PS VITA / PS TV JellyCar Vita - A HENkaku Port by Drakon

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    Developer Drakon has released JellyCar Vita, this homebrew port is alot of fun and brings the original creation of and shows the continued evolution of homebrew on the HENkaku exploit. This game uses "Soft Body" physics like "jelly" :) within a 2d environments which creates a unstable environment that will challenge you to get the best jump record. Tell us your opinion of this game in the comments below


    • JellyCar Vita
      "After months of creating new lib for Vita/Pc and re-implementing lot of game code it's here." -Drakon
      JellyCar is great 2d game with soft body physics created by Walaber
      This is reimplemented version for Playstation Vita.​

      What you will find in game:
      • great simulation of soft body objects
      • 30 levels
      • map reverse - press X while playing
      • best jump record
      • car skins - dress car in some nice skin(skins can be easily add by user)
      • level editor
      • local multiplayer (Wii only)
      • no more flat 2D we are going in 2.5D


    • Screenshots:
      Jelly_Car_Vita_Henkaku_3.jpg Jelly_Car_Vita_Henkaku_6.jpg Jelly_Car_Vita_Henkaku_5.jpg Jelly_Car_Vita_Henkaku_4.jpg Jelly_Car_Vita_Henkaku_7.jpg Jelly_Car_Vita_Henkaku_1.jpg Jelly_Car_Vita_Henkaku_2.jpg

    • Credits:
      • JellyCar:
      • Walaber for original game
      • Shadow for car skins
      • Ruben Wolfe, SMOKE, TheFloW for support and testing
      • Rinnegatamante and EasyRPG Team for the Audio Decoder used for Sound module
      • Team Molecule for HENkaku
      • Everybody who contributed on vitasdk

      Next version will bring more levels.

    Download: JellyCar.vpk

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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 31, 2016.

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