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Discussion in 'Wii-U' started by pinky, Feb 9, 2017.

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    a member of gbatemp has been asking me questions about using a drive with the virtual wii. that's all I use now instead of the wii itself despite the fact that I have usb selector to switch which device is using the drive at one time. the wii u has four usb ports, 2 on the back; 2 on the front. u can use ur wii drive via a y cable. the virtual wii can use the two back drives. use ustealth to prevent the format nag on the virtual wii drive. the wii u drive won't make a difference when using the virtual wii. use usb loader gx, cfg usb loader, or one usb loader I can't recall the name of. maybe wiiflow? they'll be able to read a stealth drive. the drive won't even be detectable by windows, so u need to reuse ustealth for it to be detectable. if u change external enclosures, unstealth it first or u'll have to deal with what I did in that the partition is inaccessible. if u do make that mistake, use testdisk on the physical drive rather than the logical one. it will be fixed instantly. :)

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