PS Vita / Ps TV LOLIcon - New Overclocking plugin (500MHz) by dots_tb released

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By STLcardsWS on Aug 25, 2018 at 7:26 PM
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    .Developer dots_tb has released a new Overclocking plugin called LOLicon for the PS Vita / PlayStation TV that will obtain an overclock speed of 500MHz!!! This is kernel plugin that utilizes Joel16's VSH Menu and as a result provides you with onscreen access and options that the LOLIxon plugin provides, this plugin is still a work in progress and labeled experimental but it appears the developer has a great foundation to the project that is surely to evolve.

    As i was prepping this article psx-place member @Naked_Snake1995 posted in the comments below a great point, Vita user's may be at a disadvantage as the power consumption could drain your battery quicker, where as PSTV user's would not have that worry, this is theory is untested at this very time and unknown exactly how much your battery would be impacted but it surely going to impact it in some way. So beware of that aspect and let us know your experiences after using this plugin (but keep in mind its still experimental)..​


    • LOLIcon
      (LOLIconsole Offends Little Idiots Console)
      by @dots_tb: A small onscreen console that runs from the kernel level. So it probably won't crash games as many certain user plugins do. It also removes dependency of kuio. (Also some advice, use ioPlus which allows you to use normal sceIo functions in user plugins Oh yeah, and it adds 500mhz (aka real overclocking). Enjoy...The kernel level allows for more options in regards to overclocking.
      (The menu may lag, but it will go fullspeed when you exit).


      Further note: Yifan Lu has labeled this mode as 494mhz, but seeing how the rest of the pervasive values correspond to a value slightly off, Celeste and I have decided to label it 500mhz instead.

      PS: Userland apps will report false speeds, this is LIBEL and FAKE NEWS. We have provided an indicator for the direct registers that control the ARM clock speeds on the overclock page to compare to the wikipage located below.

      Other Features:
      • Quickly exit game,
      • Maintains configuration for each process(including shell)***,
      • FPS counter,
      • :but x: and :but cir: button swap,
      • Allows for proper default game clocking,
      • Also overclock shell's boot up.
      • There might be more... and more to come.

      *** Suspending to shell and resuming game will LOAD A CONFIGURATION (DEFAULT OR SAVED). You will lose your changes when changing a task (including suspending to shell) unless you save.

      Video courtesy of castelo:
      Video courtesy of @Yoyogames28 :

    • Installation

      Put "lolicon.skprx" in 'tai' folder in the root of your Vita. (Or just use autoplugin, because I'm sure a ver that supports this is out already)
      After that just reboot and press SELECT + UP to enable menu. Press SELECT + DOWN to close menu.

    • Thanks to:

      Major Thanks:

      • @CelesteBlue123 - Help. TREMENDOUS and loyal DEV. Only the BEST! I recommend you retain the services of this man. HE DOES NOT CRACK!
      • @SilicaVita - this mysterious person helped with the name, not afraid to keep spamming that he did.
      • @nyassen (sys) - some guy

      PR and special testing:

      • @Yoyogames28 - Discount DF and cute boi
      • castelo - Great tester, thanks to @Cimmerian_Iter for letters of rec.
      • @froid_san 3.68 tester... I forgot to test on 3.68. Sad!

      Testing team:

    Download & Source:
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Discussion in 'THE FEED (Submit/View News)' started by STLcardsWS, Aug 25, 2018.

    1. Naked_Snake1995
      I like how the 500Mhz Profile is named - Holy $hit :D

      Nice one, but i see this more useful on a PlayStation TV, as the PS VITA would drain the battery like crazy, and i belive most games are capped at 30fps, with the exception of some, which run uncapped.

      I see why Sony capped the A9 at 333/444Mhz, when the stock speed should be at 800Mhz, but i belive in the future an 800Mhz clock is possible, heat shouldnt be an issue, but battery oh dear :)
    2. TONY-T
      Is it safe to keep it over clocked at 500mhz on pstv?
    3. TONY-T
      Btw does the plugin go into your ur0:tai folder? or ux0:tai? I can't seem to get it working..
    4. STLcardsWS
      try reading installation tab :)
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    5. TONY-T
      Got it working thanks :)
    6. TONY-T
      Can anyone confirm if this plugin will work with retroarch?
    7. Naked_Snake1995
      Yes, i don't see the problem why a PS TV shouldn't handle 500Mhz like a charm, i mean the iPhone 4 running at 800Mhz didn't overheat, i do get it why people are paranoid over a speed bump, at 1.5Ghz above, yes there might be a bit warm, but an A9 never overheats at thoes speeds.

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