PS VITA / PS TV HOTA (Heart of the Alien) : The Sequel to Another World

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    Here is a release that some of you will enjoy as developer usineur has released HOTA (Heart of the Alien) , which is the sequel to Another World which was also recently ported to the PS Vita & PlayStation TV.. This release is a GekiHEN Contest entry and is a port of the Reversed Engine (originally by Gil Megidish). The HOTA storylines continues where Another World ends but taking the role of Bubby the alien you know from Another World


    • HOTA (Heart of the Alien)
      by usineur

      This is a Vita port of the reverse engine for Heart of the Alien, the sequel of Another World.

      It's based on the reverse engine made originally by Gil Megidish:
      To port it on Vita, I use this fork: and migration the code from SDL 1.2 to SDL 2.

      Code source of the port will be pushed on my github when the project will be officially announced as an entry in the challenge. If for some reasons you decline my participation, I will release it anyway, but only after I get a response from you.​

    • Installation:
      • Install the vpk with VitaShell
      • Unzip the content of into ux0:data/ (you should have a folder named "hota" into ux0:data/ with the required files inside)

    • Commands:
      • Up/Down/Left/Right: move the alien
      • Circle: action or run
      • Cross: jump
      • Square: use whip
      • L/R: quick load/save

      Enjoy and don't hesitate to report bugs to me."


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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 13, 2016.

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