PS3 ManaGunZ v1.33 - 4.82 DEX Support

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By STLcardsWS on Apr 11, 2018 at 9:46 PM
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    Following all the changes that v1.32 introduced to the popular ps3 homebrew ManaGunZ, the developer behind the project @Zar is back with a new release with version 1.33, there are several new additions in this build one of the main additions is the added 4.82 DEX Support following the release of 4.82 REBUG REX, The complete changelog for version of ManaGunZ 1.33 can be seen below


    • ManaGunZ v1.33
      • FIX: reading issue with splitted iso.
      • ADDED : 482 DEX Support
      • ADDED : Game Option "Join".
      • ADDED in FileManager : Option "Join" to join files to the current path.

      Changelog v1.32
      • Fix : Reduced memory usage to avoid 'random' freeze.
      • Fix FileManager : No more deep scan on ISO.
      • Fix Filemanager : Scroll bar.
      • Fix : MD5/SHA1 of +4GB files
      • Fix : Scetool keys file.
      • Fix : Issue with cmdID 0x4A.
      • Fix : FLOW3D full covers.
      • Fix : Shortcut pkg.
      • Add : It ask you to load a PS2 CONFIG if it doesn't exist.
      • Add : Increased loading speed of PS2 game menu.
      • Add FileManager : New buttons map.
      • Add FileManager : Click on backup ISO to mount it then it go back to XMB.
      • Add FileManager : Dock to left/right/full screen. See note (1).
      • Add FileManager : hold X to move the slider.
      • Add FileManager : Use R2 to increase move speed of cursor and windows.
      • Add : Join or split big files. See note (2).
      • Add : Default UI set to XMB.
      • Add : Background waves.
      • Add : Set alpha of colors.
      • Add : (R2+L2) Screenshots saved at '/dev_hdd0/photo/ManaGunZ_XXX.bmp'.
      • Add : Check md5 files from ISO with IRD.
      • Add : Add/Remove LIMG sector in PS2 iso.
      • Add : Choose Font. It search recursivly ttf font in the directories '/dev_flash/data/font' and '/USRDIR/GUI'. See note (3).
      • Add : Choose colorset. See note (3).
      • Fix FileManager : Convert iso.
      • Add FileManager : LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to scroll up/down a page.
      • Add FileManager : L1+LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to go to the parent/child folder.

      Notes :
      There are 2 ways to do it :
      The first one is to open the option menu while the cursor is on the header of the window.
      The second is to use the following combo:
      • Dock to LEFT : Hold R1 + LEFT D-PAD.
      • Dock to RIGHT : Hold R1 + RIGHT D-PAD.
      • Dock to FULL : Hold R1 + UP D-PAD.
      • Restore : Hold R1 + DOWN D-PAD.
      (2) Use the copy function in game menu. If the destination is FAT32, the big file will be splitted, if it's not it will be joined.
      In file manager to join files, select ONLY the first file with the extension '66600' then paste it.
      (3) To reduce memory use, it won't load 4 themes anymore. Only the theme of the current UI is loaded.
      For each theme in each UI, it search for the following files.
      • BG.PNG : Main background
      • BGS.PNG : Settting background
      • SIDEBAR.PNG : Sidebar background
      • FONT.TTF : Font.
      • colorset.ini : Set of color used in the homebrew .
      When u load the theme it will use the theme font and the first colorset defined in the file. But you'll be able to change them in theme setting menu.
      XMB UI use more files for the columns : SETTINGS.PNG, FAVORITES.PNG, PS3.PNG, PS2.PNG, PS1.PNG, PSP.PNG.
      Also, before loading files from 'common' directory, it will check if these files don't exist in the theme directory.

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 11, 2018.

