PS3 ManaGunZ v1.33 - 4.82 DEX Support

Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 11, 2018.

By STLcardsWS on Apr 11, 2018 at 9:46 PM
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    Following all the changes that v1.32 introduced to the popular ps3 homebrew ManaGunZ, the developer behind the project @Zar is back with a new release with version 1.33, there are several new additions in this build one of the main additions is the added 4.82 DEX Support following the release of 4.82 REBUG REX, The complete changelog for version of ManaGunZ 1.33 can be seen below


    • ManaGunZ v1.33
      • FIX: reading issue with splitted iso.
      • ADDED : 482 DEX Support
      • ADDED : Game Option "Join".
      • ADDED in FileManager : Option "Join" to join files to the current path.

      Changelog v1.32
      • Fix : Reduced memory usage to avoid 'random' freeze.
      • Fix FileManager : No more deep scan on ISO.
      • Fix Filemanager : Scroll bar.
      • Fix : MD5/SHA1 of +4GB files
      • Fix : Scetool keys file.
      • Fix : Issue with cmdID 0x4A.
      • Fix : FLOW3D full covers.
      • Fix : Shortcut pkg.
      • Add : It ask you to load a PS2 CONFIG if it doesn't exist.
      • Add : Increased loading speed of PS2 game menu.
      • Add FileManager : New buttons map.
      • Add FileManager : Click on backup ISO to mount it then it go back to XMB.
      • Add FileManager : Dock to left/right/full screen. See note (1).
      • Add FileManager : hold X to move the slider.
      • Add FileManager : Use R2 to increase move speed of cursor and windows.
      • Add : Join or split big files. See note (2).
      • Add : Default UI set to XMB.
      • Add : Background waves.
      • Add : Set alpha of colors.
      • Add : (R2+L2) Screenshots saved at '/dev_hdd0/photo/ManaGunZ_XXX.bmp'.
      • Add : Check md5 files from ISO with IRD.
      • Add : Add/Remove LIMG sector in PS2 iso.
      • Add : Choose Font. It search recursivly ttf font in the directories '/dev_flash/data/font' and '/USRDIR/GUI'. See note (3).
      • Add : Choose colorset. See note (3).
      • Fix FileManager : Convert iso.
      • Add FileManager : LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to scroll up/down a page.
      • Add FileManager : L1+LEFT/RIGHT D-pad to go to the parent/child folder.

      Notes :
      There are 2 ways to do it :
      The first one is to open the option menu while the cursor is on the header of the window.
      The second is to use the following combo:
      • Dock to LEFT : Hold R1 + LEFT D-PAD.
      • Dock to RIGHT : Hold R1 + RIGHT D-PAD.
      • Dock to FULL : Hold R1 + UP D-PAD.
      • Restore : Hold R1 + DOWN D-PAD.
      (2) Use the copy function in game menu. If the destination is FAT32, the big file will be splitted, if it's not it will be joined.
      In file manager to join files, select ONLY the first file with the extension '66600' then paste it.
      (3) To reduce memory use, it won't load 4 themes anymore. Only the theme of the current UI is loaded.
      For each theme in each UI, it search for the following files.
      • BG.PNG : Main background
      • BGS.PNG : Settting background
      • SIDEBAR.PNG : Sidebar background
      • FONT.TTF : Font.
      • colorset.ini : Set of color used in the homebrew .
      When u load the theme it will use the theme font and the first colorset defined in the file. But you'll be able to change them in theme setting menu.
      XMB UI use more files for the columns : SETTINGS.PNG, FAVORITES.PNG, PS3.PNG, PS2.PNG, PS1.PNG, PSP.PNG.
      Also, before loading files from 'common' directory, it will check if these files don't exist in the theme directory.

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Discussion in 'PS3 News' started by STLcardsWS, Apr 11, 2018.

    1. sandungas
      Awesome, thanks a lot for testing it :)
      That game was the last i had doubts if it was compatible with the latest version of makeps3iso. I guess this means makeps3iso has a compatibility of 100% (unless someone reports a new problematic game, but at this point i think there are not more, latests problematic games i was aware was this driver and a couple of the metal gear solids)
      Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
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    2. Omage
      some rare games that was not working in JB format because some problem of file access?
      Can you give an example game? I want to test
    3. 44DANIEL
      The game ninokuni In format jb install well, but in battles there is freezing, this problem is solved in ISO format

      games like the ultra street fighter 4 and street fighter x Tekken works well in jb format with slow loading, but in ISO the load is fast
      Last edited: Aug 28, 2018
    4. STRATOS198XAD
      I have a doubt, Managunz supports PSX games with multiple discs ?. I want to make a backup of Koudelka (4 discs) but I do not know whether to do it in 4 bin + 4 cue or in ISO format.
    5. sandungas
      Exactly :)

      There was a long debate time ago about this game, and lot of people did not believe the errors reported by other users
      And is hard to explain, but i know it well because i made lot of tests with it

      The problem is the "ambiental" soundtrack music (that only plays when you are in the open fields). When you finish a fight (and you return to the open field) the game crashes

      There was some people that was debugging the game (i dont remember his nicks sorry), but they said what happens is the thread responsible of playing the ambient music crashes IF the file access is TOO MUCH fast (yeah, awesome)

      Usually, if you play the game in JB format in a external hdd... the game works normally... because external hdds (connected by USB) uses to be slow !

