PS3 IRISMAN Stealth v3.50.10 (Unofficial Update) - 4.80 CFW Support Added

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    An unofficial update was made to IRISMAN to provide the backup manager with support for of course the recently released and future released 4.80 CEX CFW.. MIZIO90 from Cybermodding provides this update and creates this "Stealth" version of the manager. . View details of this release in the details provided below:


    • IRISMAN v3.50.10 (Unofficial Update)

      Via Cybermodding - "Finally guys here we go! the CyberModding TEAM has been busy these days to bring something completely functional. After several tests and several in the Developer Alexander company, we concluded! Our MiZiO90 created his version of STEALTH IrisMAN based version of 3:50:10, and integrating the payload 4.80 released by Dev Joonie few days ago. "

      IRISMAN 3.50.10 Stealth (update by MIZIO90)
      • Added support for custom firmware 4.80 (Thanks to Joonie86)
      • Changed icon & title id to NPEB00818 (Rayman® Origins)

    • NEW -- > IRISMAN 3.50.10 Stealth (unofficial update by MIZIO90)
      • Added support for custom firmware 4.80 (Thanks to Joonie86)
      • Changed icon & title id to NPEB00818 (Rayman® Origins)
      IRISMAN 3.50.10
      - Reverted MAMBA payload to the version used in 3.50.8
      (the new version was causing a black screen that I should investigate)
      - Added support for 4.78DEH (no mamba yet) Thanks to Joonie for the payload
      IRISMAN 3.50.9
      - Updated MAMBA with latest build from Rancid-O (which adds support for PS2ISO)
      - Enabled launch PS2ISO* on Mamba mode
      - Small optimization in ISO builder
      * Requires to have installed the patched PS2 emulators (MAMBA PRX Loader 3.0.0)
      IRISMAN 3.50.8
      - Added support for 4.78 CEX & 4.78 DEX
      IRISMAN 3.50.7
      - Fan control is now enabled if fan payload is not applied (e.g. webMAN is not loaded)
      - Added new SM SPRX from Iris Manager 2.96 by Estwald
      - Added fix to ISO build from Iris Manager 2.95 by Estwald
      - Fixed regression in delete directory
      - SM Monitor now display the system stats (fan speed, temperature, free memory, free space on HDD)
      * Hold SELECT+L2 on XMB to toggle persistent display of system stats:
      * 1 beep = Enabled, 2 beeps = Disabled
      IRISMAN 3.50.6
      - Fixed a regression in Build ISO
      - Fixed the payload 4.60 DEX (fixed by @Joonie )
      - Added support for start the manager playing MP3/OGG (dec/4)
      IRISMAN 3.50.5
      - Fixed a freeze listing games with NP title id (caused by an old debug code)
      - Added support to play MP3/OGG files from File Manager
      - Added support to play up to 100 MP3/OGG/MOD files as background music in Setup Menu
      Put the files in /dev_hdd0/game/IRISMAN00/USRDIR/music/ as music1.mp3, music2.mod, music3.ogg, etc.
      - File Manager now remembers the last used folders
      IRISMAN 3.50.4
      - Fixed new PS3MAPI opcodes for peek/poke LV2. (Not used by IRISMAN)
      IRISMAN 3.50.3
      - Added support for new cores in RetroArch 1.2.2 Unofficial Beta 1.3
      - Updated mamba with new opcodes for PS3MAPI that allow peek/poke lv1/lv2 through syscall 8 (to keep access to peek/poke while syscalls are disabled) and extended protection of detection of syscall 8 adding a security key that allow access to syscall 8 only by an authorized process when syscalls are partially-disabled.
      IRISMAN 3.50.2
      - Added auto-play after mount (requires webMAN MOD running)
      - Fixed: Mamba was being detected as Cobra when sk1e payload was moved to syscall38
      IRISMAN 3.50.1
      - Backup game disc now ignores the whole PS3_UPDATE folder
      IRISMAN 3.50
      - Improved support for BD Mirror on Cobra/Mamba
      - Added support to unmount games mounted by webMAN
      - sk1e payload now uses syscall 38 to avoid conflicts with Mamba/Cobra syscall 8
      - Updated Mamba to add back the Cobra PSX emulation and extended lv1 peeks
      - Now the GUI can be controlled by multiple game pads (instead of the first connected)
      IRISMAN 3.49 Unofficial by Joonie
      - Added 4.76 CEX support [although not needed]
      - Fixed 4.30 DEX payload , now MAMBA fully works without freezing
      IrisMAN 3.48 Unofficial (4.75 DEX) by Alexander
      - Added support payload 4.75dex
      - added support payload 4.75dex control fans
      - Porting mamba 4.75dex
      - Thanks to joonie for syscall unmount (reported on some games error 8001003D)
      3.47U has several changes since 3.45 version.
      - Updated Payload for 4.70 CEX
      - 4.70 DEX support including MAMBA
      - Fixed fan controller payload,
      [however, it still has old audio glitching bug when using payload mode since the official IRIS, I personally recommend webMAN instead]
      - Korean language support
      - Fixed auto button swap, all previous IRISMAN used to execute read_settings() before read_from_registry();, which explains why it was not working properly without changing ini file, now it properly detects region setting from registry, and apply that "buttonAssign" setting to IRIS without changing setting.ini, this should make all Asian users happier.

    Download: IRISMAN v3.50.10 Unofficial (4.80 Support)

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, May 4, 2016.

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