PS4 Kernel Exploit for FW 5.53 sneak-peek by @Mathieulh --- UPDATE: Latest FW 5.55 as well !!!

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, May 15, 2018.

By Roxanne on May 15, 2018 at 8:29 AM
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    Remember when we talked about that the PS4 is still in search of it's full potential and that the Developers are still hard-working with Exploits and other cool stuff for newer System Firmwares - like @SpecterDev does with System Firmware 5.05 - then you shouldn't be suprised that other great Developers like @Mathieulh are also using their research for exploiting even newer System Firmwares - as he showed it with his little "sneak-peek" for System Firmware 5.53. This would mean that the lastest System Firmware from Sony would be exploitable and Homebrew would be possible - by the current state of reading. --- UPDATE: @mathieulh gains access to a Kernel Exploit on System Firmware 5.55 as well --- Check Down Below for further information!

    5.53 Exploit.jpg

    Before you wonder, what the hell is he talking about in his tweet with all this confusing crypto messages, it seems that he was able not only to dump the latest System Firmware, but he was also able to decrypt it - which could lead into further investigations for a Kernel Exploit on System Firmware 5.53 - if there isn't already one. But before you get to excited, such research needs some time, not only for developing and making them compatible for your PS4 to install it by your own.

    But there are also good reasons not to publish the exploit right away. One point is that as for previous exploits, a compatible SDK is still missing, which means that there is still nearly no useful Homebrew Applications available for developing and running from the PS4's Operating System - if you don't count installing Linux on your PS4.

    But there is also the fact that if he was able to make System Firmware 5.53 fully exploitable, then this would mean as already mentioned above that we speak here about a Kernel Exploit for the latest System Firmware. There could be some advantages, but also one big disadvantage, namely that Sony could easily fix it in their newest System Firmware. Then the cat-and-mouse Game would begin again from the Start and a new way would be needed to find a new method to exploit even a newer System Firmware released by Sony.

    Source: Twitter @mathieulh


    Small UPDATE: "Sneak-Peak" for a Kernel Exploit on FW 5.55 as well !!!

    @mathieulh gains access to a Kernel Exploit on the newest System Firmware 5.55 as well and shows in a humoristic way that both Sony and other Developers aren't a challenge for him :)

    5.55 Exploit.jpg

    Source: Twitter @mathieulh
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, May 15, 2018.

    1. Spawn
      See.. Like I said in the other post, it's just a matter of time. :D
    2. al10capote
      i cant wait any moreeee..good job
    3. Bloodmoons366466
      Hmm so a kernel exploit for a firmware that can play god of war,I may not update this time.Thats if I can get backups of the games I own digitally that is before online locks back up when sony updates past 5.55
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    4. pinky
      I'm hoping so as well. I've backed up all retail and digital games and even have a backup of their pkgs on two hdds. there seems to be a bug with orbis in which certain games can't be encrypted as a pkg without the patch being a part of the dump. I read that it's normal for some games. all games that had this issue were digital.
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    5. Frosthaxx
      I thought I was recently screwed when I updated to 5.55 maybe not.i have seen this guy many times however make claims and refuse to release them so don't be surprised if he pulls another
      Last edited: May 22, 2018
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    6. RedCardRef
      PLEASE HOLD ON TO THIS!!!! I am sure that our devs will be able to find exploits in future firmware as well, but I just request the devs to hold on till the console reaches End of Life and then go public with the exploit as that allows the players to get access to newer games (Spider-Man, TLoU2, Days Gone, etc).
    7. EddieEddie90
      I'm looking forward to this, this will be the only way to play P.T. again, for me at least :(
    8. chris
      Time to get a PS4?
      i'm a homebrew fan
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    9. STLcardsWS
      Its getting closer,
      There is not many homebrew apps developed yet, there is a few PoC but as things progress we should see more development and more eyes and this more homebrew. Its coming just may take weeks or months to get the explosion of ps4 homebrew. Right now developer and hackers are laying out a great foundation.

      Also note, Right now there is alot of possibilities through Linux on the PS4 as well.
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    10. pinky
      I'd strongly urge you all to block the url's in my ps4 tutorial. I found most by sniffing the traffic between my proxy and my ps4. if you don't and your system downloads an update, I think the only way around it is to reformat the hdd. the ps4 has two or three update folders in a folder named update followed by a self file outside of the folders. what happens is the update is downloaded to one of those folders on the hdd and awaits installation. I thought you could bypass it by using the recovery menu, but after reading some posts on temp, I'm not so sure. however, I do find that odd since you can select the install location unlike the ps3. I updated my system to 4.55 by way of the recovery menu even though I didn't have a pending download//install. with my blocking tutorial, nothing will be downloaded, and if you try to install an update via psn or system settings, it will error. the internet still works for use with the exploit, and game updates can still be downloaded (look at the orbis website to see minimum firmware requirements for the latest update). I suggest using cc proxy as your proxy app. ;) oh, btw, I'm not sure how I did it, but I found a way to bypass game updates that require higher firmware. it worked with street fighter v at least. it involved cutting off the update mid download via network settings. now, the update no longer downloads. :-p
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    11. mcshooter
      so when 5.55 exploit will be released ??
    12. Bloodmoons366466
      In about a year if I had to guess.
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    13. mcshooter
    14. Zar
      Lets hope Sony don't give him few bucks to keep his mouth shut :p
    15. psykosis
      Tip of Advice: It isn't real, until you can read and execute the code.
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    16. amirzaim
      Meanwhile, there are some pesky retailers are actually selling jailbroken PS4 consoles and this is really unacceptable. Most of them never really know what is the purpose of jailbreaking the console and they just simply using it to enjoy free pirated games.
    17. Warez007
      5.05 backup OMSK to 5.55

      Last edited: Jun 30, 2018
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    18. Bloodmoons366466
      What can you do with this?
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    19. kenan1098
      Too bad all my friends are addicted to Fortnite, can't even keep them from updating for 1 week smh

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