      But if you try to play the game in JB format from internal hdd the game have the problem mentioned above... because internal hdd is faster than USB !

      Remember... the game need to be "served" the files sloooow (at a speed matching the speed of a bluray disc)

      To play this game in JB format (because at that time the ISO support did not existed yet) i had to use a veeeeery old hdd from a laptop (9gb IDE go imagine) inside a USB case
      This hdd was so slow that the game was working fine :)

      Lot of time after (when ISO support was implemented) this game started working fine under all conditions :)

      In short...
      Ni no kuni, in JB format, from internal hdd = crashes after the fights (when you return to the open field)
      If you want to play this game from internal hdd is mandatory to convert it to ISO. There is no other way

      If you want to play it in JB from external USB... well... it depends of the speed of your external hdd... but there is one thing you should know... if it works it means your external hdd is slow (bad news)
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    6. Omage
      my ps3 load JB format from lan(PC) ,load faster than iso
      so, I always use JB format

      ninokuni at that time use bdemu(4.21 DEX) work fine,
      but magic book can't open

      I will try JB format

      play Ninokuni(bljs10150) JB format from lan at one hour work fine,magic book ok
      Last edited: Aug 31, 2018
    7. sandungas
      If it was working for you in a external USB hdd with the game in JB format is because the hdd was slow... is not related with the mounting mode but with the hdd speeds

      At that time i had several usb hdds... and it was not working in any of them... until i had the idea of using the most oldest hdd i had at home and bingo !... it was working perfect in that prehistoric hdd
      This is the only thing i had to do to make it run... to move the JB game to an old hdd

      The reason why i had the idea of using a very old hdd was because i did read an explain from 2 guys (that i forgot the nicks) in other forum (i think it was psx-scene) explaining what they found while debugging the game
      They even published some debug messages where appeared the thread responsible of the audio soundtrack crashing (and after that the whole game crashes)

      His explain was that it was a "bug" of the game (well, not exactly a bug, but a bad idea) because the game developers used some timers... or there was some function very dependant of timings to access the game files
      The weird thing (that nobody believes, because it sounds really weird, i agree on that)... is the most slower was the file access = the better the game was working

      So the idea of using an old hdd was because i was trying to imagine a way to "slow" the hdd file access, and it did work :D

      Hmm, i never heard any report of that game in JB format by network, and not tryed myself so i cant tell anything about this

      The "wizard book" should work, is a bit special though, is using a sony format named playview
      Is the file named libTGV_v1.45.07.sprx, and in some way... is like an standalone app that runs inside the game when you open the book. And it loads his own resources (videos, images, etc...) that are displayed inside the book

      That videos from the playview book can cause some lag, and can be ripped... if i remember right you can just delete them (no need to replace them by dummy videos as other games needs)
      If you delete them the playview book loads normally, doesnt shows any error and everything works normally... the only change is in the pages of the book where it was supposed to appear the video it just appears an static image instead of the video

      The videos of the "wizard book" are "cuts" in low quality versions of the other videos you are going to watch while playing and progressing normally, so are completly pointless, and after deleted the "wizard book" looks perfect, like if it was made originally without videos, you cant even notice that was deleted. So you are not "damaging" the game experience at all by deleting them
      Is one of the things i did to reduce a bit the game size ;)

      If i remember right... the videos are in .BIK format (and can be played in PC with BINK tools/player), this way you can identify all the videos of the game in PC ;)

      So... dunno if this videos are the cause of the book not appearing for you... but if at some point you want to test it... try to delete that videos

      *Bonus (for people interested in messing around with this game)
      Some files of the game has a "fake" file extension (i dont remember which name the game developers did choose), but are PSARC
      ...If you rename the file extension to .psarc you can extract the contents of them with psarc tool (and you can modify some files from the .psarc and repack it)
      Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
    8. kozarovv
      Last edited: Aug 30, 2018
    9. zazazas
      @Zar is there something wrong with the ace combat 4 config? I've tried both the one from github and auto loaded by mgz for both eu and us versions and they either do nothing or prevent the game from booting. I've tried both gx and software configs and also checked that the file name was (game name).ISO.CONFIG in the correct case.
    10. Zar
      when you load the config, the cmd 0x0B is displayed in red ?
    11. zazazas
      Yep don't know how to fix it.
    12. sandungas
      Check this too:
      Over the game icon/cover, press triangle (to make appear the PS2 game settings), and at the bottom of the list use the option "check MD5"

      *And be patient, checking the MD5 of a PS2 ISO (around 4GB) is slow, in PS3 it needs a few minutes
    13. kozarovv
      Config for this game is not related to graphical issues, so ground still will be flicker. Sadly i can't fix that entry on wiki because editing always fail for me. :(
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    14. zazazas
      Result says valid and the md5s match except all the letters of mine are in caps for both eu and us versions
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    15. zazazas
      Oh I see then what does the config fix? If it fixes the low fps during some missions I'd still use it. That bothers me more than the flicker haha
    16. kozarovv
      Config fix "blind" missiles in some late missions in game. Without it you can't hit some ships everytime. Is not gamebreaking like in AC5 or AC 0, but can make game much harder.
    17. zazazas
      Oo sucks that there's no fix for the lag during missions like bunker shot but thanks
    18. 44DANIEL
      a question, how many GB or tb Managunz detects maximum, because I want to change my external hdd

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