get the paths/names, then type them into the file copier. should be doable, and they will need to be used on the same account.
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    6. Berion
      @DeViL303 Why not whole "dev_hdd0/home/00000000/savedata/" (and for few next user number iterations of course)? This will cover up all saves. It is hard to determine the NP ID for save as they can be the same across few different distribution types/countries/regions and we cannot see their i.e images or SFO from XMB file explorer to easily determine which is which. Or am I wrongly make assumptions somewhere?
    7. DeViL303
      The problem is we cant copy folders with the HAN exploit, must be a file at a time, scripts can be made to copy lots of files, but they must all be listed in the script, so unless they always have same names and paths its not very easy to automate.
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    8. Zwei
    9. Berion
      Oh, damn, that's killing the whole idea. So... maybe someone sacrifice and create "save copier" covering up tons of saves and trophies? I can give You ~220 NPWRs ID and it's contents, the same with saves (but some using different names supporting, let's say, slots).
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    10. DeViL303
      Maybe, i wonder how many games there are with copy protected saves. But then when you add all the user numbers it becomes hundreds or thousands of options.. how many files involved in a save i wonder, its only normally a couple of files, and they in folder with name of game normally. so probably not too hard to do it now 1 file at a time..
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    11. Berion
      I have short title list. Of course this doesn't covering up all but it a good start to anyone who want research it. IMHO, this would be one of the most important features of HAN Toolbox.
      • 3D Dot Game Heroes
      • Assassin’s Creed II
      • Alice: Madness Returns
      • Battlefield III
      • Castle of Illusion: Starring Mickey Mouse
      • Crysis
      • Crysis 2
      • Dante’s Inferno
      • Dark Souls
      • Dark Souls II
      • Dead Island
      • Demon’s Souls
      • DeusEx: Human Revolution
      • Duke Nukem Forever
      • Earthworm Jim HD
      • From Dust
      • Heavy Rain
      • Killzone 3
      • Mass Effect
      • Mass Effect 2
      • Mass Effect 3
      • Medal of Honor: Airborne HD
      • Medal of Honor: Frontline HD
      • Medal of Honor: Warfighter
      • Metro: Last Light
      • Red Faction: Guerilla
      • Red Faction: Armageddon
      • Resident Evil 5 (one of the future patches removes this bullshit)
      • Risen 2: Dark Waters
      • Silent Hill: Downpour
      • The Evil Within
      • The Secret of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge: Special Edition
      • Tomb Raider (2013 reboot)
      • Wolfenstein (2009)
      • Worms: Revolution
      BTW: **** in the *** to all game devs who blocking saves and system designers who creating such ****. I literally hate You! :P That's one of the main reason why I >>must<< jailbreaking consoles...

      Some saves cannot be copied by automatic script as they put in file name "random junk" (I have in mind that game somehow generate them, and they cannot be cover up in such HAN Toolbox option (to much possibilities, to less memory and even more less human patience)). :|
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    12. Olvido
      Hello, Is there a tutorial or Someone explain to me how to use the V7 new features , When i download like A Wave or coldboot or one of the new options it installs and everything but i dont see the changes what am i doing wrong?
    13. n00b
      If you want coldboot on your ps3 you just need to
      • Download coldboot release file,
      • Then just put them in root path of your FAT32 formatted drive.
      • Then open the coldboot page
      After your exploit has been successfully initialized your console will restart with your new coldbooot.Same steps are for XMB wave Installer
      If you don't understand my steps you should check the links below
      Happy exploitation:)
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    14. Joonie
    15. SoJustMe
      should i resign the Han toolBox to install it ?

      it gives me error 80029564

      i enabled debug and Han but still the same

      other PKG has no problem, i installed a game and PSNinja to test the pkg installation , the only problem is Han toolBox
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    16. n00b
      You just need to enable han no need to enable debug pkgs.
      • Restart your ps3
      • Enable HAN
      • Install Han Toolbox
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    17. SoJustMe

      ok thank you , i did this and it is been installed
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    18. n00b
    19. ShaolinAssassin
      Maybe I should have explained better the coldboot/wave/font downloader stuff...They only download requiered files to HANTOOLBX/USRDIR/files - which is one of the PS3Xploit default path, an extra step is need to get them working

      1. Download the coldboot you want ;
      2. Go to Advanced tools > File injector > Inject coldboot > when you are on the tool webpage, choose HANTOOLBX/USRDIR/files as path source.

      (all resources for these downloaders are from, credits to him)
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    20. SoJustMe

      what about File Copier ? i want to copy my back up converted by CFW2OFW ( 2 folder) to Hdd0/game

      does it allow to copy a folder with its content to the destination ?

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