PS1 Marilyn in the Magic World: PS1 Homebrew Game Cancelled & Source Code Released)

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    Marilyn in the Magic World is a homebrew game for the PlayStation 1 created by developer LameGuy64, its a rather impressive project that has unfortunately ran its course as the developer months ago (i know a bit late) announcedthat he has decided to stop development of the project, The Game Developer did provide his source code of the project for any participants who would like to continue the project. This quite an impressive PS1 Homebrew Games, if you have not tried it out yet give it a go. Last version i tested did work on the PS3 and various emulators. ​


    Marilyn in the Magic World: Cancellation Announcement

    MarilynShot15-21-14_zpsa967062d.png MarilynShot25-21-14_zpsf9c01761.png MarilynShot35-21-14_zps6358886f.png MarilynShot55-21-14_zpsc537f5c3.png MarilynShot65-21-14_zps66ec5f27.png MarilynScreenshot1-30-13_zps5a401541.png
    About: Marilyn in the Magic World
    Download (latest version): Marilyn in the Magic World v0.12
    Source code: mediafire

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Discussion in 'PS1 News' started by STLcardsWS, Jan 4, 2016.

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      I played this game (on the PS3) last night and i am still impressed with it, wish more levels were created but still a good concept overall. Gives a nod back to SMB in many ways though.). Could even be a converted into one hell of a SMB clone as well. Lots of fun potential here. Hope someone picks up on it one day.

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