PS3 Here Is 4.75 Habib (COBRA V7.10) BETA Version 0.4

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Tranced, Jul 31, 2015.

By Tranced on Jul 31, 2015 at 11:06 AM
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    Just out is the latest update to the BETA build of custom firmware Habib 4.75 Cobra edition. This has been a ongoing test/sample custom firmware over the last two weeks or so and is a build up to Habib's stable build which will be version 1. There have been numerous fixes since version 3 [break].[/break]that can be viewed in the changes below.

    FW Version:
    FW Type:CFW Type:Developer(s):

    • 4.75

    • CEX

    • Cobra (V7.10) CFW

    Install any CFW at your own risk.

    Download: Sample 4.75 Cobra v4

    MD5: d88f695c09497851c49d873cace42331


    View additional Apps / CFW / Tools that have been updated or support 4.75 CFW right here at PSX-Place
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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by Tranced, Jul 31, 2015.

    1. Phil
      Thanks for the uodate [MENTION=20]habib[/MENTION] any rough idea on the stable release date, many thanks for all your hard work
    2. habib
      When we get no issues with this build and everything goes smooth, a stable build will be released afterwards with cobra 7.11(its actually intergrated with this sample as well, just need to change the build number)
      Changelog in 7.11:
      1.improved psx region detection and conditional patches
      --temporary, will be hardcoded in vsh in next release--2.psp newdrm patch
      3.bc and semi-bc iso redirection disabled for netemu/npdrm ps2 games

      The above information is by no means final and can be changed in final stable build
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    3. Сhocoladik
      thank Habib!Only I hope for you.
    4. xiaoyang

      thank you When do you update Cobra Habib 7.11
    5. Joonie

      d88f695c09497851c49d873cace42331 HABIB_475_COBRA_V4.PUP 192.9 MB (202,281,461)

      TOTAL: 1 files - 192.9 MB (202,281,461 bytes)

      [MENTION=1911]xiaoyang[/MENTION] those changes are already implemented in this cobra build, he just wanted to change the version number from 7.10 to 7.11, he still has no pc access due to his vacation, however he will release "HIS" final when he comes home.

      Afaik he will be back sometime in next month [August]
    6. Badboy
      hello [MENTION=29]Joonie[/MENTION] if I understand so far it's you who developed porting cobra coming from Habib 4.75 standard while habib takes a Holiday ?
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    7. Joonie
      COBRA source has been developed/improved by various devs, porting the previous source to the latest compatible FW [4.75] was started by me. I only did the small part :)
    8. xiaoyang
      Thanks to Joonie for a good idea of the hybrid system that wants Habib to release the v7.11 Cobra version
    9. game8oy
      sweet as, thanks a lot
    10. Bad Jester
      Bad Jester
      You two have really given us a great deal.
      Not only with great FW, but also all the time invested in it and you both always make yourselves available to us.
      You take time out of your busy lives to give to us.
      I have thanked you both in more ways than one.
      I hope others will also show appreciation for you both in the same ways.
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    11. Phil
      Cheers mate your work is apriciated alot
    12. tonybologna
      Download link from 1st post isn't working. Thanks!
    13. Joonie
      Try using different browsers, the link is still alive.
    14. tonybologna
      I only use Firefox & never had a problem before. Is this a Mediafire link? The MF link from the other thread works but the MD5 don't match.
      Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
    15. Dino05
      ...but of which file you are checking MD5? .PUP file or RAR archive?
      You have to check MD5 of .PUP file
    16. tonybologna
      The .PUP file from the other thread. They don't match . I don't get why the link from the 1st post isn't working from Firefox when all other links are loading just fine. I'm just going to try another source.
    17. tonybologna
      Got the file from another source & it worked just fine. What's up with that guys? The download link worked fine & the MD5 matched as well. Hmm!
    18. Dino05
      The link of the first post works perfectly...

      Use another browser to download.


      ...and MD5 match

      Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
    19. pinky
      cleaning/clearing ur firefox's cache may have been the issue. if something went wrong the first time u loaded the link, firefox may have been trying to reload that mistake. as for the md5 not matching, r u sure u were using the v0.3/v0.4 with their respective md5s? u may have mismatched them.

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