PS3 ManaGunZ (v1.34) - Adds 4.83 CFW Support Added + Other new additions from Zar

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By STLcardsWS on Oct 28, 2018 at 9:10 PM
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    Since Sony dropped the 4.83 System Update on the PS3 community, we have seen several new CFW options along with several utilities and tools arise as developer's have been making updates to their projects. Now we see the first AIO homebrew in the form of the ManaGunZ developed by @Zar to see full support for 4.83 (CEX) CFW. Also in this update there has been new scanning for those classic PHAT Ps3 consoles with the memory card readers. These changes and more are listed in the official changelog provided by Zar. Have any questions or feedback for developer @Zar please drop a line in the comments below as the developer is a frequent in the psx-place forums/ If you have a CFW enabled PS3 this is a homebrew app this is worth checking out, if you have not already


    • Changelog
      • Add : 4.83C support.
      • Add : New loading icon.
      • Add : Scan to /dev_sd, /dev_ms/ and /dev_cd.
      • Fix : Apply pnatch (bug introduced in previous update).
      • Add offsetfinder : IDPSet & ERK_dumper offsets.
      • Add : Definitions files from RCOmageMOD.
      • Add : Game TAGS.
    • ManaGunZ Links

      • Previous Updates: Link
      • Release / Support / Information Thread: Link
      • Source Code: Link

    Download @:

    View Additional 4.83 CFW / Homebrew / Tools / Utilities updated for 4.83 Support >>> LINK <<<
    (note all apps/tools need updates and those are not listed)
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Discussion in 'ManaGunz (fork)' started by STLcardsWS, Oct 28, 2018.

    1. pinky
      this may be a stupid question, but how do you access options? I have 0 games on my system at the moment. do I need at least one to do so? I was trying to get ftp to work, but I couldn't make a connection, so I had to use rebug toolbox.
    2. sandungas
      Start button = managunz settings
      Triangle button = game settings (when pressing it over a game icon)

      Managunz doesnt have FTP though
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    3. pinky
      hmm...first time using it. when I pressed start, a file manager came up, but not settings.
    4. sandungas
      Ops, i always confuse START with SELECT button, try the other, sorry, lol

      Btw, an important button mapping you need to remember is the circle button is always used to "go back" "return" or "exit"... so if at some point you want to return to the main "game selection" screen press circle repeatedly (this procedure can be extended with more circle button pressses in the "game selection" screen to exit managunz)
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    5. pinky
      I think I tried that and either one or both buttons opened the file manager. if it was only one, the other did nothing.
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    6. sandungas
      Hmm, maybe you have found a problem, i never booted managunz without games and i was guessing it should take you either to an empty "game selection" screen (with the navigation icons in a horizontal bar at bottom), or to the managunz general settings screen, but im not sure
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    7. pinky
      I'll test it once I have some games. it's a new system, and I'm using a new controller, so I'm trying to test everything out. I'll try it again once I rip a game. I have very few, so it shouldn't take too long. that's what I did on the ps4 too. :)
    8. Cortland
      I get confused sometimes when these firmwares get released. Would this install over any ofw PS3 like the super slim?
    9. RandQalan
      THis is not a fw it is a ISO loader for PSP PS3 PS2 games and yes ps1 games on cfw ps3
    10. arcadekidflo
      My review

      + points

      IRD checking
      Coverflow mode

      - points

      Slow at getting game properties
      Slow at checking IRD
      Small icons and fonts on main theme
      File Manager ( i don't see the Copy button , when you get the properties of a game it analyzes the whole GAMES folder )

      Overall : GOOD
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    11. sandungas
      Imo is not slow, is just "normal", what happens is that speed depends of how many files have the game, if the game is just 1 file (because is an ISO) the "game properties" are displayed fast, and if are few files (lets say under 200) the speed is fine too
      Is only slow if the game have a lot of files (lets say over 5000)
      This is slow even in PC, is needed to calculate the MD5 of all the game files
      And it happens a bit like what i said above, if are lot of files the time is longer, i remember to wait for several hours in PC to make a IRD chek of a game named "arcania, the complete tale" that have like 100.000 files or more (i dont even remember but are really a record for a PS3 game)

      Try the other option in managunz (only available for PS2 games) in the "game settings" to "check MD5", this takes 5 minutes or so in the PS3, and the PS2 games uses to be around 4GB
      Managunz contains the database of with the MD5 of all the PS2 games... this option tells you if the ISO matches with the original disc :)
      The concept is the same than the IRD check with PS3 games in JB format.... but with an MD5 check for a PS2 ISO
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    12. joe musashi
      joe musashi
      how i can use it to play psp games without make them package just iso
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    13. Zar
      @joe musashi you need to install the PSP Launcher.

      It make me think about adding an error message if the pkg isn't installed.
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    14. joe musashi
      joe musashi
      i did but i keeps tall me that go to ps store
    15. Zar
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    16. joe musashi
      joe musashi
    17. Zar
      Install the pkg, you'll see the PSP launcher icon in the XMB.
      Go to ManaGunZ select your psp game and mount it, it will go back to the XMB.
      Finally, launch the PSP launcher. You'll probably see the icon of your PSP game instead of the PSP launcher icon.
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    18. joe musashi
      joe musashi
      ok i'm going to do that does that mathood work with other ps games?
    19. Zar
      No, PS1 and PS2 backup are directly mounted to the dev_bdvd like a PS3 backup :p

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