PS3 Hardware Acceleration for RSX GPU in OtherOS++ (PS3 Linux)

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by gercapo, Apr 27, 2018.

By gercapo on Apr 27, 2018 at 1:29 AM
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    Updates about this project can be seen here

    In 2018 we have already seen so much progress on the PlayStation 3 with a variety of new exploits and hacks that have opened many new avenues for people to join the homebrew community. However, the community developer's still are not done making new breakthroughs on the platform. One roadblock has remained on the PS3 and that was Hardware Acceleration on the NVIDIA RSX GPU, while we have seen the PS Vita / PSTV get HW Acceleration recently and how its has helped many projects on the platform. the PPC / CELL environment of the PS3 offers a challenging adventure with the architecture that the PS3 is built on, that sadly not many have been able to undertake and solve over the years, however that may of just changed.......

    Developer RenéRebe has made some great progress on the PS3 in OtherOS++ (PS3 Linux), He produced a video on YouTube detailing the technical side of this breakthrough for PS3 Linux (OtherOS++) that Hopefully (my personal hope) can benefit GameOS one day as well so that we can improve the overall homebrew landscape as well like perhaps finally the inclusion of an N64 emulator(?) or Improved 3d emulation in general, we know the hardware (if emu contains a PPC port) can do it, point to the internal emulators of PS2 / PSP / PS1 emulation to gauge the capabilities of emulation on the HW.


    • PS3/Linux NVidia RSX HW Acceleration

      My summary of three nights of debugging to get PS3/Linux hardware accelerated X working again. It is finally up and running; in OtherOS++ with full access to the NVdia RSX GPU

      Update: Also the developer posted this video a few days prior to the one above​

      Running PS3 PPC64 Linux in GameOS w/ FULL ACCESS RIGHTS!

      The first steps on the way to make PS3 Linux great again, and run it with full GameOS rights!

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by gercapo, Apr 27, 2018.

    1. tehrzky
      what's the meaning of this? the whole ps3 system is going to run on linux like on computer using mouse and keyboard? or it will have a cfw? or it will use the xmb and run these emulator?

      can this project lead to ps2 emulation (90% compatibility)? or it will use the pcsx2 emulator?

    2. Ali888
      So Hype for this... :)
    3. cots
      It basically means that Linux on the PS3 will support enhanced performance due to the nvidia graphics chip being utilized. You can already install Linux on the PS3 and use a mouse and keyboard if you like, but it has been missing hardware acceleration so it has been quite slow when it comes to the GUI. This enhancement leads to way to faster GUI and support for 3D applications with decent frame rates.

      I doubt you'll see a new PS2 emulator so you would rely on existing emulators like pcsx2. I'm not sure if the PS3 is powerful enough to run pcsx2 even with RSX support, but it would be nice.

      I used YellowDog linux back when my PS3 still had official OtherOS support, but I have yet to install linux on my CFW system as I haven't found any real clear guides on how to accomplish this with the recent CFW. Anyone have a link?
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    4. DEX357
      RSX is powerful enough to run PCSX2 ;) it was never possible due to the lack of hardware support, these drivers are a pass to such things as power to run listed pcsx2 on ps3 not only in linux but also after appropriate conversion also in gameos from xmb (in information for noobs).
      I spent some time on education on this subject of hardware acceleration, even thanks to this you will be able to get a good game quality even in such a difficult emulation equipment as Sega Satrun
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    5. kozarovv
      There is no PCSX2 for PPC64. Also gsdx for PPC64 don't exist. There is basically no chance to port pcsx2 to PS3 without losing massive time amount. And is not worth as new architecture will result in compatibility lower than ps2_netemu.

      You need to rewrite recompiler, you need to rewrite many function like clamping behavior as CELL don't support SSE2 as far as i know. Is basically impossible.
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    6. cots
      Cool, it would be nice to see some improvement with the emulation aspect of the PS3. Let's hope people embrace it and decide to release new ports.
    7. DEX357
      You can play PCSX2 on linux.
    8. kozarovv
      x86 linux.
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    9. DEX357
      x64 to
    10. kozarovv
      Still x, no PPC
    11. darkhaxcker
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    12. wlfwood
      I sent René an email yesterday since YT filtered my comment... I got a reply today:

      I dabble, but I wouldn't consider myself a true PS3 internals guy. Anyone that wants to collaborate should contact him!
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    13. Vincent
      Is it possible to run otherOS++ on PS3 3000 cracked by HAN? I hope this feature can be unleashed on PS3 3000 / 4000
    14. STLcardsWS
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    15. DEX357
      I miss such a guy like geohot on the scene that the new ps3 could have cfw :P
    16. STLcardsWS
      geohot was one small piece of the big puzzle.
      There was others who did more then geohot..
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    17. DEX357
      From him he started the adventure :) I'm not talking about the others because everyone who is or was put a part of himself in the scene;)
    18. STLcardsWS
      He did not, There were other's that did just as much or more and he could not achieve what he was seeking without the research and releases prior to his. (like fail0verflow)
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    19. DEX357
      Oh I did not know, I'm not from PS3 from the beginning and only what I learned from the internet more or less how it was. Thanks for the info
    20. darkhaxcker
      didnt mathieul do work on otheros? not that he would have released it.

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