PS3 IRISMAN v04.81.00 - Aldostools has Added 4.81 Support

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By STLcardsWS on Nov 8, 2016 at 8:18 PM
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    We have seen a ton of new Custom Firmware released for the PlayStation 3 since the 4.81 firmware update . Now its time we see some backup manager's,As webMAN MOD (a great AIO plugin) seen an update recently, Aldostools follows that released up with the release of IRISMAN v04.81.00, recently changing the versioning of the app to match firmware version it's compatible upto, a move other devs have also done with firmware dependent projects. Checkout this great AIO Homebrew Manager that is an excellent homebrew for a CFW enabled PlayStation 3 Console:​


    • IRISMAN 4.81.0
      • Added support for 4.81 (Mamba 3.x uses offsets from 4.81 Ferrox Cobra)

      Previous Updates
      IRISMAN 4.80.0
      - Added support for Mamba 3.x (thanks to PS3ITA)
      - Implemented PRX Mamba Loader into IRISMAN
      - Added load Mamba through PRX Loader payload.
      - Added support to load Mamba uncompressed.
      - Added display of payload version in Global menu
      - webMAN now is auto-loaded with IRISMAN (the path of the plugin is set in settings.ini)
      - Added display of CPU/RSX temperatures in File Manager
      - Fixed various issues listing games.
      - Changed version to match latest supported CFW version (like in multiMAN)

      IRISMAN 3.50.10 [4.80]
      - Added support for custom firmware 4.80 CEX/DEX (Thanks to Joonie86)
      - Fixed the option that restore the settings in Fan Controller (6/16/16)
      - Fixed regression loading ISO from ntfs drive (9/13/16)
      - Added Danish translation (thanks to Assassins) (9/16/16)


      This project is a fork of Iris Manager originally created by Estwald and D_Skywalk, and modified by aldostools (& at times updated and contributed by other devs, including Joonie, Habib, Alexander, NzV, Orion, EvilNat, etc.). IRISMAN includes almost all the features of the original backup manager and the following main features, among many others:
      • Extended the support to several CFW up to version 4.78.
      • Changed Sk1e payload to use syscall 38 instead of syscall 8, to avoid conflict with Cobra/MAMBA and legacy apps that use syscall 8.
      • Remapped the buttons to XMB / multiMAN style.
      • Added support for PSP games.
      • Added support retro games (RetroArch has to be installed).
      • Direct launch of multimedia files (Requires SHOWTIME.SELF from multiMAN).
      • Various GUI modes with modifications (XMB-like, coverflow with a bigger image, grid modes from 3x2 up to 8x6)
      • Added option to filter game lists by category, device and name.
      • Support background images from PIC0 and ICON0.
      • Support MP3 as background music and play from File Manager.
      • Several optimizations to File Manager and Hex editor.
      • External Mamba payload files.
      • Support for spoof IDPS and PSID.
      • Access to internet browser.
      • Various tweaks to the GUI.
      • Various tweaks to sm_monitor (aka fan controller).
      • Improved speed of ISO builder.
      • Reformatted style of coding.

    • WcQRHBj.jpg Irisman.jpg



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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Nov 8, 2016.

    1. dodero4
      @aldostools Hello Aldo, I tested this version on CFW Ferrox CEX Standard, but if I start irisman have black screen and the PS3 force restart, but if i go to edit the file setting.ini from InstallMamba = 1 at InstallMamba = 0 irisman works and I can start a backup correctly.
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    2. aldostools
      @Alexander and @LizZo have reported that "IRISMAN worked perfectly" on CFW Ferrox 4.81...
      I can't verify it myself due I'm still on Rebug 4.80.1 and I don't need 4.81.

      Meanwhile I suggest you use any Cobra edition of the current CFW 4.81 available.
    3. dodero4
      Hi aldo, in the old discussion i tested on standard cfw ferrox 2 version on irisman, the test 1 the same problem on final version in this post, but you send me the test 2 and good working with this, take the pkg, i test now the test 2 and good working on ferrox standard, ps3, psx iso, mount and launch game from xmb.!jc0hARrJ!w6Fr0o76SS9mcZRWxmdan-oS53qC1CSDwELhdEHZido
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    4. aldostools
      Thank you for your feedback. That test build in your link above is using Mamba 2.x (Estwald/NzV's mamba) and the release version is using Mamba 3.x (Rancid-O's mamba). That's the reason why that version works (2.x it's a more simple version without PSPISO or PS2ISO support).
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    5. dodero4
      No problem aldo, for me is a honor talk with you, ok here is where the problem with the mamba 3.x shame because having also ps2 and psp was a very good thing,good job for solve this problem.
      Last edited: Nov 9, 2016
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    6. _Slash_
      @aldostools Irisman does not work correctly with CFW Darknet 4.81 Cex (no cobra), mamba does not work and the control fan, also always the following legend when opening it:

      ERROR: Unsupported firmware or the syscalls are disabled!
      Some functions will be limited.
    7. bguerville
      Which Irisman pkg are you using though?
      The last github release? One of the test pkg from most recent posts...? [emoji6]
    8. _Slash_
      The latest version published in brewology.
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    9. aldostools
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    10. _Slash_
      @aldostools with this test version continues to produce the same failure.

      I tried with other standard CFW without cobra (Overflow, Ferrox and Playerkp420) and the last version of Irisman works correctly.

      By deduction the problem is in the CFW Darknet 4.81 Cex that @darkjiros public.
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    11. aldostools
      Thanks for your valuable feedback.

      Maybe @darkjiros could take a look at this problem and give us a clue why the issue only happens in CFW Darknet 4.81 CEX.
    12. darkjiros
      DARKNET CEX V1.00 Standard Test
      - IRISMAN_Full_v4.81.pkg : Mamba payload works. No problem.!UII2nCYJ!GNRiklfV0fxtaKHgEqM26NkAe1bP8UHOFEaSMmlW2W8

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    13. mizio90
      hi! I have a problem with irisman on my ps3 with retail CFW ... irisman (mamba 2.0 and mamba 3.0) works only after startup multiman ... starting directly irisman I get black screen and console to freeze...
    14. aldostools
      Which CFW ? Does it happen the same to someone else?
    15. kozarovv
      For me is working ok on rebug 4.80 and some 4.81 (i'm lost what i tested..)

      Edit: Sorry, i was on cobra. I see that is mamba related.
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    16. Zwei
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    17. pinky
      ur messages r often meritorious. how r u not a dev? ur humble from what I've seen.

      I'm sorry. I haven't slept for two days while drinking. :-/ I'll probably crash tonight or earlier.
    18. Zwei
      IRISMAN 4.81.1 - brewology
      suport DEX 4.81?
    19. bguerville
      Yes. It's been updated.

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