PS3 HEN Toolbox v1.00 (by DeViL303) - Adds a ton of functionality to your PS3 XMB on PS3HEN

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By STLcardsWS on Jun 15, 2019 at 6:33 PM
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    First we had the HAN Toolbox for the now dated HAN exploit (essentially replaced by Ps3HEN) but XMB modder and developer @DeViL303 has another project in store for Ps3HEN user's and that project is the newly released HEN Toolbox that contains alot of functionality and features directly to your XMB for convenience and easy execution, The developer did not leave many details about toolbox itself (thanks to all whom do not read, rest of us suffer for info ;p ) but @DeViL303 does provide a video showing off many of the features and functionality found in this new toolbox for Ps3HEN's user's XMB with this impressive XMB modification. Also, Ps3HEN user's If you have not seen the recent HENbrew Store released as well for Ps3HEN user's by @ShaolinAssassin then be sure to check that out for many Ps3HEN friendly releases. ​


    • HEN Toolbox v1.00

      It's new and it's the first release so it probably has bugs, use it at your OWN RISK. If you have any issues please report them here and I might try and fix them.​

      I would write a big long post about how to use it, but most of you wont read it anyway, So figure it out for yourselves! :D good luck!​

      Note: This patches a few files on flash and hdd to add support for itself. Whenever you update HEN the toolbox will get disabled, and you will see a new icon on the XMB that will allow you to reapply the patches.

      WARNING: ONLY FOR HEN 2.2.2 and above as the PS3HEN.BIN
      needs to be on flash for the included enabler to work.

    Download Page: HEN Toolbox v1-00

    Discussions Thread @:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 15, 2019.

    1. DeViL303
      If you want to remove HEN Toolbox all you need to do is delete the hen toolbox data in game data utility and then reboot. If for some reason that is not showing you can just delete the HENTOOLBX folder from dev_hdd0/game/ and then reboot.
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    2. Algol
      @DeViL303, un énorme MERCI, c'est une fonctionnalité à laquelle je n'ai même pas pensé.

      C'est super-sympathique de ta part et encore un GROS GROS Merci de la part du PAPY et un gros BISOU de la part de mon épouse qui apprécie beaucoup que cette PS3 soit "clean" pour nos petits-enfants et pour nous même.

      Passe une bonne soirée.
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    3. Jowps3how
      I installed this on my ps3hen, now I'm not able to enable the hen, I didn't want to format the console, help me, what do I do?
    4. DeViL303
      Install hen again, this was not made for 4.85 or hen 3.0
    5. sbp
      Any plans to update this project or has it been abandoned for greater things? I also have done the same and now need to install hen again, i am guessing that the toolbox will be gone once hen 3.0 is reinstalled.

      Anyway, great work you have been doing, lots of great finds. Keep it up, we all appreciate your time and effort.
    6. DeViL303
      There is a version of HEN Toolbox posted near the end of the thread here that does work fine on 4.85 (HEN 3.0.0) from what I have read.

      TBH once I realized I would need to update it every time HEN updated and HEN was seeing lots of updates I just left it, Basically I would need to update it every time hen enabler html changed. This was down to the way HEN toolbox gets hidden when HEN is not enabled. It needs to patch certain files on install. This leads to issues then every time hen is updated or reinstalled. Just ended up complicated and annoying. The best way out of it would be to fork HEN and create a version that also remaps the hen toolbox xml when its doing the rest, but that is just hassle, I would need to keep that custom hen updated too. HEN is too much hassle if you need to mod category_game.xml I decided, so went back to working on CFW stuff. :)
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    7. LuanTeles
      @DeViL303 i realized that for hfw tools you used xai plugin instead of video_downloader

      Is the xai plugin now on hen? and i thought the video one is just xai renamed
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    8. DeViL303
      The videodownloader plugin in HEN Toolbox is the extended xai plugin that bguerville made renamed and resigned for 3.55. The xai_plugin in HEN is a custom version that esc0rtd3w compiled from source.
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    9. LuanTeles
      so they handles different tasks? i mean xai supports things that videodownloader doesn't?
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    10. DeViL303
      Yeah, the extended xai plugin (videodownloader) bguerville made can do file copying, deleting, renaming, dev_blind toggle. I think the one inc with HEN has a "shutdown" function added when compared to the original Mysis xai. Not sure exactly what was added there but nothing major.
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    11. LuanTeles

      How to make the video downloader functions work on CFW?, all actions that calls it kicks me to recovery ( ofc i added the sprx)
    12. DeViL303
      Nothing special required, just put the sprx AND rco onto flash. Take the sprx from this or the power options mod to be sure it is signed correctly.
    13. jacobsson
      @DeViL303 I never had the pleasure to use these tools on my CFW system yet, but one thing that really peaked my interest is the backup functionality.

      Q: Is it possible to backup one system to restore on another? I'm in the middle of migrating my CECHC04 to a newly acquired CECHA01 system.

      Thanks mate!
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    14. DeViL303
      You could do it, but certain files would not work on a different system as they are tied to the console. Rifs and act.dat at least.
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    15. jacobsson
      Thanks for replying this fast!
      This might be less tedious considering you'd have to middle store all data (in my case 1TB) in order to finally transfer it to the new system anyway.

      Q1: In order to restore the rifs I'd imagine i'd simply just re-activate the raps using psn-patch again?

      Q2: Regarding the act.dat: is this the unique file generated when activating the system to PSN?
      If so I guess it needs to be backed up before restoring so I don't lose it.

      Have a great weekend!
    16. DeViL303
      Yes that's all, but you need to sort act.dat first

      This gets a little tricky. If you copy the complete hdd and dev_flash2 from your old ps3 to your new ps3, you will also copy all user account data (xregistry). So now your new ps3 has new users on it that are not activated, So you would need a new act.dat. The old act.dats will probably not suit unless you had the same users on it already.

      If you had the same user on the new PS3 already, then the act.dat might work if restored to the correct folder. A users folder might have a different number on the 2 ps3s so you would need to look at that manually, it might be easier to just reactivate online.
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    17. jacobsson
      @DeViL303 I appreciate the detailed reply!
      Then I think manually moving the game-data and PS(x/1/2/3)ISO folders are easier for now.

      Maybe the tools could have an additional "migrate" feature in a future release for those you seek to move to another machine =)

      I wish you a great weekend!
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    18. LuanTeles
      resigning it did the job, thanks
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