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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 1, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Mar 1, 2018 at 10:28 PM
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    The Ps4 Scene is moving up the ladder as now 4.55 has seen the latest breakthrough, while still not a current firmware exploited it is newer then 1.76 and also the recent v4.05 fully functional exploits. It recent days it started with Ps4 developer qwertyoruiopz who released code for the 4.55 kernel exploit but it did not contain a entry point. However developer SpecterDev who brought the functional 4.05 exploit had an entry point that could be used and it was not long until we seen SpecterDev release 4.55 Exploit, but this exploit was missing some of the "juice" and m0rph3us came with the "Holy Grail" payload and that provided plenty of "juice" for the exploit. While things are certainly progressing the PS4 scene, i believe it still needs a current firmware exploited to get over the hump but these steps certainly does help many aspects in the community and will grow the scene as well. For sure some amazing things being done by the developers involved.

    What are your thoughts on the Ps4 current developments. Do you think we will start to see some regular homebrew produced for the system like other devices?​


    (Sorry I was a few days late on this HUGE PS4 News as it was developing (personal matters kept me away), if you are interested in helping keep psx-place news page flowing, please contact us, we are in need of some additional contributors (its lonely;) .)​
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Discussion in 'PS4 News' started by STLcardsWS, Mar 1, 2018.

    1. TOM1211
      4.55 something about those.55 firmwares when it comes to playstation lol
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    2. Kennyruiz
      you can hack the ps4 and I here waiting for the hacking of the superslim:D
    3. STLcardsWS
      At end of the day a hacked PS4 will be better then a hacked PS3, but that day is not here yet ,, :) (imo), but seems to be getting closer and closer
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    4. pinky
      maybe sony should stop making them kinda like how microsoft eliminated the rrod by making it impossible on the slim. now, it's red dot of death if hardware failure occurs. that's one way to squash the problem. lol
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    5. TOM1211
    6. pinky
      does anyone know if you can use a proxy with this exploit? I've read that you can't, but I think you might be able to. I was using a proxy with the original webkit exploit also blocking all urls in my ps4 tutorial. I can still access the internet as well as use that payload. I'm going to have to use a proxy to block all of the urls since my router doesn't have the option to block them. :-/
    7. TOM1211
      Im sure if you use the DNS settings on your ps4 you can still connect to the internet for exploit but the DNS is blocking sony urls? I tried to sign in and just get a error has occurred.
    8. pinky
      hmm...I can't recall if you can still access the internet. I have dns blocking urls on the wii u on top of using a proxy to block them.
    9. TOM1211
      If your looking for save games after ftp exploit there in savegames are stored encrypted inside /user/home/user Id/title Id/save data directory/sce_sys/. I'm having a play and report back If there alright using this method
    10. pinky
      yeah, I read that on psdevwiki. iirc, it also said something about most saves being the exact same size in bytes. I can't recall if it's like that on the vita, but I don't think it is. I remember the tales of hearts r save being like 672KBs per slot.
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    11. knowone
      this isn't a big deal or for everyone....

      we should all just wait lol
    12. TOM1211
      Picked up a psvr works with it. Great stuff as toys r us are having there closing down sale made me get it.
    13. samet2012
      Back from 2011 for PS3 was hacked few possibly become CFW private a key released by geohot than PS4 slowly release.

      PS3 released 2006 later then PS3 CFW released 5 years in 2011.

      PS4 released 2013 later then if CFW there no. Would be coupling years more.
    14. deank
      :) I'm glad I visited psx-place last sunday to read about the PS4 exploit :)

      After reading here and there I figured that Gold and Silver editions should come with 4.55 firmware. Luckily there is a pc store in my building and yesterday I got myself a Silver Edition (2 x dualshocks) - it came with 4.55 :)


      Then with the help of @Joonie I was brought up to speed :)



      Well mM for PS4 won't be anything like the PS3 version because of the different concepts between both generations, but I'll figure out some useful things to implement.
    15. samet2012
      Awesome! I can't wait for Multiman release for PS4!
      File Manager
      Full root access
      Fully CEX or DEX to play the game
      Support for Rebug Team
      Rebug Toolbox and Multiman Toolbox
      Maybe CFW release of you?
      Would be great it's of my idea.
    16. TOM1211
      5.50 ofw is out make sure you block those updates .
    17. samet2012
      Bro no need, Make sure you buy new PS4 then play online enjoy.
      I do have PS4 two console than one PS4 problem.
    18. TOM1211
      You can have two ps4 but if you connecting to the internet you still need to make sure your not downloading the latest updates with it
    19. samet2012
      Of course, I don't anything our PS4 4.55 right now. When CFW or multiman is released. I'm gonna do. It is better than none-app and makes backup = risk at the developer. Just like IOS 11 JB does.
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