PS4 Homebrew Development on the PS4 could get a push with new C# Code & OpenGL Support from flatz

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 7, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Oct 7, 2018 at 2:35 PM
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    Developer flatz has made some improvements on the landscape of PS4 Homebrew development, as we have been suggesting for awhile the PS4 development cycle it still in its early stages. However many developer's have been making progress and the latest achievements were laid out by developer flatz who has stated on twiiter that he has managed to get "C# code working on PS4 (using JIT, non AOT)" and also fixing the OpenGL code (started by Zer0xff) so that now it works for homebrew developing needs. The dev has not released any code quite yet, but as stated on flatz twitter feed "still need to do more tests, it's just beginning (Hello World app at the moment), then if everything will be okay I'll release it". Flatz has suggested that " I think that with C# and OpenGL it will be possible to create system apps that use native PS4 UI and their .net libraries as well" when asked which .NET version where running the dev stated ."native Mono from PS4 firmware, it's used only for internal system apps, got it working for custom app (well, just PoC atm)".. This is encouraging news for the overall landscape of PS4 development and we will keep you posted as this research and as work progresses from flatz.


    Source (via flatz'sTwitter):
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 7, 2018.

    1. pink1
      This is exciting news for me. I do most of my work in C# and am just getting started with the PS4.
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    2. Ali888
      flatz is George Hotz of current gen !!
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    3. STLcardsWS
      Flatz did alot on the PS3 as well.

      Overall i think flatz has done more for the community then George Hotz (geohot)
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    4. eevv
      what will happen after 5 days count down please some one reply
    5. Bloodmoons366466
      All goerge did was release the source code (the root keys) for what he used to make cfw,and then everyone else reversed engineered it to run homebrew aswell as backups.Cfw was originaly supposed to only do homebrew and unlock other os which got locked on april first 2010 by sony.
    6. Ali888
      If he didn't do that, nobody was able to build Homebrews and CFW Stuffs. (Or maybe years later...)
    7. Bloodmoons366466
      That was why he did that,the problem is he got in a lawsuit for it since he was already a internet celebrity before then.If it was a anonymous normal joe who did it then sony would of had a harder time cracking down.
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    8. STLcardsWS
      Nope, can't you hijacked a thread to ask the question.
      (nothing too exciting, more about the date then anything)
    9. Zazenora
      I keep going back and forth on which game system I should get next, a PS4 or a Switch.
      After previously reading about why the PS4 might not ever see any meaningful homebrew, I started to lean more towards the Switch, but this news is now weighing heavily on me, &
      now the scale is tipping more towards the PS4 again.
      I'll definitely be keeping my eyes on this development.

      Keep up the hard work, alot of us are rooting for you! :D
    10. STLcardsWS
      The PS4 will have homebrew, development is early IMO..
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    11. Zazenora
      Something that bummed me out when I previously had a PS4 (aside from my internet problem related to digital games), was not being able to store music & videos on the HDD like on the PS3.
      I'm not sure what it's like now on it, but I feel like S0ny really went a little too far with the decisions they've made when compared to the PS3. Not everyone enjoys Spotify... :[
      Can't wait to see what all comes out of this project.
    12. Bloodmoons366466
      The switch right now is developing really fast,but the ps4 could catch up one day.
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