PS3 HEN Toolbox v1.00 (by DeViL303) - Adds a ton of functionality to your PS3 XMB on PS3HEN

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By STLcardsWS on Jun 15, 2019 at 6:33 PM
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    First we had the HAN Toolbox for the now dated HAN exploit (essentially replaced by Ps3HEN) but XMB modder and developer @DeViL303 has another project in store for Ps3HEN user's and that project is the newly released HEN Toolbox that contains alot of functionality and features directly to your XMB for convenience and easy execution, The developer did not leave many details about toolbox itself (thanks to all whom do not read, rest of us suffer for info ;p ) but @DeViL303 does provide a video showing off many of the features and functionality found in this new toolbox for Ps3HEN's user's XMB with this impressive XMB modification. Also, Ps3HEN user's If you have not seen the recent HENbrew Store released as well for Ps3HEN user's by @ShaolinAssassin then be sure to check that out for many Ps3HEN friendly releases. ​


    • HEN Toolbox v1.00

      It's new and it's the first release so it probably has bugs, use it at your OWN RISK. If you have any issues please report them here and I might try and fix them.​

      I would write a big long post about how to use it, but most of you wont read it anyway, So figure it out for yourselves! :D good luck!​

      Note: This patches a few files on flash and hdd to add support for itself. Whenever you update HEN the toolbox will get disabled, and you will see a new icon on the XMB that will allow you to reapply the patches.

      WARNING: ONLY FOR HEN 2.2.2 and above as the PS3HEN.BIN
      needs to be on flash for the included enabler to work.

    Download Page: HEN Toolbox v1-00

    Discussions Thread @:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 15, 2019.

    1. esc0rtd3w
    2. PLAYER 1
      PLAYER 1
      lets test it
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    3. Joat.None
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    4. rapsincorte
      How can I not read it? I read everything .. absolutely the whole forum .. and it shows:grin:
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    5. Danxx444
      @DeViL303 Excellent work:encouragement:. :rapture:How can I uninstall it?
    6. ShaolinAssassin
      Delete dev_hdd0/game/HENTOOLBX folder and update PS3HEN again.
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    7. Danxx444
    8. basstafidli
      Black screen please fix...
    9. DeViL303
      This is not a bootable app, so its not possible for it to blackscreen really. If some other application black screening, then it is maybe an issue with that app?
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    10. iesus gamer
      iesus gamer
      Good question if the next update will leave the Hentoolbox with the possibility of changing the language for which we are from other countries for example Spanish thanks for the application to Mr. DeViL303. Greetings.
    11. iesus gamer
      iesus gamer
      Hello another question I have is if you could leave a post for those who read to know how to use it. Thank you.
    12. rapsincorte
      if Mr. Devil wants me I could translate it whole into Spanish
    13. DeViL303
      I'm really not sure about adding translations. There are a few issues with it, but put simply it makes this into a massive task 20 times bigger than it is now and I am only one modder with limited time.
      • I don't want to use rcos as that means every little future change requires editing 20 language files and updating flash each time.
      • I don't want to use xmls as there are already over 60 xmls in this , so to support 1 more language means another 60 xmls, and so on. 10 languages would be over 600 xmls.
      • Everyone has a different opinion on the best translations and lots of technical jailbreak terms dont translate very well into some languages. which leads to multiple translations being submitted and arguments which I don't have time for.
      • This is bigger than any XMB mod that I know of (except my CFW Toolbox), there are over 5000 titles and over 4000 info strings. Lots wont need translating like game titles etc, but still its a big job with lots of room for mistakes.

      I kind of think the best thing would be if modders from other countries repacked the pkg with the xmls changed themselves for each language. That will divide the work more evenly as each modder would only have 60+ xmls to deal with.

      So if anyone is interested just extract the pkg, and go through each xml one at a time translating every "title" and "info" string you find. Then repack. It would be best to remove or change the update link too as any updates received from that link will be in english. I guess each language will need its own update link/pkg too. Then once translated repack the pkg and distribute however you like.

      I wrote a basic description in the info line on the XMB for every item, most items should be fairly easy to understand. If there is anything in particular you need clarifying let me know and I can explain it in more detail. Really this has quite a lot of features and it's aimed at the more advanced users out there who will understand the terms used.
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    14. iesus gamer
      iesus gamer
      Thank you very much for answering me, Mr. DeViL303 I know that you have a lot of work to do this was just a suggestion knowing this unpack the pkg and I will try to make a translation greetings.
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    15. rapsincorte
      @ DeViL303

      Entiendo perfectamente, traduce al español y lo compartiré aquí.
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    16. Kazama
      Way many options and sub options.
      Thank you for developing such cool tool.
      I wish I get nonCFW console now......

      Keep rocking , long live ps3 scene.
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    17. kaluas
      What the actual inconceivable F, amazing job mate !
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    18. iesus gamer
      iesus gamer
      Hello my question is how to uninstall complete Hentoolbox although I delete it, it still appears in the XMB menu. Thanks greetings
    19. DeViL303
      To remove it, delete it using Game Data Utility, and then install the HEN pkg again.
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