PS2 ID DUMPER [by krHACKen] - Dump PS2 & Ilink IDs

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    Following the source code release of SCEDoormat_NoME Rel.3 developer @krHACKen also posted another utility for the PS2 Community ID_Dumper. this PS2 ELF will dump iLink IDs, CDVD keys (DNAS & SUD), and the PS2HDD ID and more, View how to use instructions and more information about this development utility from krHACKen.


    • PS2 ID_Dumper
      A little PS2 ELF which was coded for the sole purpose of dumping the machine and iLink IDs, the CDVD keys (DNA$ and SUD), and the $ONY HDD ID. It also reads the entire MECHACON NVRAM...

      The dumped data are saved as raw binaries to the USB drive.

      To dump your PS2HDD ID, you need three $ONY drivers (dev9.irx, atad.irx and hdd.irx), NOT INCLUDED in this package. The download comes free of $ONY proprietary code.

      Download : ID_DUMPER.ZIP

      Optional drivers in Pastie nbr 10951082​

    • Hello.

      This little tool dumps some IDs/keys from the consoles, pressed CDVDs and genuine $ONY PS2HDD firmwares.It may be useful to the gentlemen who want to quickly grab the data for their module hacking needs...
      This program can be shared/distributed freely, consider that it's not a "private" tool.
      Oh, and the ELF contains no $ONY material.

    • How to use :
      1) Copy the needed modules to the ID_DUMPER folder;
      2) Copy the ID_DUMPER folder in the root of your FAT32 formatted USB device;
      3) Run RUNME.ELF.

    • Requirements :
      * To dump the MechaCon NVRAM (MC_NVRAM.BIN, 1024 bytes) *
      - None

      * To dump the Console ID (CONSOLE_ID.BIN, 8 bytes) *
      - None

      * To dump the iLink ID (ILINK_ID.BIN, 8 bytes) *
      - None

      * To dump the DNAS ID of the CDVD (DNAS_ID.BIN, 5 bytes) *
      - A pressed PS2CD or PS2DVD of an online playable game in your console

      * To dump the $ONY Utility Disc ID of the CDVD (SUD_ID.BIN, 4 bytes) *
      - A pressed DVD Player/HDD Utility/PSBBN disc in your console

      * To dump the PS2HDD ID (HDD_ID.BIN, 128 bytes) *
      - A $ONY dev9.irx in the ID_DUMPER folder
      - An original (NOT PATCHED) $ONY atad.irx in the ID_DUMPER folder
      - A $ONY hdd.irx in the ID_DUMPER folder
      - A $ONY PS2HDD + a $ONY network adaptor in your console

    • Optional things :
      • - Want your HDD to be turned off after the tool dumped the HDD ID ? Put homebrew iomanx.irx and filexio.irx in the ID_DUMPER folder.
      • - mc#:/SYS-CONF/usbd.irx and mc#:/SYS-CONF/usbhdfsd.irx (USB drivers)

      I couldn't try it in my PSX because my step down transformer is dead :( .
      Tested in a SCPH-30004, a DTL-H30102, a SCPH-70011a and a System246 Rack B.

      Best regards.

      kHn, 2015/12/17

    Download : ID_DUMPER.ZIP

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