PS3 ManaGunZ v1.25 - 4.80 CEX / DEX, New File Manager Improvements & More from Zar

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 28, 2016.

By STLcardsWS on Jul 28, 2016 at 8:09 PM
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    It has been awhile since we have seen an update to the PS3 Manager ManaGunz, but developer Zar has a new release for support on 4.80 CEX & DEX CFW but the developer doesn't stop the update there, Alot of new and might i add some unique features to a PS3 Homebrew have been added . Some of these new features are quite impressive in the file manager; A new PKG Maker / Extractor, RCO Extractor , Trophy Extractor, SFO Viewer are just some of new things to find in this welcomed update by developer @Zar


    • Since my last message (20 may) I did nothing on MGZ,because after that i was on retroarch then I left my home (where is my PS3). I'll be back in september...

      I give you the version I have but it's not finished as I wanted, :

      • Add Settings : Platform filter
      • Add FileManager : Decompress/Compress PSP ISO (CSO files)
      • Fix FileManager : fixed bug when the length of files' names was too big
      • Add : Display covers in the UI "XMB" and "LIST"
      • Add Settings : Download covers
      • Change : I removed the limitation to calculate hash for files bigger than 10Mo
      • Add : Support IRD to check MD5(s) of a JB game (in Game Option and in the FileManager)
      • Add FileManager : Generate MD5 log file
      • Add FileManager : Generate SHA-1 log file
      • Add FileManager : Trophy Extractor
      • Add FileManager : PKG Maker/Extractor
      • Add FileManager : RCO extractor (if it's in dev_flash, the file will be extract to dev_hdd0/tmp)
      • Add FileManager : Now the TXT viewer display the whole file (scroll with pad)
      • Add FileManager : The picture viewer can display the next/previous picture of the folder
      • Add FileManager : SFO Viewer
      • Add FileManager : Extract/Make PS3 ISO
      • Fix FileManager : Sometimes the file name of a selected item was hidden
      • Fix : Notification message
      • Fix : Make ISO (from iris)
      • Add : Latest mamba v3.1.0
      • Add : Support CFW 4.80 CEX & DEX
      • [Untested - W.I.P.] Add : Retro games (PSP, PS1 and PS2)

    • I'll do a v1.26 later to eventualy fix what i have done in this update because I rly didn't tested it a lot...
      PS1 games was working.
      PS2 games with cobra was working and with mamba PS2 files are missing, so u'll need to use mamba installler of PS3ITA.
      PSP games I didn't test them at all.

    Download: ManaGunZ v1.25 - (Source Code)

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jul 28, 2016.

    1. Red-j
      Great job :oie mgkkvf2kykyi:
    2. 0_obeWAN
    3. kozarovv
      Error is related to file hosting problem. When hosting 9999 clean files and is linking (yes linking, not even hosting) to one suspected file. Then full domain is marked by google as affected. Not so great and not so fair feature... All depends on google scan time..
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    4. bguerville
      I know you are currently working on an update to 1.25 WIP so I take the opportunity... No pressure of course, those are just ideas & feedback. Ok?

      I was thinking about one tiny little thing that would make the UI - XMB setting more convenient. When you go through the game list you need to press the up/down button once every time you want to move to the next entry but if you have 50 games, that is 49 clicks! Could you just change this so keeping the up/down button pressed down would keep scrolling up/down the list?
      Also could you add the analog stick to be used to scroll the lists instead of just the digital pad?

      Another thing, a bigger job though, would be ntfs support using libntfs in the file browser.

      What about a ftp server as well?

      Cheers & all my encouragements as I can't wait for your next release. As it grows I can easily see Managunz as my replacement for Irisman for most situations. As you see I have great hopes for your Managunz... [emoji6]
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    5. Zar
      Done for the next update

      Good idea, i'll try to do it for the next updade.

      Done for the next update

      It's in the todo list. I don't know when i'll add it.

      Thank you <3

      I'm trying to include a function to patch ps2emu in managunz, so I won't have to include all .self in the pkg to keep the size of the pkg light. Like I did with patched libfs and explore_pluging.
      I'm almost finished, I did like 85%. When it's finished I'll release the version 1.26 (not 1.25 to avoid confusion :p)
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