PS3 HENbrew Store (Initial Release - 2019-06-10) by ShaolinAssassin

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By STLcardsWS on Jun 14, 2019 at 11:49 PM
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    Developer @ShaolinAssassin has a new Homebrew Store for PS3HEN user's that resides on the PS3's XMB. HENbrew Store contains direct downloads for various homebrew Manager's like multiMAN, webMAN MOD, IRISMAN & ManaGunZ or various Homebrew Games (like Super Mario War, Super Pixel Jumper, Swingball 2 & more) or if Retro Gameplay via Emulators then a few choices like RetroArch & ScummVM or if you just want to view/play various forms media and not be troubled with compatable formats for the official Sony video player then Movian is a great choice that provides plenty of features . The complete list of offerings can be seen below and is sure to grow with future updates. If your are new to the PS3 Community and PS3HEN this is a great utility (XMB Modification) to get you started with alot of new functionality your PlayStation 3 now contains with the power to execute homebrew applications / plugins.

    henbrew.jpg (photo courtesy of :

      • Filemanager - v1.35
      • IrisMAN - v4.84.5
      • ManaGunZ - v1.35-J (Joonie fix)
      • multiMAN - v0.4.82-HEN
      • PS2 Classics Manager - v1.02
      • PS2 Classics Placeholder - r3
      • PSP Mini Launcher - v2.0 (JjKkYu fix)
      • PSP Remaster Launcher - v2.0 (JjKkYu fix)
      • webMAN MOD - v1.47.22
      • webMAN MOD Beta - v1.47.22.4 Beta
      • Avoidance - v1.3
      • CylinderDodge - v1.1
      • Retro Collection Vol. 1 - Atari 2600 Edition
      • Retro Collection Vol. 2 - Nintendo NES Edition
      • Super Mario War - v1.8 r3
      • SuperPixelJumper - v1.2
      • Swingball 2 - v0.4
      MISC :
      • Movian - v5.0.546
      • DOSBox - v0.74 r1
      • RetroArch PS3 - v1.7.7
      • ScummVM - v2.0.0

    Download Page: henbrew-store

    Discussion Thread:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Jun 14, 2019.

    1. Endry2019
      wow, I love it
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    2. umart666
      small suggestion - i've found that deank's compiled 494 CEX version of the movian is the most stable version for ps3 and i think that both HENbrew store and brewologe should at least offer it.

      all later versions doesn't do anything else or bring any improvements or support anyway for the ps3
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    3. esc0rtd3w
    4. atreyu187

      The GUI overhaul came with 5.0 and I myself can't stand how the older one feels.

      Now how does this update? webMAN is already outdated. Maybe a build that is for webMAN current instead of version number??
    5. umart666
      he only marked it as 494 CEX (FIXED DVDsub) but if i was to guess that's referring to 5.0.494 that he himself compiled.GUI is absolutely the same as both latest stable and BE versions.
    6. atreyu187

      Ah maybe as there was a beta of the new skin. But as long as it works it works. Wasn't trying to sway one way or another just it's ok to have different versions.
    7. ShaolinAssassin
      Thanks for the suggestion. Do you have a link for this version ? Can't find it...

      Database will be weekly updated - I will post a new pkg on sundays, at the end of the day (tbh, i did not had time this week to add more stuff).
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    8. umart666
      Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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    9. jcolell
      Very good thanks
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    10. n00b
      Cool Idea! @ShaolinAssassin no need to insert and eject the USB Device again and again.
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    11. friend_1999
      ShaolinAssassin, thanks! That's cool.
      I installed the first update. I want to ask about sMAN. I installed it, and he swallowed WebMAN, so it should be?
    12. aldostools
      sMAN and webMAN cannot be installed at the same time. You have to choose one of them.
      Both plugins use same resources (same ports, same files, same functions).

      sMAN removes webMAN if it finds it installed.
    13. Harunoki__48
      Is there a way to use PS3xPAD on HEN? Tried to do what I found on a post resigned it using ESSSE for 4.21 the PS3 turned off, had to delete the plugin using HAN or otherwise everytime I enabled HEN it shuts down, resigning it to 3.55 just crashed the ps3 after enabling HEN
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    14. esc0rtd3w
      you can try this with this or another 3.55 or older original file as template

      using the idle_plugin for 3.55

      scetool --template idle_plugin-355.sprx --sce-type=SELF --encrypt MYPLUGIN.prx "MYPLUGIN.sprx"

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