PS3 HAN Toolbox v0.7 - Now Supporting 4.84 (HFW - Hybrid Firmware)

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By STLcardsWS on Mar 24, 2019 at 2:11 PM
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    The popular XMB MOD that brings alot of new functionality to the XMB for PS3Xploit HAN user's has been updated to version v0.7 by @ShaolinAssassin who has been building upon @DeViL303 & @pink1 creation. With the recent release of HFW (Hybrid Firmware) that has brought PS3Xploit Hacks (like HAN) to 4.84 OFW, it was time for a new update to HAN Toolbox to support the new hybrid firmware with the release of v7.0.

    In this update an assist goes to @imn7 for various features like Offline Rebooter,Offline 4.84 File Copier -Offline Temperature Reader & Database Rebuilder (4.82/4.84) , other additions include -PS3Xploit Basic tools urls updated PS3Xploit Extra tools urls updated


      • HAN Toolbox v0.7
        • Offline Rebooter, HAN Enabler, Debug PKG Enabler updated to also support 4.84 - thanks to Imn7
        • Offline 4.84 File Copier added - thanks to Imn7
        • Offline Temperature Reader & Database Rebuilder (4.82/4.84) added - thanks to Imn7
        • PS3Xploit Basic tools urls updated (not auto though)
        • 4.81-4.84 OFW/CFW/HFW Firmware supported and working (site updated)
        • PS3Xploit Extra tools urls updated (site not updated yet to support...

      • Other included Features:
      • HAN Enabler, Soft Reboot and Debug Packages Enabler (CEX only) Offline codes added - thanks to @lmn7 ;
      • New File copier (PS3 to USB & vice-versa) - again, thanks to @lmn7 ;
      • New xRegistry.sys Operations (Backup/Restore System Settings) added - thanks to Demon Hades ;
      • Demo Downloader updated : demo info added (PKG size + genre + metascore) + 3 ways of sorting demos (alpha + by genre + by metascore) -- btw, "TBD" means that no metascore was given to that game ;
      • NoPSN Apps Downloader added - download and install NoPSN HAN compatible Apps hacks by @esc0rtd3w ;
      • Multi-language support added - currently disabled, waiting for translations ;
      • Icon notification when update is available, just like XMBPD - you can also read the changelog from the XMB ;
      • Misc other things.

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 24, 2019.

    1. SoJustMe
      I tried that it takes double the time and i still have to wait them finsih to start the next , if it is All PKGs in one go thats will be great , for example installing all PKGs all by itself .
      mabe if there is a way to do this task?
    2. DeViL303
      If your network is set up correctly with decent cables, direct wired connection, gigabit LAN, you should be able to get about 1GB per minute transfer speeds, so 20GB pkg takes 20 minutes approx to copy to ps3, then install time after that.

      Is it really quicker to split 20GB into five 4GB pkgs, copy those five pkgs to USB and then install them individually, I dont know.

      There is no way to install lots of pkgs at once on OFW unfortunately, it is possible on CFW.
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    3. lmn7
      You don't need internet to run PSN games.

      I am interested in improving things, sure, but that script wasn't written by me.
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    4. ISAK.M
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    5. Abhay Malik
      Abhay Malik
      After the v.7 HAN toolbkx the download settings are not working
    6. ShaolinAssassin
      Please clarify. I just tried and I could download the Resources fine. What is not working exactly ?
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    7. Vger2
      Need help installing and enabling HAN. Here is my setup. PS3 on CFW Rebug 4.84,2 REX wi Cobra 8.1. Rebug Toolbox v2.03.02 and multiMan v4.82, Created secondary use psn account and logged in and activated account.

      I'm trying to dump my ACT/IDPS on my system via PS3Xploit. Was trying to install HAN via PS3Xploit with HAN resource files on USB (inserted on far most right of USB Ports. I'm logged into to my secondary user account and I initialize first, success!!!. But when I try to install HAN the process freezes. Need some guidance. Thanks
    8. DeViL303
      If you are on Rebug CFW you dont need to add any HAN support files, and you dont need to enable HAN, its all built in. HAN web exploits are not for CFW. You can dump IDPS easily with CFW Tools , and you can grab act.dat with FTP, you dont need to use any web browser exploits.
    9. Vger2
      Ok, can I still install HAN Toolbox v0.7 Full PKG and HAN Toolbox Resources v0.7? Do I need it? As far at IDPS, how do I dump with CFW and where is act.dat file that I can grab via FTP? Thank you
    10. ShaolinAssassin
      Nah, you don't need it if you're on CFW.

      You could dump your idps/act.dat file using tho. But you don't need to install HAN for that.
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    11. Vger2
      Ok, was trying to install HAN from, but was having issues when trying to install HAN after successful initialize. System would freeze on install.

      Reason I wanted to install HAN was to resign custom pkg game files. Can I do this offline without HAN enabled?
    12. esc0rtd3w
      Rebug uses DEX VSH by default, you must check the Dex checkbox if using exploit tools
    13. Vger2
      Yes, you are correct.When running HAN installer exploit from, the DEX option is already checked. Initialize HAN installer OK, but Launch HAN installation still freezes.
      Is there a setting in REBUG Toolbox that I need to check?
    14. esc0rtd3w
      the box is NOT checked by default
    15. Vger2
      Yes, my bad. Not checked by default. Do I still check Dex option even though my Rebug toolbox settings are set for CEX and not DEX?
    16. DeViL303

      Both Rebug REX and DREX are like 99% DEX files. So consider both as DEX when it comes to ps3xploit.
    17. Vger2
      Ok, I got HAN installer to Initialize & install. Having issues with Initialing and Enabling HAN. Initializing keeps failing. Do I still need to have the resource files on USB plugged into right most usb slot when enabling HAN?
    18. DeViL303

      See my previous message

      No HAN installer needed on Rebug, No HAN Enabler needed on Rebug.....
    19. DeViL303
      You can still install the Toolbox if you want to, but dont use any of the web exploits for anything, you do not need them

      Go to Custom Firmware Tools (in network category) , you will see dump IDPS option. For act.dat, google the path. I cant be arsed. :)

      Actually, if you have already installed the HAN support files, you should reinstall Rebug and start again, as you have messed up and installed OFW files on your CFW. You have actually removed features, not added any. :)
    20. Vger2
      Got it. I'll go ahead and re-install Rebug 4.84.2 REX without Han Toolbox v0.7 pkg or HAN_Toolbox_Resources_v0.7 pkg. If I want to install re-signed pkg files can it be done on Rebug 4.84.2 REX without using HAN? Thanks for responding.

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