    1. 44DANIEL
      a question.
      driver san francisco bles00891 works in ISO in Managunz 1.33 because I read that it produces serious error to the PS3 in iso format
    2. sandungas
      Im wondering where you did read that o_O

      Is a very special problematic game. At the time i wrote that post none of the ISO tools was able to make it run (with all them the game was crashing with the same problem)

      But later the tool makeps3iso.exe was updated to fix the problem of metal gear solid 4 (and the special edition of MGS4)
      That games was the last (few) PS3 games that was having problems... after that the compatibility of PS3 games in ISO format reached near 100%

      So try to make the ISO with the latest makeps3iso tool released with the original iris (you can download it in the thread of the link)

      And get used to this behaviour... if at some point you find some PS3 ISO that doesnt works the most probable culprit is the tool you used to create the ISO
      If that happens you need to create the ISO with makeps3iso
    3. 44DANIEL
      but the game works with makeiso, it was checked for you
    4. sandungas
      No, when i reported that problem it was not working in ISO format

      The game boots, but it crashes when is installing the "gamedata" (or loading it, i dont remember)
      I think (but im not sure) the problem was related with that "gamedata" installation
      Last edited: Aug 26, 2018
    5. 44DANIEL
      you expounded; the first mission is caught in a loop with the text / animation: "loading

      but in the latest updates cfw you think it works

      you have tried to create the iso with ird and genps3iso 2.5
    6. sandungas
      As mentioned before... when i wrote that it did not existed any tool able to create a valid ISO of that game. I tryed makeps3iso, genps3iso, and isotools... and all them failed (game does the same crash in the same point)
      So it was imposible to crete a valid ISO with BLES00891

      And nobody was working in fixing the problem... so all i did was to wait... and wait... and wait
      Eventually estwald published a new version of makeps3iso.exe where he said he fixed some problems

      But at that time i did not have the game anymore... so i never tryed to create another ISO of the game with the new version of makeps3iso, but you should try

      What im sure is not going to work with genps3iso (because i tryed, and it never was updated, and is abandoned, so the version you have probably is the same i used in 2014)
    7. 44DANIEL
      I downloaded the file (irismanager-4-x.rar), this includes updated makeiso
    8. sandungas
      Yes, download that version of iris from the link i posted, the latest makeps3iso (with the fixes) was released together with iris v3.0 (if i remember correctly)

      Is a command line tool... so you can create the ISO by command line on PC... or...

      You can use the tool named "ISO TOOLS" made by rudi rastelli... this tool includes makeps3iso, but the version of makeps3iso included in the "ISO TOOLS" by rudi rastelli is not the latest

      So... you have to replace the file makeps3iso.exe inside the "ISO TOOLS" by rudi rastelli
      And after that you can create the ISO in "ISO TOOLS" by rudi rastelli
    9. 44DANIEL
      then I replace the makeiso of the file (irismanager-4-x.rar) in ps3isotool v 2.2
    10. sandungas
      Yes, and please tell us if the game works fine in ISO format
    11. 44DANIEL

      I will notify about the result
    12. 44DANIEL
      yes, it works with makeps3iso (2015) updated, it does not stay loading
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    13. sandungas
      Great, and thanks to tell me, this game was important :)

      But just to be sure... have you tryed to delete the "gamedata" installation of the game (the icon inside the folder at top of XMB "game" column)... and after that... boot the game in ISO format ?

      The reason why im asking about this is because the game works perfect in JB format. So maybe you had that "gamedata" installed before ? (incase you booted it in JB format before)

      In other words... i would like you to tell me if the game in ISO format does that "gamedata" installation normally

      Btw, a doubt you was asking before...
      When you boot a PS3 game in ISO format with either cobra or mamba... there is no need to select any game "mount" settings, because there is only 1 way to "mount" an ISO (so some settings of managunz are hiden because you dont need them)

      And the responsible of "mounting" the ISO is either:
      Cobra (incase you have a cfw with cobra, is part of the firmware)
      Mamba (this is code inside managunz, is not part of the firmware)
      The "game compatibility" is the same for cobra and mamba

      Webman and multiman are dependant of cobra, they acts as a proxy that passes the control to cobra, so the responsible of the PS3 ISO "game compatibility" is cobra

      Managunz can do this too, incase the game is a PS3 ISO and you choose "cobra" as the "mount mode"

      So... as you can see the "game compatibility" of PS3 ISO when using cobra or mamba is the same for different backup managers

