PS Vita Meet "PSVshell" - a very beautiful and useful Overclocking Plugin by Electry

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By Roxanne on Dec 7, 2019 at 3:28 PM
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    The PlayStation Vita was a "powerful" Handheld Console back when it was released by the end of 2011 - wow, already 8 years old btw :). But claiming by Sony that it can bring you the same power and good Gaming Experience like a Home Console, soon many people found out that this isn't the case for all Games released. But luckily, thanks to the great Homebrew Community behind the PSVita, we already saw in the past many "Overclocking Plugins", which can bring you the full potential to your PSVita, even more powerful than Sony would allowed. But sometimes, even those weren't perfect :(. Either they slowed down your Games when in use, they crashed the whole System or it was just some simple things like that the whole Screen was "crowded" with the Details of each of your setting everytime when you needed to change them. But the cool thing is, this Homebrew Community hears your complaints. So Developer Electry worked on that and introduced his very own Overclocking Plugin - it's "yet another overclocking plugin" to quote him - by fixing all those problems mentioned before. And the coolest thing is, it looks pretty damn good and it's very useful as well, if you ask me!​

    PSVshell Main.png
    Main Overview of PSVshell in use with the "FULL mode" on the PSVita Main Menu

    Disclaimer: There was already another Homebrew Application for the PlayStation Vita, released as "PSVShell". This is probably just a coincidence and unintentionally. Please don't confuse it with the other Homebrew App. Thank You.

      • Allows you to change CPU, GPU, BUS and XBAR clocks separately, in these steps:
        • CPU: 41, 83, 111, 166, 222, 333, 444, 500 MHz
        • GPU: 41, 55, 83, 111, 166, 222 MHz
        • BUS: 55, 83, 111, 166, 222 MHz
        • XBAR: 83, 111, 166 MHz
      • Supports per-app profiles
      • Shows per-core CPU usage in %, including peak single-thread load
      • Runs in kernelland (=> visible in LiveArea)
      • Pretty GUI with some useless eye-candy metrics such as ram/vram usage, battery temp, etc...
      • Does not slow down games when menu is open
      • Does not crash Adrenaline
      • Clean code and patches
      • 3.60 and 3.65 fws are supported

      • Press SELECT + UP/DOWN to toggle between 3 GUI modes
      • When in 'FULL' mode:
        • Use UP/DOWN to move in menu
        • Press X to toggle frequency mode -- default freq. (WHITE) / manual freq. (BLUE)
        • If manual frequency mode is selected (freq. shown in BLUE), press LEFT/RIGHT to change frequency
        • Press X when 'save profile' is selected to save/delete profile

    • 'FPS only' mode

      PSVshell FPS.png

      'HUD' mode

      PSVshell HUD.png

      'FULL' mode

      PSVshell FULL.png

    Source: GitHub
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Discussion in 'PS Vita News' started by Roxanne, Dec 7, 2019.

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