PS4 Kernel Exploit for FW 5.53 sneak-peek by @Mathieulh --- UPDATE: Latest FW 5.55 as well !!!

Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, May 15, 2018.

By Roxanne on May 15, 2018 at 8:29 AM
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    Remember when we talked about that the PS4 is still in search of it's full potential and that the Developers are still hard-working with Exploits and other cool stuff for newer System Firmwares - like @SpecterDev does with System Firmware 5.05 - then you shouldn't be suprised that other great Developers like @Mathieulh are also using their research for exploiting even newer System Firmwares - as he showed it with his little "sneak-peek" for System Firmware 5.53. This would mean that the lastest System Firmware from Sony would be exploitable and Homebrew would be possible - by the current state of reading. --- UPDATE: @mathieulh gains access to a Kernel Exploit on System Firmware 5.55 as well --- Check Down Below for further information!

    5.53 Exploit.jpg

    Before you wonder, what the hell is he talking about in his tweet with all this confusing crypto messages, it seems that he was able not only to dump the latest System Firmware, but he was also able to decrypt it - which could lead into further investigations for a Kernel Exploit on System Firmware 5.53 - if there isn't already one. But before you get to excited, such research needs some time, not only for developing and making them compatible for your PS4 to install it by your own.

    But there are also good reasons not to publish the exploit right away. One point is that as for previous exploits, a compatible SDK is still missing, which means that there is still nearly no useful Homebrew Applications available for developing and running from the PS4's Operating System - if you don't count installing Linux on your PS4.

    But there is also the fact that if he was able to make System Firmware 5.53 fully exploitable, then this would mean as already mentioned above that we speak here about a Kernel Exploit for the latest System Firmware. There could be some advantages, but also one big disadvantage, namely that Sony could easily fix it in their newest System Firmware. Then the cat-and-mouse Game would begin again from the Start and a new way would be needed to find a new method to exploit even a newer System Firmware released by Sony.

    Source: Twitter @mathieulh


    Small UPDATE: "Sneak-Peak" for a Kernel Exploit on FW 5.55 as well !!!

    @mathieulh gains access to a Kernel Exploit on the newest System Firmware 5.55 as well and shows in a humoristic way that both Sony and other Developers aren't a challenge for him :)

    5.55 Exploit.jpg

    Source: Twitter @mathieulh
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by Roxanne, May 15, 2018.

    1. Warez007
      Exploit is mine, but used by someone else and sent me this video with the question "My mine 5.53 with an exploit as much as possible?".

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    2. francesco2013
      I know it might be too early to ask for it but is there an ETA for the release of 5.53 and 5.55 exploits ? How should I exactly update my ps4 fw 5.05 jailbroken with PS HEN 1.6 ?
    3. francesco2013
      Are you kidding me ? 1 YEAR ? Cant be come on
    4. kozarovv
      There is no reason for new exploit. 3 exploits released, and basically still no homebrew. I think nobody will release next exploit just to allow backup newer games..
    5. francesco2013
      Well while I see your point of view the actual main purpose of the whole thing is to allow backed up games to play ... am I wrong ?

      I mean mine is 5.05 and so far basically any latest game can run on that firmware but soon enough the newest released games wont run on that version anymore while requiring an higher one.
    6. francesco2013
      That is Polish isnt it ?
    7. GalaxyNET
      When 6.00 releases, 5.55 will released, i'm pretty sure.
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    8. Shrinivas
      Yes it is
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    9. Shrinivas
      Yeah I know that there are people that care for a homebrew, emulators and overall new things that you can do with your console after the exploit but I think most are here because of the backups...
    10. pinky
      update via the recovery menu and select storage. before that, though, make sure updates are blocked and delete the two folders for blocking updates if yo u used the update blocker. you'll need to find another way to block updates temporarily (disconnecting from the internet?). update, then reapply the blocker.
    11. GalaxyNET
      There is a reason for a new exolit, cuz new games comes and ppls want it to play for free. Iam that type of guy, have 100+ downloaded ps4 titles and want them to play it all for free. Profit in ur pocket for other more sense things to buy.
    12. kozarovv
      Really sad to hear that..
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    13. francesco2013
      Hope so
    14. francesco2013
      Do you mean it is already available and I can upgrade from 5.05 to 5.53 ? Could you please be a little more specific @pinky ? Thanks a lot in advance man.
    15. pinky
      it's not available. once it is, just delete the two folders in the update folder of the system (if you're using the update blocker payload. this can be done with the ftp payload.). then, update from the recovery menu to be safe. :)
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    16. francesco2013
      I understand now. It makes sense. Thanks a lot man :)
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    17. pinky
      if you need a repository of payloads, so to speak, check out KiiWii's thread on gbatemp. he has over 40 of them in there. there's also a special project he's been working on that @STLcardsWS posted.
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    18. Berion
      I hope not... Exploit should be releasing only after official patching. Any exploits doesn't grow up on a trees, so let's say they count is limited...

      And I'm on 5.55 waiting with patience (or maybe not waiting as upcoming Spyro is most hot PS4 game(s) which I ever waiting in this generation :D). So... I know how You feel. ;]
    19. Bloodmoons366466
      That's my guess on the release.Once spyro comes out a month later if I had to guess a sooner time.

      They did the same thing with god of war.
    20. pinky
      @francesco2013 , I had forgotten, but there's an unblocker if you had used the blocker payload before

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