      What changes the "game compatibility" is the tool used to create the ISO
      My suggestion is to use always that version of makeps3iso.exe ... the ISO generated by it are even compatible with burned BD-R, DVD-R, CD-R

      The only thing not compatible with makeps3iso.exe is to generate ISO's for ODE... but meh ODE's are in danger of extinction

      And for PS3 games in JB format (not ISO) managunz inherited a lot of the methods used by previous backup managers (from multiman and iris mostly)
      There are a lot of combinations... i cant suggest you any, but what you should try to achieve is to find the way to "mount" the games "discless" (without need to insert an original BD disc in the drive)
      Inserting an original BD disc in the drive is an obsolete method, DONT DO IT (because you dont need it, you are just wasting the laser)

      The best you can do with PS3 games in JB format is to convert them to ISO format

      ISO format is much better, it magically (really this fix was unexpected) solved a weird problem of some rare games that was not working in JB format because some problem of file access (it was very hard to fix it, and nobody found a fix ever), this games NEEDS to be converted to ISO... otherway are not going to work in JB format
      Also, trasfering ISO's by FTP or USB to internal HDD is much faster
      ISO's reduces the filesystem fragmentation A LOT
      And maybe im missing other advantages... but the point is everything are advantages (doesnt have any "contra")

      ISO support was he best thing ever implemented for PS3 backup managers, and is one of the most important things that made the "game compatibility" to reach 100%
      Last edited: Aug 27, 2018
    14. 44DANIEL
      --first of all, I never had the game and I want to play it because this title ends in psx
      --Before everything install the update 1.01 and launch the game(iso) with managunz, started to install (1.05 gb approximately), then start new game and start the story, finally the loading screen without errors
      --about managunz the payload cobra can be used in jb games without a disk, because test gran turismo 6 in jb format with payload cobra and run without problems
    15. sandungas
      But is needed to test it without updates :(

      1) delete "gamedata" (gamedata are all the updates + the 1.05gb of the game installation)
      2) boot the game in ISO
      3) so the game does the normal installation of 1.05gb
      4) play
      5) quit game
      6) enter game again, and play a bit more (so you can see all the "loading" screens working normally)

      Please test this procedure, and dont forget to delete "gamedata" in the first step
    16. 44DANIEL
      ---but I downloaded the update and install by install packages,
      because the game has many programming errors in normal version
      --before test mgsV and this not install data with updates or without update with make iso but with genps3iso installed with updates or without updates
      --launch the game without updates ,I will prove it
      -- this game installs the files from the install folder (1,19gb) ,approximately 15 files while the update not include the folder install only the media folder, the problem of this error, not only in this thread because in other threads I found the same problems with this game,
      the hdd can not read the internal data, each time when the game loads the
      external hdd flashes and then the led of the internal and finally the external

      if the internal hdd not return the information to the external hdd,
      then a bug occurs
      Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
    17. sandungas
      Im insisting in it because all games "should" work without updates
      Game updates are always optional (not mandatory)

      And actually, the order to install stuff is:
      First the gamedata (usually marked in the PARAM.SFO with VERSION = 1.00)
      Then the updates (with bigger VERSION numbers in the PARAM.SFO)
      In other words... 1.00 (game installation) --> 1.01 (first update) --> 1.02 (second update)... and so on

      If you change the order (1.01 before 1.00) the resulting files can be wrong
    18. 44DANIEL
      here is the param.sfo,

      Attached Files:

      Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
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    19. sandungas
      Is the same i said... but with APP_VER, so read again what i said but replacing VERSION by APP_VER in my message

      APP_VER is the version of the app (the game), and VERSION is other thing

      Sorry for the mistake

      And just before you go picky again... there are some games where the game itself is APP_VER 1.01 (or bigger) because it was re-published as an "special edition" or that low cost series of "playstation silver line" or something like that

      For this games (when the APP_VER of the disc is 1.01)... the first update is 1.02... and second is 1.03 and so on

      Are needed to be installed in the correct order, starting with the "gamedata" installation that does the disc
    20. 44DANIEL
      The game have one update (25 MB)...VER 1.01
      test without updates and it works fine but first of all, I deleted all the game data from the title
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