PS3 [Joy] I've delided 4 Cells in a row + Cell Repairing

Discussion in 'Hardware Mods' started by ElGris, Feb 2, 2020.

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    Sorry if my writing has typos, it's midday here and I didn't sleep sh%$. Just wanted to share some of my happines and important data with you hehehe..

    After trying (and thinking in) many things to try to delid the damn CELL, I've found the best option to this kind of job. It's secure and fast, and maybe free for you. This is my secret weapon:


    It's the metal part of a cheap calendar. Don't know if you can get something similar, but worths the try. It even has a safety for not doing something stupid. It's the thicker part (yellow), it goes just perfect with the IHS, so it won't go deeper than you want. IT'S THE ULTIMATE TOOL, no joking.

    A few jobs made by this piece of engineering:

    (There's humity on this one, same with the others. A really bad thing..)

    There you go, if you want to delid your pretty black lady, this is the best choice.
    Cell Repairing:

    In the first pic you can see a perfect delid, but the CELL PCB is damaged. I did it with a crappy piece of metal, didn't notice the damage at first, then I realized when the PS3 gave me GLOD..

    Well, after delidding every console I had, it was time to see how bad that was. Didn't take a pic before the repairing, but what I can tell is that almost every hole was the negative part of the PCB, except for two lines. THEY WERE TOGETHER.
    So, after working all the fu&%& night with my fatties, I didn't wanted to go to sleep before trying THIS. So, I created a new solder joint in one of those "heads" at the end of the lines, and put a jumper, with the thinner wire I had, then the other one. As I said, they were one next to the other, so I messed up many times, but after more than an hour, here's the result:


    That CECHG is running again. I screamed like it were a goal (football). So if you fu%& up big time with your CELL, don't worry, you can still have a chance.


    I'll leave my fatties hunting summary here:

    CECHG: YLOD->NEC/T replaced-> delid needed (and also a CELL repair): OK
    CECHC: YLOD->NEC/T replaced-> delid needed: OK
    CECHA-a: YLOD->NEC/T replaced-> delid needed: OK
    CECHA-b: YLOD-> NEC/T replaced-> delid needed-> needs a RSX change.. (I gave a soft hit with a little spatula to the crystal when trying to clean that stupid ceramic glue. F%&$).

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